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4 weeks tomorrow

Not much change at all this week. Training hard at the gym although no ab work as yet while the lumps and bumps settle. Feeling quite swollen and tight in the evenings now without the compression garment on during the day. Heading in for a massage tomorrow and I think they are going to inject the lump above my belly button to help break it down. Will be interesting to see how it works..

Day 18

I think I'm one of the lucky ones but I haven't found the recovery difficult at all. After 3 days at home I was out and about and back at full time work within a week.
Bruising has pretty much all gone now but I'm definitely in the lumpy bumpy stage! I've got a couple of hard spots above my belly button and flanks are super hard. I try and spend at least 15 mins massaging with Bio oil everyday which doesn't sound like much but sometimes I do struggle to fit it in.. lol
My favourite thing is that my belly button is round now instead of looking sad, the skin tightening aspect of the Vaser has worked well for me, the skin above my belly button has a bit of an 'orange peel' texture that I hope will soften but happy with the overall look.
I think it's important to remember that I'm not in my 20's or even 30's anymore and perfect isn't a realistic expectation!

Day 6

Loving my new body already!
I can't remember a time when my tummy was this flat.. given I had baby number 1 when I was 21 I guess it was probably back in my teens!
I'm still bruised and tender but feel back to my normal self, no need for pain meds and don't seem to be swelling too much yet even though I've been running around the past couple of days.
The compression garment digs in a little above my waist and I feel a bit wide around my ribs but I think it's pretty much due to the shape of the garment, will check with the doc on Tuesday when I go back for my next massage.
Haven't weighed or measured yet but I'm definitely an inch or so smaller around my waist and hips, I'm dressed ready to take my 14 year old daughter birthday shopping and I'm wearing my regular jeans buttoned up with the garment AND binder underneath!
My pubic area isn't as swollen today, that's been the strangest thing considering I didn't have lipo there but I expect that's gravity doing its thing..
I don't think I'm leaking any more but thought I'd leave the band aids on another day or so while I'm running around, looking forward to getting them off.
Had a peek at my belly button and it's looking open and smiley instead of frowny (will post pics soon) which is one of the most important results for me. I read on a review here about marbling which I didn't understand at first but I think what she was doing was taping a flat marble inside her belly button to keep it round.. sounds like a plan to me!

Day 3 - Check up

First check up and light massage today, feeling very pleased with my results so far.
Still some leakage and a little discomfort moving around but it hasn't been as scary as I was expecting.
My skin is really sensitive to touch, hence why there are still some marker lines in the pics, I haven't felt ready to scrub to hard yet.
My lower tummy is super flat, hoping it stays that way forever and my skin looks like it's retracting well. I have high hopes for my belly button, if it ends up round and open instead of frowny I'll be thrilled!
Dr Rahbar said he took almost 1.5 litres from my upper & lower abs and about 300ml from each flank, which was quite a lot for my frame. He also said he spent quite some time sculpting my shape to give me the V shape in my lower abs that should become more pronounced once the swelling starts to go down.
Back to work next week, which won't be difficult except for finding the right outfits to accommodate the binder..!

The procedure itself and first night home

Given I must have still been pretty out of it when I posted yesterday I thought I would back track to the procedure itself.
I arrived at 9am and after signing consents, trying on garments and being market up was on the table easily by 10am.
The sedation worked really well for me, I was semi conscious (I think) during most of the procedure and I self administered the gas. I remember saying ouch a couple of times and immediately they would top up the sedation.
I can remember the push/pull of the probe but it wasn't painful at all, I was able to turn over when asked and think I even got up for a pee half way through! Apparently I was on the table for about 4 hours and then taken into recovery. Hubby came in to pick me up about 3/3.30pm and I snoozed in the car on the way home. No nausea at all.. all I wanted when I got home was a cup of tea and we had a light dinner about 6.30pm.
Throughout the evening (& night) the pain was easily manageable if I stayed still but getting in and out of bed or moving around isn't all that much fun.
Worst part so far is the drainage.. I'm leaking life a sieve!! My drains must be pretty low in my groin and I'm soaking through the upper legs of my tracky pants every few hours. Sent hubby to the chemist for some adult diapers (yes really!) and they are a god send, I'm surprised no one else has mentioned them on here..
planning a very lazy day at home today but still quite capable of doing some work & talking to clients over the phone ect..
Really looking forward to tomorrow's shower and hoping I look ok when I get the garment off.. appreciate all your comments and will do my best to be patient, not one of my best traits by any means!
Dr Rahbar and staff at Cosmos were all lovely and made me feel at ease..
Anyway so far so good!!

And.. I'm done

Just arrived home, pain when laying down and keeping still is minimal but getting up and walking around would be about a 5 or 6 so far. Still full of pain meds though so time will tell! I'll post a few pics from this morning and at the clinic after being market up. First shower chance to have a real look will be Wednesday afternoon and then first check up & massage booked for Thursday.

Big day tomorrow!

Booked in for 9am. Nervous now.. glad it's first thing in the morning and I won't have too long to think about it!
Will update photos as soon as I can.
Wish me luck!!

45 year old mum of 3, abdo & flanks SA

Before pics.. Trying to get an honest representation of my tummy is difficult.

Hi, I'm booked in for upper and lower abdominal...

I'm booked in for upper and lower abdominal and flanks in about 2 weeks time and am keen to hear from others who have a similar body type and if they are happy with their results. I've spent hours researching online and have found very few Adelaide reviews although I'm told the procedure is extremely popular.
I'm both excited and nervous, hoping that my expectations are realistic. I have a frowny belly button and a little lose skin on my upper abdominals, which I hope will retract with the vaser, plus some extra padding on the lower tummy and hips that doesn't seem to shift no matter how hard I train (I work out 4-5 times per week).
There are lots of conflicting reviews about recovery so I'll document my journey here and let you know how I go!
Adelaide Physician

I have had an excellent experience with Dr Rahbar and Cosmos Clinic Adelaide. The hardest part going into this was finding other local reviews and i would encourage anyone who is thinking about writing a review to do so. We all have different experience, some good and some not so good but it's helpful to have as much information as possible going in. If you are considering Vaser Lipo in Adelaide I would highly recommend Cosmos Clinic!

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