600cc (right) 630cc (left) Mentor Smooth Round Mod + Unders - Corona, CA

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Hello Ladies! I'm 36 and have 3 children (11, 5,...

Hello Ladies!
I'm 36 and have 3 children (11, 5, 2). I've always wanted larger breasts and planned on having breast augmentation after my husband and I were done having children. NOW IS MY TIME!

I've visited several doctors and finally decided on Dr. Christopher Chung in Corona, CA. I'm also having laser liposuction on my flanks. We decided on 550 cc's moderate plus round saline implants. I'm 5'6 & 145 pounds so after measurements, I could've went up to 660 cc's and been ok.

After talking with my husband, I'm thinking I may want to go up to 600 cc's because it wasn't that big of a difference. I just don't want to regret not going bigger after the fact.

Any input would be greatly appreciated!

*UPDATE* Sooo... I went to my Pre-Op this morning...

Sooo... I went to my Pre-Op this morning and decided on 600cc. I'll need a little more in my right breast so 600/620ish. We didn't discuss the lipo on my flanks too much because we talked in depth about that at my consultation.

I hope these next 10 days go by fast!!

I had my surgery yesterday, YAY! I ended up...

I had my surgery yesterday, YAY!
I ended up getting 550cc's overfilled to 600 on left and 630 on my left. I also for lipo on my flanks.

The ride home was brutal because I felt every little bump on the road. The first hours were very painful and on top of that, my lipo incisions were draining like crazy! After I got to bed and slept, I felt a little better, especially after putting cold compresses on the girls. It's really sore by my armpits so I can't really reach for anything. Good thing my husband is here to help!

I had my follow up appointment and finally saw my girls - they look like torpedoes! Dr. Chung told me they will drop and I'll be very happy and I believe him! He 'milked' a couple of my incisions and fluid mixed with blood came out, so gross! Dr. said its good that I'm leaking so much because the alternative would be me all swollen and I don't want that to happen!

I've attached new photos after surgery.

I'm now on my second full day post op and feeling...

I'm now on my second full day post op and feeling better everyday. I experienced my first case of morning boob this morning and immediately took a muscle relaxer! I can already tell they've dropped a little because my nipples don't took like they're at the bottom of my breasts.

Even though they're sore, they don't bother me as much as the draining from the lipo on my flanks. Only two incisions are still draining so I hope to be leak free by tomorrow!

I'm posting a few more pics now.

5 Weeks Post Op.. LOVE MY GIRLS!

Hello Ladies!
I wanted to post a quick 5 week post op picture. I combed all reviews before my surgery and looked at tons of pics so I hope mine will help others in their decision making process!

Also, I had an issue with my right incision around 3 weeks post op and thought it was infected but not the case thank goodness! I had a stitch granuloma which decompressed. My AWESOME doctor trimmed the stitches and advised me to keep antibiotic ointment on it & keep covered. It's healing beautifully and I'm very happy!

Oh yeah.. Went to Fredericks last week to be measured and I'm currently a size 34DDD. I'm going to wait another two weeks & get resized because I'm still dropping/fluffing..

1 Year Later...

I'm so happy with the results and I love my girls!!

Dr. Chung is patient, thorough and honest! I have complete confidence that my surgery & results will exceed my expectations!

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