Chin lipo and neck lift at 35

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I had a thick fat layer underneath my chin and I...

I had a thick fat layer underneath my chin and I believe it is hereditary, yes I am overweight but even when I was thinner I had a double chin, I'll be 36 soon and hate taking pictures because of the way my neck looks so I decided to get a neck lift. I recently had it done, just 2 days ago but I'm already happy with the results. Once the swelling subsides I know it'll look even better. (I hope)

4-5-13 I had my surgery on the 1st and feel...

I had my surgery on the 1st and feel great, the heavy feeling under my chin and around my ears is still the only thing that bothers me, for some reason I look more swollen today, for a minute I even thought it looked the same as it did pre-op but then I had to remind myself that it hasn't even been a week, the sweilling is still there and I can't expect to look fine only 4 days post op.. either way its better than my pre-op so I guess I shouldn't complain.. I just can't wait to get these stiches out. I was able to take a few more days off of work and I'm trying to stay active, as I would at work that way I won't be too tired when I get back, the swelling will be around for up to 6 weeks so I just have to get used to it.

4-6-13 So last night I was cleaning the incisions...

So last night I was cleaning the incisions behind my ear and noticed some black skin.. yes black! I first thought it was dry blood but when I tried to wipe it I noticed it was the actual skin.. I was so scared and googled necrosis... I called my surgeons office but had no luck, so I went to my local Kaiser and they perscribed me some antibiotics and told me to follow up with my pcp on monday.. they also gave me a referral to a plastic surgeon who can hopefully look into some skin folds that dont look too good. The Dr told me that the skin tissue would fall and re-heal itself but it would have to be monitered carefully, My worst fear is losing my ears like i see that some people lose their limbs do to gangrene.. but the Dr. assured me it wasnt that bad.. phew but OMG I am still scared and want this off of me asap! so I am just gonna clean it everyday and take my antibiotics, put that neosporin on there like he said and pray that it will heal fast.
I felt great today other than that, I took my drain out because It was really hurting, I asked the DR if the color and amount looked good (via email) and he said yes so I went ahead and did it. I drove to L.A yesterday, and today attendended my sons baseball game and my Dr. Appt. I do still feel the tightness but its slowly getting better. I've noticed some new bruising around my cheek but the dr at Kaiser told me it was normal.. I was afraid my cheek was gonna turn black on me.. ugh this is tough but still I'm convinced it will be worth it. I don't see a huge change but in my picture the morning after I do, I really think my face is still really swollen. In a way I'm ok with it, I just didn't like looking like my cheek and neck were all one piece, atlest now there's a little definition around my jaw line which I haven't seen in years. I am just thankful to not have came out with nerve damage or anything like that.. as long as this skin issue is resolved I'll be a happy camper.

4-8-13 Today I felt like I was almost back to...

Today I felt like I was almost back to normal- I don't mean that I feel 100% like I did pre-op, but I was able to do everything I did before.. back to the normal routine. I do notice some yellow bruising around my neck, and ears. The necrosis is getting better, I have been putting a double atibiotic ointment on it in the mornings after I shower, I clean it and put the ointment on, then I just wipe it and re-apply it around 2-3pm.. then again before I go to bed. Keeping it moist and wiping it is whats knocking off that dead skin.. I feel much better because as of tonight I have the majority of the black stuff off.. I noticed it on the other side of my head too! so I've been taking care of both sides and 90% of it's gone, underneath is my skin.. it looks like when you scrape your knee.. just the pink flesh and it burns. Its ok though I'll take the burning over necrotic skin anyday, It no longer smells and the skin around it isn't red so I'm so glad about that. Last week on Friday my skin felt so hot around my ears, it smelled nasty and it was red. Those antibiotics helped so much I'm so glad because I was seriously starting to think all these horrible things. I'm gonna upload a picture of the area that turned black first so you can see how gross it looked and why I was so scared.

4-9-13 Hello Everyone! so I went in to get my...

Hello Everyone! so I went in to get my stiches removed and saw my surgeon, he assured me that what I had on the back of my ear was not necrosis but a scab, I guess I mus not have kept my neck still enough after surgery, one thing I do remember doing was waking up laying flat on the morning after surgery, who knows but that explains whey its just peeling off when I clean it,, ugh a huge relief. I feel amazing and love my new-more defined chin. I go back to work tomorrow and I'm so ready for it.

Ok so it's May 8th a month after my surgery and...

Ok so it's May 8th a month after my surgery and all is well, I still have the bumby skin under my chin I'm hoping this will go away because I'm tired of seeing it. It's slowly getting better. I feel great though and I'm happy I did it. Before my surgery if I'd pull my head back I had a huge double chin and now you can barely see it, The scars aren't too bad I can hide them and well I knew that I was replacing skin for scar going into this procedure so I just have to deal with that. OMG so the black skin was a huge scab, it fell off slowly but its all normal now, my skin looks a little red in that area but I'm told it'll take time to heal completely.. other than that I've had no problems.-I'll check back in with you all soon.. hopefully this lumpy neck subsides..

feeling great

Ok so its mid June now and i still feel some tightness in the area between my chin and throat. My incisions are healing well. They're red and itchy but i was told its normal. I went to see a surgeon with kaiser to follow up.when i had gone in for what i thought was necrosis they had sent out a referral for ps consultation..i decided to go just to make sure everything was healing ok. The surgeon criticized the area in which to see the surgeon in Mexico did my incisions. but he said it was a decent job and I didn't need any sort of corrective surgery. The surgeon said the neck lift is very similar to a facelift. Im really happy with my results. by now I've seen many relatives and they all say I look much younger. I ran into a few friends that don't know I have the surgery


people just think I lost weight I do have some lumpiness but it's not too noticeable. Its in the area. sorry for all the typos I'm updating from my very old phone.

3months later

So far I'm really happy with everything. the scarring around the back of my ear isn't the prettiest but I hide them with my hair. my chin is not lumpy anymore but when I look straight up I do see the wrinkly skin that people talk of. I think it's when the skin is pulled too tight that we get that wrinkly look. Before i had surgery ..i had no definition of around my jawline


Now i feel comfortable wearing my hair up and taking pictures. I notice that when i work out i feel a prickly tingling feeling under my scars get red and itchy. I know im still healing. I can't wait for the itchy feeling to be gone.. The tightness is completely gone..Im so happy i had this regrets.

June 2014

So its been over a year since my surgery and I'm still healing, the redness is going away and turning into more of my natural skin color only smooth and obviously a visible scar. I'm still very happy with my results because now when I take pictures I never hate the way I look because of my double chin.. its a thing of the past =) I can move my neck normally and no longer feel the tightness. The only thing that I do see is when I look up and pull my head back my skin in the center of my neck gets wrinkly it looks like verticle lines about 4 to be exact.. thats only when I really force my neck back, other than that its all good. I still feel the incision itch so I know I'm still healing but I must say it's all been worth the pain.
Mexico Plastic Surgeon

I did some research back when I was looking into getting a lower body lift and found him. My main reason for going south of the border was to save money and it's the only reason I've been able to get this procedure done. Dr. Q is the chief surgeon at Cosmed Clinic and does a wonderful job, he did my LBL and I had great results, I returned to him years later for this procedure and Monsplasty. My exerience has been great, the staff is wonderful and his facility is one of the best surgical facilities I've seen thus far. I'm so glad I found cosmed as it's allowed me to be free of the insecurities I've lived with for so many years. Thank you so much Dr. Q!

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