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In the past 15 months I've lost about 45...

In the past 15 months I've lost about 45 pounds thru diet and added quite a bit of muscle mass by working out 2-3x/wk with a personal trainer in a private studio. I'm still about 2 dress sizes from my goal but the pesky saddlebag area gets more pronounced with each pound I lose.

I certainly could have been more aggressive and gone for inner/outer thighs, upper/lower abdomen and flanks but I'd rather work on losing more weight and decide about additional lipo when I'm closer to my goal size.

The procedure was definitely NOT "painless" but it was not horrific either. After the initial lidocaine injections, the worst part was inserting the tubes for the tumescent fluid. I'm not quite sure what actually went on since I was not watching but it *felt* as if they were trying to press a flat disk (like a quarter) thru my skin. Not a pleasant experience at all.

At the suggestion of the staff, I brought my iPod so I could listen to my music and not concentrate on what was going on. Unfortunately that wasn't very practical since in "the operating suite" (ha! good one! it was the size of a very small exam room) they had their own music playing quite loudly and the doctor kept talking to me during the procedure. They also suggested socks to keep my feet warm since "the operating suite" (ha!)is kept rather cold. Yes, the room was quite cold but as soon as the procedure started I was warm... very warm... uncomfortably warm actually.

My doctor definitely took his time to sculpt the desired results. I chose him specifically because he is a board certified plastic surgeon. DO YOUR HOMEWORK and check out the person who will be doing your surgery. Yes, this is surgery even if you are not under general anesthesia. Done by the wrong person, Liposculpture can leave you disfigured so don't just look for the cheapest package deal. Find the right person for YOUR procedure.

After it was over, the nurse covered my incisions with gauze, then applied cloths on top and loaded me into the compression garment. Having done my own research, I was very disappointed to be given a **very** generic compression garment and not one that was specific to my procedure. What I mean by this is the garment has great compression in the stomach area... terrific if you've had some tummy work but since I had my saddlebags done I would expect the compression to be for that area. The next day I got online and ordered what is a more appropriate garment for my surgery so I feel like the extra $100 the surgical center charged me for the garment was pretty much a waste.

The "pain" has been rather minimal... just very sore in the incision sites and tenderness at the edges of the areas that were worked on. The bruising has been very minimal as well. Obviously I'm still swollen but I could see immediate results after surgery and each day it gets better.

I was told to wear the compression garment for 23hrs/day and to remove it only for showering (and laundering the garment which I throw in the washer before my shower and then into the dryer when I finish the shower). They also said to wear the garment for 2-3 months. I'll ask about this at my first post-op appt later this week because for such a small area I can't imagine wearing the compression garment 23/7 for 2-3 months.

So far I am very pleased to have these pesky saddlebags gone and would definitely consider having other areas of liposuction when I'm at (or closer to) my goal size.

Santa Ana Plastic Surgeon

The doctor is a board certified plastic surgeon.

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