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Ok I have been a stalker in this site for well...

Ok I have been a stalker in this site for well over a year...created an account a few months ago and now have procedure scheduled. I am a 40 yr old, married and mother of 2 (18 & 6). I have been wanting a TT ever since I had my 1st kid. I was very small and petite and well that was all over after I had her weighing in at over 8 lbs. I am 5 feet tall and weigh 150. My weight has been an issue ever since i received my stripes (stretch marks). I would loose weight and be disgusted with my flab; I would gain weight to fill up the flab and then be extremely miserable because I'm already height challenged, my body can't deal with the extra pounds. So I turned 40 this year and decided this was the year. I hit the gym, got a trainer and have lost 30 pounds the right way. I would still love to loose about 15 more but I will see how it goes. I have scheduled a tummy tuck with breast augmentation. Husband is on board with tummy tuck, he has seen my constant battles with it, but he doesn't want boobs touched. I have decided to do them anyway. The way I see it is this is ultimately my body and if I do one without the other how long will my happiness actually last? I will add pictures once this sets in and I get a bit braver. Lol thank you everyone who has shared their story, without them I doubt I'd be where I am. I'm extremely excited, I know I'm going to get tons of critics (family members) who don't approve and will say I'm being selfish but that's ok, they don't pay my bills and my kids don't go without, so it's time for some "ME" time!!!

Before photos

One month til surgery

Time is going by quickly. Can't believe I'll be on the flat side a month from today. Thank you for all who post your have truly inspired and motivated me!!

A little bummed

Just found out my procedures will probably have to be postponed. I was having some abdominal sensitivity so I went to family dr and he ordered a scan. I have been referred to my ob because something showed up. Family dr thinks its a fibroid 10cm by 8cm and stated a hysterectomy will most likely need to be done. I currently waiting to hear from ob. I know sometimes they are combined but with me having to take my daughter off to college the healing time with hysterectomy won't fit my timeframe....then the school year starts and that means time away form my students. Boo :(

Change of plans

Well my priority with plastic surgery has always been my tummy tuck, that's how I scheduled my consultation. While meeting with the doctor I did inquire about a breast lift; after having all my questions answered I schedule surgery for my tummy tuck, breast lift with 300cc saline implants behind muscle. I was extremely excited that it would be happening this summer AND could fit it into my schedule. Yesterday was my payoff date and things have changed. It has been discovered I need a hysterectomy and although my ob and plastic surgeon are willing to coordinate and combine the surgeries it cannot be done on my original July 24th date AND plastic surgeon will no longer do breast at same time. So I was left with deciding do I want to have 2 different surgeries and what did that mean on price....well surgeon has agreed to honor original price of one surgery and stated at least 6 weeks time lapse between surgeries. So although my tt was my priority I will keep my 24th appt and have my breast done, I will take my daughter to college 2.5 weeks later go back to work (I teach) mid August and will have tummy tuck and hysterectomy sometime after September....this was not an easy decision and I know I will get ALOT of negative feedback with having to miss so much work when I just had an entire summer off, but it was not intentional. My OB is the one that said she would not do hysterectomy before I take my daughter to college for 1st time. It is a 12 hour drive and she said I would be way to uncomfortable and it should be a joyous event, how would I feel if I ended up in hospital. I see and understand her point BUT I also love what I do....gonna take it a day at a time and see how things pan out.

Pre-op today

Well today is my pre-op but it is only for my breast. I created another review just for my top since my tummy tuck is currently on hold. It really has me bummed but not anything I can do about it but wait. I have gained about 3 pounds and I gotta snap out of if....I didn't do all this sacrificing to not get the best results possible.


Well I had my surgery on Thursday the 24th. I had a hysterectomy and tummy tuck and Im in pain. I'm still in hospital but getting in and out up and down...yikes. Will write more when I can.

1 week post op

Had my surgery a week ago today and for the most part I feel ok. Biggest complaint are the drains. Had one removed in Tuesday it was putting out less than 15 ml/day. My right one is not putting much out either but I still have to deal with it. I finally saw the belly area and the scar is a bit frightful at this time, couldn't bring myself to take a picture. I hope most of it is due to swelling. See the doctor on Tuesday so will update then.

Almost 3 weeks post op

Really hard to give reviews because when I feel bad I don't necessarily think it's the tummy tuck but the hysterectomy. I will be home 6 weeks to recover and again that is due to hysterectomy. I feel good and feel like I can go about my normal days but my OB said don't push it so I'm not. I go see her Thursday hopefully I will be given driving privileges. I can stand up straight, I do feel the tightness and I do swell as the day goes on. That is the hardest to deal with, it really bugs me. My plastic surgeon ok'ed me to walk but again waiting to hear from OB. Posting a pic taken today. Thursday will be 3 weeks post op.

Almost 3 weeks post op

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