45 Yr Old, Gastric Bypass, Tijuana with Arm Lift and Breast Lift- Tijuana, Mexico

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I started researching going to Mexico from...

I started researching going to Mexico from Northern California and I'm sitting in the lobby of a Tijuana hotel ready to have my breast and arm lift surgery tomorrow. I just met with my surgeon at the CosMed Clinic, Dr Quiroz. I've seen mixed reviews of him on this site and others and I feel like I'm going in with eyes wide open. He refused to do both implants and a breast lift on me because of the massive weight loss and the damage on my muscles and breasts. He said they would not hold the implant and I'd be back for revision surgery in no time. I considered that a good sign of his expertise. He told me I'd have scars from the arm lift and that I'd need to understand that. But I would not have the jiggle and the wings. He was clear and what would be and what would not be. I guess now I see what actually happens

I flew from San Francisco to San Diego alone. I was picked up in a white minivan by a CosMed female driver. We crossed the border in minutes. I drove straight to the clinic. Met with the doctor. I paid for $50 in labs from an outside lab company that came to the clinic. The Hotel Lucerna shuttle came and picked me up...and that's where I sit now. I will stay here until the Hotel driver takes me back tomorrow at 7am. Think good thoughts for me and I will report back!

more photos of the before experience

Some photos from getting here and the before...

Here are my before shots.

Scary to post these but I know they help other weight loss patients out there

Just hours after

I am just waking up, went pee and I'm in the Recovery Boutique now on the 2nd floor with Meriam.

The surgery seemed to go well. My prep was smooth. I told Dr Quiroz I was scared and nervous and he had me walk to another room and meet another patient who was getting stitches out from a tummy tuck last week. His work was amazing and he said he had virtually no pain, just tightness and some discomfort. He was stunning. If really made me feel great.
I was taken right over to the pristine hospital area after meeting the anesthesiologist and prepped. Got IV put in effortlessly by one woman who handled all my meds. Another prepped the room. They each were focused on jobs. More to come. .eating dinner!

24 hours after surgery

I'm at recovery center. It's very quiet, I've seen only glimpses of another patient. I did have a blood pressure crash when we tried to take a shower this morning too soon. Of course I was with the attendant so she sat me in the shower chair and fanned me, got me water and cold compress until I stabilized. Then got me back to bed. I have been with someone every time I got up today. They come to fix pillows,change bandages, change bedding, brush my hair or answer my calls. All the ladies are nice and get anything I need...snacks, tea, water, pillows. I have no pain in my breasts, chest. My arms do hurt but I am moving them...typing and reading and eating, etc. it's not bad though, just uncomfortable. The food is good.

Three days out from surgery

I am still resting at the boutique recovery center. I have to say my experience has been amazing. I have seen or spoken to Dr Quiroz four times since surgery and I've had no issues. Four times. That's amazing to me by itself. He checked all my stitches and added one yesterday and removed the two chest drains. He lest the arm drains. My right arm is more swollen then the left. Nothing crazy but I am definitely eating, typing and moving the right more as well.
The staff at the recovery center is wonderful. The change all my bandages regularly, my bedding, help me bath, get anything I need if I am in bed, help me get tea or a snack.its worth every penny. I actually decided to stay longer since it's been so calming and restful. Also my insurance is so bad I want to stay here and have Dr Quiroz remove all my stitches and drains. Why pay $100 to walk into Kaiser at home. I'd rather stay here and rest.
All is well. I also met another repeat client of Dr Quiroz who already had a tummy tuck and beast lift six months ago and she was just coming back to get the implants. Her scars were healed well, she looked lovely. She also has had many friends come here. She was very happy with her implants and they already looked great on day two. She is planning on coming back for thigh lift.

Day four post surgery

In recovery boutique and dr called me to come see him which is two floors away to his offices. We talked and he asked me again about my experience, if I had questions, he looked at my stitches and I showed him an area under one arm of the nurses was worried about. He agreed he could add a stitch and had me sit down and gave me a shot of some pain reliever, cleaned the area, and added a few sutures. We talked about my time in the recovery center and I thanked him for having it as it has been an incredible help to me. Again he was really kind, sincere, and patient. I haven't had any extra bills for any of this time with him. It's just incredible.
Also, he offered me a free facial from the spa services offered as one of the many other services at CosMed so I had it today by a woman named Pilar. I've never had a facial before and it was amazing. Relaxing, calm, the smells, textures, flavor! It was a massage but for your head, face and neck. Incredible.
I'm sad to leave. The recovery boutique tomorrow and go back to the Hotel Lucerna for three more days but I think I will come back and get some more services. Why not? So much cheaper then home in California!

