30 Years Old, current 32A - 295cc HP Natrelle Silicone Unders

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I had a consultation at The Cosmetic Institute a...

I had a consultation at The Cosmetic Institute a few days ago with Dr Lee and have decided to book in my breast augmentation for 1st July - only 5 weeks time, eeeeek! I really liked Dr Lee - and have read some great reviews about him online from other girls so I have total confidence in his work. He was very honest with me about the risks and what I can expect. I have slight pigeon chest so my new boobs might be a bit 'sidey' with a bigger gap but he said he'd try and minimise that. I'm a 32A and I told him I wanted a natural look and didn't want to go too big at all. I tried on 240cc and 265cc both of which felt massive tbh! But on his advice we decided to go with the 265cc as he said the number one regret was wishing you went bigger and also that the 265cc will be easier to get cleavage with (because of the gap thing). I still think 265cc won't be too big and should be a nice modest look.

I'm really nervous about scarring though - he told me as I'm middle eastern I have a higher chance of deveping keloids. Argh. And of course worried about other issues like capsular contracture. But trying not to think too much about that.

Would love to hear from other ladies who have a similar profile to me or who have gone with Dr Lee! I'll continue to keep this updated through my journey


So it's less than 4 weeks until my op and whilst I am SUPER excited about my BA, here are some of the things I am obsessing worrying about (aside from the standard concerns on risks/complications!)

1) I am going with a cosmetic surgeon rather than a plastic surgeon. That said, I have only seen positive reviews about Dr Lee (lots of them too) and none negative. He has also been working as a surgeon for 15 years, seemed super knowledgable, and I like all the pics I've seen. But I still get the doubts creeping in and feel the need to scour the internet on a daily basis looking for MORE feedback on him just in case I can find something negative!

2) Recovery. I can't take a whole week off work as for the next few months I'm super busy with demanding clients, and I also have my annual leave for the year booked already. I am planning to take the Friday off work, recover over the weekend and then work from home on Monday/Tuesday and hopefully be able to go back in to the office on Wednesday!? I have a desk based office job and it's ok to work from home, no one will mind, but I personally hate it as I don't have a proper office set up at home so it's not that comfortable. It will be a struggle and being so busy is going to really stress me out if I'm feeling really crappy from the surgery :( Luckily I am really close with one of my colleagues and she knows I'm having it done but no one else does. This is my biggest worry.

3) SLEEPING. I have mild insomnia. I constantly wake up in the night and can't get back to sleep. I find it really difficult to get comfortble in bed. I've invested in good mattresses and orthopaedic pillows to help. I am a side / stomach sleeper (mostly side). I have *NEVER* been able to sleep on my back. I have no idea how I'm going to sleep on my back or at a 45 degree angle after the surgery! Maybe doc can prescribe me some valium or super strength sleeping pills to help me along?! Not being able to sleep is not going to help with the work-based stress either.

4) Pigeon chest. I don't want my boobs to be super sidey and weird looking. I want them to look nice and normal. But less worried about this as, as long as it's not super botched, I am sure I'll prefer them to my current flat chest.

Anyway just needed to get that off my chest (ha ha). Really just want to get it over with now!

Rice sizers

Made some rice sizers in the size I'll be getting (265cc!) - I like them! I am happy with the size. I had a short moment where I was thinking "Should I be going bigger?" and then I had to stop and remember what it was I wanted in the first place, which is a modest, in proportion C cup. I think I just got carried away as I've spent so much time online looking at boobs! And most people go 300cc+. And people talk about wishing they went bigger so often! But everyone has a different frame, and different preferences. I just want something that suits my body shape, which I think these do...!?

Also, unrelated, but I told my parents that I was having surgery and they are both super supportive. They live in the UK and I'm in Australia and I wasn't even going to tell them because I figured they never needed to find out and I was scared about how they would react. But then I thought it is major surgery so I should probably let them know, and also if (when) my mum finds out afterwards she'd be upset that I didn't tell her. But they were totally fine about it and I think my mum is actually pretty excited for me cos she can see that it's something I really want! And my dad is a surgeon so he gave me the 'practical' talk and ultimately reassured me that it was a common and relatively simple operation so I didn't need to worry about it. I feel really relieved about telling them!

I also bought a v shaped pillow and it's really comfy for just sitting up in bed. How have I never come across this before!? I love it!

Surgery done! Last minute size upgrade to 295cc!

I had my surgery yesterday and everything seems to have gone well! 

My admission time was 11.45am and I was fasting from midnight the night before. I didn't actually get in to have the operation until around 1.30/2pm - a long time without eating or drinking anything!

All the staff and nurses at the hospital were so nice and I felt very well looked after. 

I met with Dr Lee before the surgery and we discussed sizes - I decided to go with the 295cc in the end, even though I'd been dead set on the 265cc before! The reason I chose that is because I knew I was going to struggle with cleavage because of my chest shape (I have pectus carinatum) and I knew I'd have quite a big gap between them after the op, so a bigger implant would be better to get cleavage with in a bra. Dr Lee didn't think I'd even notice the difference between 265cc and 295cc so whilst he left it completely up to me I could tell he thought the 295cc would be the better option for me so I went with it.

When I came around from the anaesthetic I felt fine - I was expecting to be confused, groggy, upset but I just had a brief moment of 'Where the f*** am I?' followed by 'Oooh yay my surgery is done' and then felt pretty good! I relaxed in the recovery room for a while with my friend who came with me, I was so excited to have a little peek but had to wait until I got home as I woke up with the surgical bra on! I left the hospital around 5.30pm so all in all I was there for about 6 hours. 

