49 Year Old Mum, Several Procedures with Mr Percival - London, GB

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I’ve had a number of procedures by Mr Percival;...

I’ve had a number of procedures by Mr Percival; first a full abdominoplasty, (11/13) then face-lift, brow-lift, (05/14). As well as this I had tuberous breast for which I had implants, and then later explant, and lift with full maxtopexy, (05/14 to 05/15). The price above is for the abdominoplasty only.
I had a twin pregnancy with normal sized babies born at 38 weeks, (so I was quite big) and despite a committed effort at the gym I still had a big belly. For abdominoplasty I asked for Mr Percival to make the abdominal muscles ‘extra tight’. Whilst the recovery was very challenging, I was back at the gym 6 weeks after the surgery and then beyond my previous strength just 10 weeks after the surgery. Everyone is different in their recovery, but for me everything about the abdominoplasty exceeded my expectations. It is certainly worth all the pain and discomfort of the recovery.
I suffered a facial injury about 20 years ago, so the idea of a change to my face though a face lift and brow lift was not a problem. Now I look at pictures of my self 10 years ago and I think that I haven’t changed! I had minimal bruising, so just 2 weeks after surgery I could drop the children off at school. Initially I had ridges in my scalp, which could be painful if I bumped them, but now a year later they have completely gone. When I look at images of other women who’ve had facelifts I notice that my scars are particularly well hidden. Another excellent result!
Initially I had small tuberous breasts and wore a 32B bra. I chose 225 g anatomical, textured implants. After the implants I was measured as 32D and was a little bigger than I’d wanted. The recovery went well, but for a number of personal reasons I wanted a revision and the implants removed. 9 months after the surgery I had an explant and maxtopexy. Mr Percival had a very difficult starting point with my tuberous breasts, and although they are not the perfect beautiful beasts that anyone would want, I believe they are now the best they could be given the start point and everything that has happened. Throughout the revisions Mr Percival was understanding, patient and accommodating with my requests.
I tend to get hypertrophic scaring and I had a skin couple of infections. All dealt with very well.
I am very fussy and probably quite a demanding customer; for my surgery I prioritised surgical skill, experience and reputation over price and ‘smooth talking’. Well, price was important, but I didn’t want a ‘summer special’ or bargain deal if it meant being seen by less skilled surgeon.

After Abdominoplasty with N.Percival

It's been several years since my abdominoplasty, but just wanted to show how I look at 51 after a twin pregnancy. I feel super fit, strong and well.

Here's the image

For all the procedures Mr Percival listened to and was accommodating with my individual requests. In my opinion, I found Mr Percivals strengths to be his excellent surgical skills and wealth of experience. His office and nursing staff were also excellent, friendly and understanding.

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