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Hi, I'm booked in for upper and lower abdominal...

I'm booked in for upper and lower abdominal and flanks in about 2 weeks time and am keen to hear from others who have a similar body type and if they are happy with their results. I've spent hours researching online and have found very few Adelaide reviews although I'm told the procedure is extremely popular.
I'm both excited and nervous, hoping that my expectations are realistic. I have a frowny belly button and a little lose skin on my upper abdominals, which I hope will retract with the vaser, plus some extra padding on the lower tummy and hips that doesn't seem to shift no matter how hard I train (I work out 4-5 times per week).
There are lots of conflicting reviews about recovery so I'll document my journey here and let you know how I go!

45 year old mum of 3, abdo & flanks SA

Before pics.. Trying to get an honest representation of my tummy is difficult.

Big day tomorrow!

Booked in for 9am. Nervous now.. glad it's first thing in the morning and I won't have too long to think about it!
Will update photos as soon as I can.
Wish me luck!!

And.. I'm done

Just arrived home, pain when laying down and keeping still is minimal but getting up and walking around would be about a 5 or 6 so far. Still full of pain meds though so time will tell! I'll post a few pics from this morning and at the clinic after being market up. First shower chance to have a real look will be Wednesday afternoon and then first check up & massage booked for Thursday.
Dr Rahbar

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