Thighs, Knees, and Calves Lipo with Inner Thigh Lift and Vertical Abdominoplasty. - Corpus Christi, TX

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Lost over 150 pounds 14 years ago. Excess skin and...

Lost over 150 pounds 14 years ago. Excess skin and pockets of resistant fat in different areas. Had brachioplasty, breast lift, and traditional abdominoplasty last year. Scheduled for a vertical abdominoplasty as my skin was stretched out too much sideways and needs that vertical tuck. Inner calves, knees, and thighs are huge and heavy. Possible lipedema is suspected. Lots of loose skin and cellulite. Hoping this p (lipo has been reported to improve lipedema) rocedure really decreases the size of my calves, knees (inner and back), and my thighs. Worried as there are not many reviews for these areas and some of the reviews do not show significant results. I have an excellent PS and trust him to be as aggressive with the lipo and sculpting as he was with my other surgeries. Pre-op photos coming soon. Nervous but excited. Praying for a good surgery and noticeable results.

Pre-op Pictures

These are pretty bad but I'm looking forward to seeing what the results will show.

Additional pre-op pictures (tomorrow is surgery day)

Vertical abdominoplasty revision

I had a traditional horizontal tummy tuck in December that significantly reduced my waist. Because I was so stretched out sideways, that it could not remove all the skin with the tummy tuck, my doctor and I decided to do th vertical revision. Attached are my pre-op pictures, I will post post-op pictures later.

Day 2 post op pictures (lots of swelling)

Day 3 Update

Day 3 is like the wake of a new day. I had a low grade fever yesterday, called my PS, he told me take deep breaths because the lungs need to open back up as that causes low grade fevers a couple of days after surgery if I haven't done deep breathing. I did and it worked, no more fever. I switched from narcotics to a combination of Tylenol and Motrin yesterday, it actually works better at controlling my pain. I am walking pretty steady and at a faster pace now and can finally sit on the toilet with no pain. No more "Go Girl" needed. Looking back I think I'm happiest about not having a scar down my leg. It means I will have to do some workouts to strengthen these loose muscles and tighten my skin more, but this has definitely made a big difference. The swelling is starting to really go down but there is still a lot of it. I'm massaging my legs daily to bring the lymphatic fluid upward and out. That's working. My belly is the smallest and tightest I have ever seen it, and that's because it's still swollen, wow! I am really happy about that. I don't really feel any pain there, it's more in the groin incisions where I have pain. They are healing very well so far. I watch them closely and keep them clean and dry. Took a Miralax powder in my drink today in hopes it gets my bowels moving. Crossing fingers! Attached is my current photo in the compression garment that I only take off now to go to the bathroom and shower. It's easy, it just slips right off and back on. Will keep you posted as the days go on. Thank you for all your positive messages. They really help more than you know. :)

Best PS in town! He's a perfectionist and aggressive with lipo and skin tightening to provide very noticeable results. His bedside manner is top notch, explains everything in detail and genuinely cares about his patients.

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