continued recovery...Day 8 post surgery

I continued to heal in Mexico. I cannot say enough about the Recovery center and post op care and attention I recieved. I was very well looked after. One week after surgery I saw Dr Quiroz again and he removed my arm drains and many of my sutures. He went over questions and care and potential issues with me carefully and thoroughly.
I also met with Dr DE Las Fuentes the dermatologist about scar therapy and treatments and techniques. He suggested a cream for me to use. He also removed for me some skin tabs and an annoying wart I have on my nose I hate. It was a wonderful bonus visit!
That night I stayed at the Hotel Lucerna, a lovely hotel nearby I recommend with 2 on site restaurants. They have great service as well, especially the bellmen. The next day the hotel shuttled me to the clinic and I crossed the bored with a medical pass in less than a half hour. It was amazing and easy.
Pictures at after a weeks progress

more pics

special sites after surgery

As a woman alone in Tijuana, I was afraid to go have this surgery. BUT I found where I stayed was totally safe, the people were lovely and I was comfortable and secure the whole time. I highly recommend the Hotel Lucerna. I ate on property, I listened to the bellman on where to go off property and they always kept an eye on me when I left and came back since I was alone and just had surgery. They take care of many patients at this hotel and seem very willing to help you as well. I also read out on my balcony and out by the pool. The hotel driver, Javier, was the best and drove my to all my appointments at the clinic. I would absolutely return .

before and after at 2 weeks

Here are some comparisons from before and at my two week mark. I'm tired but mostly from just not resting enough!

three week update

Arms are completely sealed on the wounds. Breast scabs are hard and strong seem to be fine but not going anywhere! The nipple are great! I have feeling and the scabs have dropped off almost completely.

week 5

Forgot to post monthly. Feeling great. No issues. Starting scar cream.


Didn't post

breast photo

Didn't post

another arm

Pictures not uploading.

2 months post

I feel great! So confident. My Boobs look great. They are definitely sisters and not twins I will say but I'm happy with the results from the lift. The sagging is completely gone and I'm perky and tight with no implants. I still would consider an implant but with the attention I'm getting now I might need to hire a security detail if I had even better ones. The men literally chase me.
The arms are really healing well. No pain. Skin softening and feeling more normal. Scars are so long but are starting to recede. Need to be more diligent about scar cream. Again my arm scars are not identical but it does not bother me. For the price I paid, the tightness, the care, the quick recovery was well worth it.
Dr quiroz has called me again to check on me. His proactive care is exceptional.

5 Month Update!

I'm feeling great still about my surgeries. If anything I would caution people about the arm lift. I did not think about the scars much when I had the surgery and mine are still quite red and long. But I would absolutely choose them over my old fat, flabby, wave in the wind arms for sure. My scars actually make me proud and I tell my story proudly...I have nothing to hide about my surgery or my weight loss.
No pain, no complications, no issues.
My boobs seem small to me but I have great uplifted shape and great firm shape and cleavage. For a 45 year old woman of my size, they seem very appropriate. I still think about implants but could live without them. I love how they feel and the pleasure I have now, so why change anything?
My arms need scar cream and I am trying some flattening treatments now but I am lazy and inconsistent. Some patches are completely cleared with no scarring at all and 100% normal skin which means to me the scars will be gone in another 6 months.
Very exciting stuff.
I'm hoping to save some money to go back to CosMed this year for a Tummy Tuck.
Mexico Plastic Surgeon

My experience with Dr Quiroz and his staff has been fantastic. Alejandra is my coordinator and she is great answering questions and giving me details. Dr Quiroz answered all my questions and gave me an honest and complete description of what I would achieve. I'm glad I stayed four days in recovery and an additional 3 days in Mexico at a hotel to rest and have DrQuiroz remove all drains and stitches and check my progress regularly before flying home. My surgery and level of care was outstanding. I felt completely safe as a woman alone in Tijuana. My experience was world class. Dr Quiroz was great. As far as results, as a 45 year old gastric bypass patient, I had an expectation of results and I believe Dr Quiroz more than met those. My breasts are lifted and feel great without implants and are a cup C. I can tell by the men they look amazing. My arms are still healing but I believe they will be tiny, the scars will disappear and I'll be very happy with tank tops. I already bought and plan to wear a strapless evening gown with the scar they are so nominal after one month.

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