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Today I went into the Dr's office to inquire...

Today I went into the Dr's office to inquire about a full tummy tuck and came out with a brochure on a body lift!! My journey began after my first born 21 yrs ago I was young and was able to snap back in well with my second child.Its not till I got married with my 3rd childs father and ballooned up to 240lbs,Now being 5'3 240lbs things streched beyond belief! I really hit a breaking point and knew I had to find my self again! I did things the old school way (diet & excierces) and lost 100-lbs.Yessssss!!! I finally broke through the odds and have mantained the weight off for 7 yrs now!!!! But as you can Clearly see through the pics I have some loose skin and Id done hidding it ,tucking it ,Keeping the lights dim,ect.Im ready to begin my new chapter in life,Im ready to LIVE!!! Now dont get me wrong I am SCARED to my witts!!! For being put to sleep is never any fun..I knw I will have alot of family and friends to help with my recovery and I know through prayer things will go right!! I AM SO HAPPY I HAVE FOUND THIS SITE...I cant wait to share my stories with you all & help others!!

Feb 23,Its been 23 days since Ive last smoked all...

Feb 23,Its been 23 days since Ive last smoked all in the name of a good recovery.I was not a pack smoker just a night times let the stress of the day go with each passing puff smoker..Its been a little rough as this monkey on my back turned to be a full grown GORILLA!!! But I keep telling my self My healing well is worth everything..I go for my labs,last final to speak with the Dr, Feb 29 then March 13 9:30 am is the day...I'm really questioning if a lower body lift is going extreme !!?? was i really that bad off as having to go beyond the tummy tuck i was first going in there for??? Well 11k later Im going with it...Im really excited to see me with out all this holding me back.My guilt kicks in high gear from time to time..But im covered with good friends and faith..I keep reading post,view pics and keeping my fingers cross i do well..

I give my mother a nice Sunday to see how...

I give my mother a nice Sunday to see how her evening is going and to confirm with her about about the wed 2/29. For if she has any questions or to rest her mind with any concerns.Well,it saddens me that she will NOT be going to the Dr. appt with me NOR does she want to know anything of the sort
Quote: The less I know the better,I dont approve of what you are doing..Proceeded to scare me with going under anesthesia ,and how i need to be happy with my self.That shes to stressed out to deal with me. End quote!
You know her support is NOTHING new!! But you would think (she) would put HER SELF A SIDE!!!! &how I'm needing more support more than ever!! I asked her to be positive for me and to understand..But....See I come from a family that is poor in health,weight,ambition,dreams,and everything that comes with the Typical Hispanic Family(High-blood pressure,diabetes..Besides a few good Hens (my aunt tina,my sister,and yes my self).& No I may not expect them to all understand...BUT No one knws what I have endured to get here!!! How I weighted 240 lost over 110lbs and have lost this all on my own..NOW with having a small umbilical hernia due to carrying this skin around I feel its in my best int so i may move on with the rest of my life.exercise with ease,and yes maybe float dwn the Frio River this summer in a 2 piece if i wish too!..This is a little hard as I write this in Tears!!! But I knw I will be ok..and I have my FAITH to guide me through!!!.Sry friends that I turn to this site to vent lol..But surgery effects everyone we love..Its a BIG DEAL.& I hope that everyone has the support they need..

Going to the Dr today to get my prescriptions ,and...

Going to the Dr today to get my prescriptions ,and any questions I have to ask before the BIG DAY IN 13 DAYS!!!! OOOOOOM WORD!!!! Believe I have a List of questions from whats the best binder,to special diet..So many questions,concerns,nerves..I might go find a drop in yoga class so I can control all these nerves!!!! Im sure anything good and positive are sure to help..Im just ready to wake up and start my recovery..The pain Im sure I can handle for many have gone before me..Its just waking up that concerns me..But I knw i'll be OK...I have my daughter going to the Dr's with Me for my Mother has shown her true colors again..But this is NOT a time of dissapointment..So cheers my friends 13 days & counting!!!!