That evening I felt fine, no major pain. I took the surgical bra off to take a look at my breasts. All I can say is thank GOD for the Real Self website as I knew exactly what to expect and wasn't at all shocked which I'm sure I would have been had I not seen so many other reviews. They were shiny, high, taut and weird looking!! Ha ha. But no bruising and the size seems good! I loved them already. It's quite hard to tell how much of a gap I'll have between them at the moment due to all the swelling and the fact they need to drop and fluff. Time will tell.

My friend left to go home (but I have a flatmate who was in) - I propped myself up on three pillows plus a squidgy travel pillow thingie to sleep and it wasn't toooooo bad (sleep was my main concern post surgery) - I slept about 2 hours at a time with an hour or so of being awake in between. I got up to go to the toilet a few times in the night and it was difficult getting in and out of bed and at one point I felt really dizzy.

This morning I'm in a lot more pain than I was yesterday. My chest muscles are so tight and getting in and out of bed is a nightmare! My flatmate is being lovely though and helping me with what I need. 

But so far so good - and I'm looking forward to seeing how they change over the next few weeks/months!

Day 3.... struggling!

So my BA was on Friday and whilst I felt fine on Friday night and Saturday morning, the rest of the weekend has been pretty difficult. Saturday morning started out ok but as the day went on the pain got worse. I was also home alone from Saturday morning up until late Sunday afternoon. I found it difficult to do things for myself and felt a bit naseous after dinner. But it was Saturday night, my friends were out, and I didn't want to ask for help. I have only told a few of them anyway. I guess this is the trouble with living 10,000 miles from home, still being quite new to the country and being single - there isn't really that one person (mum, boyfriend, best friend) who you can call on at any time without feeling like you're a burden on them. I Skyped my parents though and that helped. The oxycodone also helped, haha. That stuff is strong!

Today (Sunday) was a bit better - my friend came over and helped me shower which made me feel a lot better. But oh man, when I took the surgical bra off, my breasts felt INTENSE. The stretching sensation was just too much, I felt like my skin was about to tear. I had to wear a bikini top in the shower just to feel like I had some support on them. Urgh, it felt horrible! I really hope that goes away by the next time I need to shower! Putting the bra back on was heaven. Anyone felt like this before?! Is that normal?

I am paranoid that I'm over exerting myself though just because I don't have someone helping me with everything - little things like opening the fridge, plugging in my phone charger, even flushing the toilet, all uses my chest muscles and I don't want to damage anything :( Hoping the pain will really ease off tomorrow. Fingers crossed.

Starting to feel ok

They are starting to look *slightly* more normal, less swollen, pain is almost gone and I'm back to work.

Gap between them isn't as bad as I thought it would be - looks worse in photos.

Got my one week follow up appointment tomorrow to get my dressings changed.

One week post op

It has only been a week since my op but I'm really happy with how my boobies are starting to look! They are starting to take on a nicer shape and I'm really happy with the size, though I know they still have a lot of dropping and fluffing to do. They are still really hard!

I am pretty much back to normal in terms of day to day stuff but my chest muscles do still feel quite tight and they get tired easily. I am still taking it easy.

I hoped the surgery might naturally correct my inverted nipple on the left side but doesn't look like that has happened haha. Oh well!

I had my one week post-op appointment yesterday and the nurse changed my dressings and seemed happy with how everything was looking. Slight bruising above my left incision but nothing major.

Yay for boobs!

Feeling good

2 weeks post-op and feeling pretty good. I can finally sleep on my side! Aaaah sweet sweet side.... It's still a little tender so I've probably been doing about half the night on my side and half on my back. Sleeping was one of my biggest worries pre-surgery but it's actually been ok. I think post-surgery my body was so exhausted it didn't care what position I was in so I just passed out every night.

They are still feeling pretty firm but they are definitely starting to drop (not too much though I hope! Don't want them to bottom out!)

I am going to a wedding in three weeks time and I need to buy something to wear - I'll be 5 weeks post op and still supposed to be wearing this surgical bra but I reckon I can wear another supportive sports bra for the day that's a bit more dress-friendly - I just need to buy one. This surgical bra sits so high!

3.5 week update

Think lefty is dropping faster than righty. My right breast is bigger than the left and I'm also right handed, do either of those things affect how fast they drop?! It's weird cos i only notice it in photos not when I look in the mirror! Guess it's the angle.

They are still pretty hard...

Pics in clothes

Incisions 4.5 weeks

I'm massaging them daily and using strataderm.

Before / after

Definitely an improvement :)

3.5 months post op

Haven't updated in a while so thought I'd do a quick post. Still love my boobs! They are definitely getting softer but due to my large gap it's still impossible to get cleavage with a bra. Not sure if I'll ever be able to?!? if so that's a bit disappointing. I can squish them together with my hands but no chance with a bra. Anyone else have the same problem?!

I fit a 32dd perfectly and it's funny because I actually find wearing bras so much more comfortable now!!! I used to wear really padded 32b bras and the underwire used to dig into my breast tissue because of my gap. But I don't get that anymore.

Scars seem to be healing ok.. I think?! I guess it's early days. I'm using bio oil on them every day.

I wonder if they still have some dropping to do as i feel I have a lot of upper pole fullness still...

And I am suffering slight Boob greed. I think it's more that the clothes I own aren't that fitted (I should change that!!) So I feel like you can hardly tell I have boobs still most of the time!!! I think the lack of cleavage doesn't help either. Still... It's a thousand times better than what I had before... Which was nothing!

5 month update

Just adding a few pics in bikini and clothes. I really like how natural they look. I just need to buy more fitted clothes as i realised so many of my tops are loose and they get completely hidden!

Not sure what happened to the bikini pics

7 month update!

Almost 7 month post op and things are going great. Just posting a few pics as an update :)
Dr Victor Lee

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