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Wasn't sure what to expect since I never had great...

Wasn't sure what to expect since I never had great looking breasts even when I was young, but after 3 kids and losing a great deal of weight, there just wasn't much left except for that which resembled a couple empty socks....After the lift and saline implant the excess skin is completely gown and now they are perky. I would say they look like they did when I was 16, but then they never looked that good at 16...

Five month picture

This photo shows my new boobs, new face and even my new arms!!!

Barbie Boobs...

It recently hit me when I was looking in the mirror, that my upper half the boobs look like what I remember my Barbie's looking like. Yes, I guess you could say they might look fake like a Barbie, but that's fine, they look to perfect to be real, but that's okay I will just have to live with perfect. What I mean by this is they stand perfectly on their own just like Barbie's, thankfully they feel softer...but size wise, proportionally to my torso it reminds me of that. Now the lower half, well that's a whole other story...This could be why my PS said, "I know you are going to want to fix that area, (as he pointed to my stomach and legs) so the lower matches the new upper" At first I thought, no, but now I see I gotta do something down there and fast!!!

10 month photo

It's been 10 months since breast lift/implants scars are light but still can be seen a little along the bottom but the breast hides them pretty well...

At some point I will need them redone

I am used to what they look like and even though the hubby says they could have been cut and sewn better, the change was so dramatic that I really didn't notice the flaws, but now that it has been a year and the skin is still bulky due to being folded and sewn and the fact that the implant moves all over the place, which I just learned it's not suppose too, I will be having them redone. I first must save up the money. I will be using a different plastic surgeon this next time. When I went for my other plastic consultations these obvious flaws were pointed out to me. I'm not one to complain, I was just happy to have them done, thus the original review. I still loved the clinic and the Doctor, but feel I must be honest enough to share my outcome...

Who Knew....

Who knew that the implants are not supposed to move up to where the tonsils are...I always thought that was weird but when I would ask other women with implants if they moved around a lot they never quite understood what I meant. When I showed my new Plastic Surgeon how they move he cringed and asked if they hurt, Nope they just move all around....Since this was my first time having implants I didn't know anything about them. Now I find out that I will need to have the implants removed and allow the breast to heal for 6 months before reconstructing a new area for them. So as it now stands this who ordeal has been a waste....feeling disappointed at this point.

Picture Perfect

Several people have asked about the breast, so I thought I would try to explain what is happening. First of all they do look picture perfect, so that along makes it hard to think about changing anything. But for a year now, the first thing I think about when I wake up is my weird breast, they are all over the place when I sleep one maybe to the side of me one up by my collar bone, but never in the chest area. There is no pocket to hold them in place. I do have a lot of scar tissue under the breast from skin being folded and sewn which wasn't a good thing to have been done to begin with, but that never really bothered me much because I couldn't see it. It bothered my husband, more. I dream of a time when I have beautiful breast, that I don't even give one thought to when I wake up. It's depressing to be reminded, you have implants every day. I thought they would just go in and I would go on my happy way, and forget I had a little something extra, but not so. Every day I am reminded I have fake weird breast. When I am dressed they look great they stay where they are supposed to be unless I decide to push them up to my tonsils (I did that to show my new PS and freaked him out!). I make sure I don't recline to far in a beach chair, so as not to gross out any sun bathers. So for the moment, I will continue to live with them until I can save up the money to have them redone. I am not looking forward to that either, since the pocket must now be totally rebuilt, with the old implants removed and then allow the breast to heal for 6 months before new implants....Ugh

"Never seen anything like this....."

I know I'm a little late in getting my mammogram, had my script for almost 2 months before I made it in to get it done, but today was the big day...My tech told me she has never in all her years seen anything like my implants...She asked what recourse I have taken against the Doctor. And also said I need to write a review. I told her I have already done that here on this site. It was hard for her to get the pictures as the implants were moving all over the place. She has been doing this job for a very long time and I was a first for her...Oh wow aren't I special....I told her I was planning on having them removed (with a new surgeon) and the breast pocket completely rebuilt and allowing them to heal for 6 months before new implants were placed. Sometimes people read these reviews, and think that we are just picky or have a grudge against our surgeon and take no thought for our warnings and go right ahead and go forward with their planned surgeries, to those I say go right ahead and enjoy your outcome....I'm just stating my personal outcome.
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