4 More days till my LBL!! And I'm nesting Like...

4 More days till my LBL!! And I'm nesting Like CRAZY!!! Shampooing carpets, Cleaning Oven,Scrubbing walls. Out getting all the foods my PS states -No sodium while im healing!!! So getting a few odds and ends..I found out that I have a Anesthesia Phobia which is more common than you'd expect.I'm dealing with that for I've had surgery in the past:: 6 yrs ago breast augmentation,,The worst ever!! I felt like I was nothing but his Vacation money- 6,200. I was younger and really didnt do my homework.Comming out of
anesthesia was HORRIBLE and I think that's where I got the fear from because I don't recall being this scared/frightened.I was nauseated,they scared my mom/daighter stating they might need to send me to the ER for I'm not wanting to wake.up.!!! But 45 mins later I came through and i was thrown in the car and that was it..No follow up calls just blahhhhhh..
.NOT THE CASE HERE!!!! My surgeon and staff are AMAZING..I have done my home work...I'm just ready to get on the recovery train...I knw the pain is going to take a little toll..but nothing worst than this mind torture..I will keep everyone updated as I will have lots of time on my hands..
Also My wonderful Aunt has found a beautiful Operation Prayer please feel free to copy and paste..

Prayer before an Operation:
Loving Father. I entrust myself to Your care this day; guide with wisdom and skill the minds and hands of those who minister in Your name; and grant that every cause of illness being removed I may be restored to soundness of health and learn to live in more perfect harmony with You and with my fellow man through Jesus Christ. Amen. Into Your hands I commend my body and my soul. Amen.

2 more days...& my life as I knew it is over!!!!!!...

2 more days...& my life as I knew it is over!!!!!! I'm going through all sorts of emotions...For the past few weeks its been Fear.. but I cleary have decided to give up this fear to my Father,My almighty..and In trust in him and the PS & Staff...Im ready to get things going and be excited and ready to get my recovery going..I will keep you posted..

1 day post have NO IDEA how long I've...

1 day post have NO IDEA how long I've waited to write that!!..Everything is going GREAT..pain is at a solid 5 and not really taking pain meds..My tubes are pretty clear..Walking around to get my circulation with no problum..Getting up is the hardest part..but other than that..I AM WELL..Post pics soon...

4th day post op..Not taking one pain med..just...

4th day post op..Not taking one pain med..just Ibprofren..walking around pretty well...Just standing straight up is a little challenging ..and getting up and dwn..drains are looking pretty clear...just resting as i go...

6th day po--drain free 9th day po-- took every...

6th day po--drain free
9th day po-- took every other staples out/getting all removed on 12 day(monday)
Im on 11 day PO & Everything is comming along.This surgery really make me learn the meaning of patience! im a very high strung woman,working out,active..and resting is something i always say i can do when im dead..lmaooo but I must..
Swelling seems to be really high at the end of the day..but a good compreshion is a must..I wear a control top during the day and a medical band at night it helps alot..along with LOW SODIUM!!
I still just get up to do the minamel but found my self with the grandkids at McDonalds ,walking around the grocery store..wiped me out!!! Listen to your body!!!!
Thank you for taking this journey with me...

Almost 1 month PO..And Im doing GREAT!!! Thanks...

Almost 1 month PO..And Im doing GREAT!!! Thanks be to GOD.!!! I am fully back Im exercising, running,doing my favorite Zumba. Of course all at my own pace..I was told 7 pounds of skin was removed and I have lost a total 5 pounds on top of that =) ONE HAPPY GAL..LET ME SAY...I have earned a right to be this happy!!!!! I have went from a 240 to now a 148 ..Most say Im man made and thats RIGHT!!!! Im just getting back to what GOD gave me before KIDS..hahaha..As you can tell Im a jokester!!!
Life is going so good at times I find my self in a little tears for I nvr knew that life could be this good..Me and a old love reunited and now im off to live the good life ...Im still getting used to looking at me in the mirror..but Im getting there..The swelling does play a blahh factor..but im still eating a LOW SODIUM diet and wearing my belly band daily!!!! But over all I couldnt ask for anything more!!!

Hello.Real Self world!!! its been MONTHS since...

Hello.Real Self world!!!
its been MONTHS since Ive given an update!!!
9 months po and life is moving alone..Im on a little set back as i think i got comfortable..I had the LBL in march 2012..lost 10 aditional pounds & Boom landed a boyfriend who Now lives with me and we plan on wedding in a year!! The holidays got a hold of me and even though I knw I worked so hard to get here..I found my self saying..'This is what its like "..I probly gained back the 10 pounds but in all I am happy..(( Have a resent pic)) I still find my self numb in certain sports,the scar has lightened up some and Id do all over again in a heart beat!!! get to the gym..Ugh it nvr ends!!!!!
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