30 Yo, 3 Kids, Getting a BBL - Corpus Christi, TX

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I've always had an apple shape and hated it!...

I've always had an apple shape and hated it! Thicker mid section, inverted V booty, big boobs.. Ugh. I'm longing for more of a feminine hour glass figure with a nice round booty!! I'll be getting my tummy lipo'd along with my flanks and pubic mound. I was going to get a tummy tuck too, but decided to wait and see because of finances.. If I end up getting my dream results from a BBL, but end up with loose saggy skin, I'll do the tummy tuck later!!

My pre op appointment is in 5 days (April 12) and my surgery date is April 20th!! It's coming up so soon and I couldn't be more excited!!!

I'm really really hoping for a dramatic change.. I like how the Doctors in Miami do it.. A nice little waist and they aren't afraid to shove in the CCs!!! I'm hoping for at least 1000-1200 in each cheek, and that's the MINIMUM!

10 days until surgery!!!

I can't stop looking at butts. All day, everyday. Googling butts, looking at people's butts as they walk by, and even got an app so I can make my butt look bigger Hahahaha

I DID IT!!!!

Today is day 3 post op. I had my BBL with Dr. Governe on wed (4-20) and I've been recovering at home the best I can! OUCH!! Lipo totally feels like you got hit by a bus.. But my results so far are AMAZING. I'm still really swollen and I feel like I weigh 1000 pounds.

Rewind to surgery day. I got there at 7:50 am. Went to the "recovery room" where he marked me all up. I gave him my last words "channel your inner JLo booty, I want a big one!" And then the anesthesia guy came in and did my IV. After that, I walked in to the operating room, layed down, the guy said he was going to insert the cocktail... And BOOM I was out!! I woke up 4 hours later and I'm the recovery room where I waited for my husband. I was in pain as I woke up, I really wish they would have given me something to get me home but thankfully I brought a Norco with me just in case. The norcos are supposed to be taken 1 every 4 hours but I'm taking 1 every 2 hours. The dr said that's fine!!

I think he said he took almost 5 liters out and put 1400cc in each cheek!!!! ????????????????????????????????????

Day 4 post op

Feeling better today! Still weak and taking it easy.. I weighed myself because I know I'm so swollen and I'm about 10 lbs heavier than before surgery still. I didn't get any drains or stitched up, I guess he prefers to let your body drain naturally. I'm not leaking much at all now though! Hope that's ok! On top of it all I started my period... FML! But the pain meds are being used less often and I'm feeling a lot better in between. Last night I took a sleeping pill at bedtime and slept like a baby! I also measured myself today too. Pretty awesome! My waist is 6 inches smaller and my booty is 6.5 inches bigger!!!! And that's still with 10 extra pounds of water weight. I can't wait to see my results as the weeks go by!!!

I was counting surgery day as a post op day

I had my surgery on wed and it's Sunday now, so "technically" this is day 4 post op. Makes more sense too.. Seems a lot of people feel like complete ass on day 3 and 4!! Hello, that's me!! I FEEL LIKE SHIT!!! It's been a rough day. This recovery is no joke. I think I've hit the "emotional" stage that people talk about too. I feel super sad and worthless. I can't do much at all and it's impossible to get comfortable. The only time I feel comfortable is after I get up and walk, pee, and finally lay back down. It's a relief to lay back down... But after laying for a while you get uncomfortable and restless lol it's a sick cycle!!

I've also been concerned about my iron levels.. My face is very pale and every time I take my garment off to pee and then put it back on, it's game over. I'm very light headed and weak and need to lay down every time. I sent my husband to the store to get me some iron pills. The dr should have added that to the list of things for me to do. There was really no mention of watching my iron.. But then again when they tested me at the office before I was in a normal range. So anyway ladies, GET SOME IRON! I wanted the "garden of life" raw iron brand with the probiotics, but the store didn't have them, of course. So I went with the next best thing to natural: Floradix Iron tablets. (I'll post a pic) it's supposed to easier on you as far as constipation too. Regular iron typically makes me constipated.

Speaking of that, I've been taking miralax since day one and finally had a decent bowel movement this morning. Not as scary as I thought thankfully. Start that miralax ASAP though!

Also, I only have 4 norcos left. I'm pretty nervous about that too. The one every 4 hours wasn't enough so I was taking one every 2 hours instead. The 30 he gave me really went fast. I'll have to call in the morning and see if I can get any more. I'd hate to be without and need them in the next few days. That might be why I'm having such a hard time too. I've been stretching them as far as I can. After a rough morning I took two a bit ago and just sitting here writing this I feel a lot better so they must be kicking in. Ok enough rambling.. I think I'll shut my eyes and try to pass the time with sleep.

12 day PO feeing good!

After a little bump in the road (low hemoglobin) and 2 units of blood, I'm feeling SO MUCH BETTER. I stayed the night at the hospital (couple days ago) and they got my levels from a 7 to a 9... I was a 13 before surgery.. But an 9 is sooooo much better than a 7. I feel alive again!! Anyway, here are some before and after. I'm feeling really good about my results so far!!!! I finally have a SHAPE!!

The difference is crazy! Can't stop looking! 13 days PO

5 liters of fat removed and 1400cc in each cheek! So far so good!!!! My only regret is not putting some of that fat in my lips! Lol

9 months post op

Love my new booty!! The BBL was one of the best decisions I've ever made. My only regret is that I didn't go BIGGER lol

I had a bunch of lipo done and with clothes on I look amazing.. without his another story though. I was left with loose skin just like my PS said I would. Still no regrets!!!! I'll be having a tummy tuck, MR, more lipo, and a breast reduction on Feb 15th!!!! Can't wait to see how amazing I'll look. Yay for modern medicine!;)
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