26yr Old, 2 Pregnancies, TT & Muscle Repair Needed - Corona, CA

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I used to drive the 91 a lot for work the past few...

I used to drive the 91 a lot for work the past few years. I would always see Dr Chungs billboard. I would always tell myself " I need to add him to the list of surgeons to review once I'm ready to start planning. After researching a lot of surgeons in the area I finally decided to go with them. When I first called I spoke with Kimberly the patient coordinator. In the first phone call alone she gives you literally all the information you would want to know and you have no questions left to ask. I had my first consultation with Dr. Chung not too long after. The location, the ambience, cleanliness and staff was all superb. I had no ill feeling or that gut instinct telling me that something was off. I didn't feel pressured into adding procedures that I did not need. After going home and consulting with my husband I scheduled a second consultation to make sure it's what I wanted to do and also that my husband felt right about it. We left the office leaving with a down payment and a surgery date. It's all becoming real now....

Pre-op/night before surgery

Had my pre op appt Friday morning. Took my before pics, final payment and got my prescriptions. Antibiotics, pain meds, muscle relaxers and a patch to put behind my ear for nausea. I cleaned my entire house like if I'm nesting. Filled the fridge and pantry for my kids and husband. Luckily I'll have my mom here to help as well. My check in time is 7am tomorrow. Nothing by mouth after midnight. I'm supposed to take a muscle relaxer w a small sip of water on my way there. This time tomorrow I'll be on the "flat side". I'm extreamly anxious, scared, and nervous of the unknown. My PS already warned my I am going to experience a lot of soreness from the muscle repair. I have more muscle damage than loose skin. Starting off at 147lbs 5'5....I'll update as soon as I am feeling ok to do so..let's see if I get any sleep tonight..wish me luck

I'm officially on the flat side!!!

I had my tummy tuck done this am!! It's finally over, well i still have the healing process but you know what I mean. Check in was at 7am. Dr Chungs wife is also a Dr. She works the riverside ER's and assists her husband on free time. I immediately changed in to a gown, socks, surgery panties and did a pregnancy test. I got my IV started and got some antibiotics and nausea meds in there immediately. She ( dr Chungs wife) was so great as well. Very attentafive like the rest of the staff. I was walked to the OR room and was surprisingly not nervous at all. I just remember being flat on the table and they prepped me. But some devices on my legs for blood clots and I was out w no warning haha..I woke up to my husband and anastesiologist all buddy buddy and discussing man stuff. But I had the Mrs dr chung waiting on my beck and call ..that's right no nurses..( no offense because I am one) but she did everything for me from start to finish. I had some discomfort right when I woke up but nothing to bad. Just really really tight. The abdomen is sore midline from breastbone to pubis bone. But like everyone has said in their reviews..,,these drains are the only annoyance. I can feel where they enter. It's like a burning feeling. I think what I'm feeling is the superficial stitch that anchors the tube to my body. I'm taking Percocet, flexiril and Keflex every 3-4 hours as needed. Excluding the Keflex antibiotic . I had no nausea due to the little sticker I have in the back of me ear. Well I'm home propped up on a couch w a bunch of oillows. It's the only way I can rest comfortably. I have my post op appt tomorrow at 11:30 I am sooooo anxious to see my results! Brace yourselves for my graphic pic I didn't think I had THAT much skin to remove ..ok I'll post pics tomorrow when I get to see by results!

The reveal

Finally got to see the results. Let's just say I was beyond pleased. Totally went past my expectations. Id definitely refer him as a PS. He even called last night to check up and also you have his personal cell . Anyway..went in , sat back while he looked at everything. Showed me where my drains were under my skin and I could feel it..yuck. So as long as everything goes smooth I don't go back till Monday which I hope to get atlease one drain out. Still taking my pain pills but to give you an example of discomfort it's almost 4 pm and I haven't had one since 9am. So it's not that bad.

2nd day post op

Not needing meds that often. Took some at midnight and then at 9am. I wasn't in any pain but I'm being proactive. I'm sore as expected but actual pain is those darn drain sites! They burn and feel irritated at times. Got up without any help. Almost standing up straight. For all you ladies still debating id say go for it! It's not as bad as you would think. Every aspect is manageable. I don't go back to see my PS till Monday which is when he thinks my drains will be ready to remove. That's what I'm scared will hurt :/ ok back to my couch.

