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Dr. Agha is an artist of exceptional talent. When...

Dr. Agha is an artist of exceptional talent. When I had lap-band surgery my goal was simply to be comfortable with my body again. I lost over 100 pounds and I was pretty comfortable being naked again. Except for my breasts, which looked like they came from a centerfold in National Geographic. I did my research and went to a few consultations with other plastic surgeons. One spent only 10 minutes on the consultation and offered no before and after pictures and another wasn't interested in what I wanted at all and ignored me and simply told me how it would be done.

I continued to look and found Dr. Agha through an e-mail from the New Program where I had my weight loss surgery. I went to his website and his before and after photos were beautiful, far better than anything I had seen before and his credentials were exemplary. Searching online I saw that his reviews were excellent and that his patients really liked him as a person. I made an appointment for a consultation and have been grateful I did ever since.

Dr. Agha spent almost an hour with me on my consultation and gave me various options to choose from. His interest in what I wanted was genuine and he spent a lot of time simply listening. He is an engaging man with a wonderful personality, a great sense of humor he uses to put you at ease, and is very easy to talk to. He explains procedures in full detail, so much so that when I went in for my pre-op I barely had any questions because he had already answered them in detail. In the end I decided to have a lift and augmentation to achieve what I wanted. His staff is also phenomenal, Danielle is friendly and kind and makes you comfortable immediately. Shireen, the surgery coodinator is amazing. Talking to her is like talking to an old friend, she goes above and beyond to be as helpful as possible and is always available to answer any questions you may have.

So it is now four weeks since my surgery and my new breasts are BEAUTIFUL!!! I was confident Dr. Agha would do an amazing job going into the surgery, but he has exceeded all of my expectations. They were beautiful even the first week when they were still all beat up from surgery and they just get better with each passing day. Every surgeon I spoke to including Dr. Agha said I would need to have my nipples grafted to get the results I wanted and that I would more than likely lose all feeling in my nipples. This was something that I accepted, but Dr. Agha did not and found a way to do it without grafting them and they are perfect and I have full feeling. This more than proves Dr. Agha's dedication to his patients and his craft, this is a surgeon who is innovative and is never willing to except anything other than extraordinary. His post-op care has been wonderful and he continues to take his time and gives instructions and answers questions in full detail. I highly recommend him to anyone looking for unparalleled results and a comfortable and friendly plastic surgery experience. I said it before and I'll say it again, Dr. Agha is an artist of exceptional talent.
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