Day 3

Not sure if I'm on day 3 or 4 considering I had my TT done Tuesday morning. Everyday feels a little better. I slept in my own bed last night. My back was so grateful. I accidentally coughed in my sleep and Oh boy did that hurt :( also while emptying my drains one of the bulbs fell and wasn't clipped to me so it snagged my stitch. OUCH. I've been taking stool softeners since day before my surgery but I've yet to have a bm. Nervous for that as well. Standing up straight about 85%. Not really needing pain meds. Cabin fever is setting in.

One less drain!! YAY!!

My drains have yet to go over 25cc ..but since my surgery my right one has been such a nuisance. This am while changing my dressings and emptying my drains I noticed my right sided one was leaking around the tubing at the actual site. I changed the dressing twice and was still noticing it actively draining. So I texted my PS and told me he was in the office doing some paperwork and would see me if I wanted to go in. Nerves and excitement were bundled in one. This is the drain that has been the problem. I don't even feel my other one. I don't want to say it hurt when it came out it was just very uncomfortable. Literally like a snake under your skin and boy it was longggg. Immediate relief came when it was out. While I was there he also changed my dressing to my incision which I got to see for the first time and took my stitches out of my belly button. Forgot to add that a huge clot came out w the end of my drain which was the reason it was leaking. Did I mention I am a nurse? Well I see this stuff all the time. But I guess when your the patient it's much different because all of a sudden nausea, hot flashes, sweating and light headedness came in. My mom was next to me and said I was ghost white. My PS dimmed the light, gave me an ice pack, juice box and air. After a few min I felt a bit better but I guess my body was in a little bit if shock from all the stimulation? I don't know. Bottom line I'm home now w one drain and new bandages and feeling great! I'm so pleased w my results and the great care my PS has shown and provided this entire time. Ok nap time.

Post op pics

Here's day 4. Still pretty swollen.

11 days post op

I had my 2nd drain removed Wednesday. Oh boy did that one hurt :( It was "stuck" and I could feel it tugging underneath my layer of skin. A good tug from the doc and it came out but it wasn't as pain free as the first removal. I've moved over to a "spanx" like compression garment. I've come to realize I'll be needing more than 2 weeks off from work. I'm supposed to be going back this coming Wednesday but after being honest with myself, that's not going to happen. I'm a nurse and work on the floor for 12 hour shifts. As of today..I'm healing great don't get me wrong, but my back tires so easily and I need to sit down often. Also the tight sensation Is still pretty intense. I have to constantly remind myself to stand up straight. Which I'm able to do but it feels like I'm going to split open. PS says it's normal but will subside within 6 weeks. ANOTHER thing I wish I would have researched!!!...after TT my whole area of skin is hypersensitive. It's like a burning tender sensation ..again, normal..it's all those nerves healing back up. They say over stimulation gets that system back into sync so I'll rub lotion, put I've packs and have fabric touching my skin and today I'm ok. Let's see what else..I vaccumed one room, folded some blankets and picked up a bit and was exhausted. I went to target making sure I was doing the basket so I could hunch over on it..I was exhausted. I'm feeling great other than exhausting quickly! But it's all part of healing. I still have tape on my incision. I get to remove it Tuesday and start scar therapy if scabs are all gone. I've read and was told by my PS silicone sheets work well so I'm going to start with those. Thanks for reading hope my info helps!!

It's been ONE MONTH post op

Wow time flew by. Haven't updated in awhile. I went back to work last week. Took a total of 3 weeks off. Ok let's see..feeling great. Almostttt 100%. I started using silicone sheets and had my 4 week post op appt today. My PS was amazed at my incision at only 4 weeks. He said this time next year it should be a white line that only I could see. I'm standing and walking normal. Although I can't yet totally stretch...still tight. Only discomfort comes from a sneeze/cough or unintentionally flexing my abs. My only issue is the expected swelling. By the time I'm done w my 12 hour shift I look like I'm a few month pregnant! But I wake up super flat ever am. I'm still wearing my compression garments which I found at kohls and were really affordable. I go back for my 12 week check up and should be cleared for the gym (can't wait) until then I'm only cleared for walking :( so to sum things up, week 2-4 you can expect swelling, itching at your incision site and other areas, getting your stamina back!!

3 month post op

It's been awhile since I have updated..sneezing, coughing and laughing can still be a tad sore if in excess...I'm back to my usual lifting at the gym BUT am unable to tolerate any core work..push ups even feel uncomfortable. I feel a bit weak in the core area as well. But I'm sure it will all strengthen up with time. Other than that I'm super satisfied with my results.