30 Yrs.old, Mother of Two, Want More Voluptuous Breasts After nursing!

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I'm so excited to finally be very proud of my...

I'm so excited to finally be very proud of my boobs again! I'm 30 yrs old, 5 ft tall and 135 lbs. I have a 3 yr old and an 8 month old and we are done having kids :))). I nursed both and I quit nursing the lil one about a month ago. During pregnancy I got up to a nice full C cup. They looked amazing, even fake looking! Now I'm a 36 b cup again and I just really miss the perky volume I used to have, I hate the side boob view and how droopy it looks not to mention my huge areolas which I hate! I have about 5 consults lined up, my second being this Friday, I'm super excited as now my breasts feel and look back to normal after quitting bf. I'm hoping to achieve a small D cup at the biggest!

Booking my date!!!

Im so excited!! Im booking mu appointment tomorrow morning with Dr. christopher Chung in Corona,ca. Im going with 450 cc silicone gel. Looked big and full with sizers but also believeable with my frame and shoulder to waist measurements! I cant wait to start the countdown!!!

Wish boobs

My wish boobs

Wish boobs

More wish pics

Should I go bigger?!

So I'm convincing myself to go bigger than 450 ccs. If I'm going to lose 10 to 20% under the muscle then I want to be happy with my final outcome, it's a lot of money after all! So I'm going to ask my Doctor if he thinks 475 or even 500 will be a good size for my tissue to handle not just now but in the years to come also. Bottoming out is more common in over the muscle but it still concerns me. I also want to know if I were to lose 10 to 15 pounds in the future how is that going to affect the look if any?

Bad dream!

Ugh so my mind is on my boobs and other people lol so lately that I had a horrible dream that I got them done and they were too small! I was so sad!! Lol I know it s just a dumb dream but I'm scared of going too small now, so frustrating!

Final size after quitting BF

So this is pretty much my size to work with after quitting breastfeeding on Feb 1st! I feel I have a good amount of tissue to get my 450's but I'm gonna ask if 475cc's would work also. I don't want I look silly especially since I'm short and have a short torso. Can't wait!! Next wed is my pre op!

So stoked!!

I find it interesting how many doctors require blood work and labs before surgery. My doctor doesn't require any. I'm kind of relieved, I hate giving blood, I almost always pass out cuz I can't stand it. My post op is tomorrow and I'm so excited to get all my final questions answered and size determined!

Pre-op finished!

Ok so I'm back from my pre-op! I signed a bunch of papers and decided on my size: 450 cc's high profile. He first had moderate plus in kind because that's what he likes but I told him I want projection outward vs. more to the side and he said that high profile will also look nice on my frame, so yayyyyy!! I'm nervous about the meds I'll be given for pain, concerning nausea and such but will give me a special nausea patch to wear. We were talking about 475 cc also as an option but I chickened out.

All Done!!

I had my surgery done today at about 7:30am, left by 9:30 am. They said everything went great! My ps's wife is an emergency doctor she overlooked my recovery and prepped me for surgery. They were all so wonderful and nice. I have extreme tight soreness as expected, i do have the ugly square boob for now lol. But i am so happy and glad to see the changes happen soon. :)

High pain tolerance?

So im not taking my pain meds, just antibiotics and the mudcle relaxer. Do far so good, just a VERY sore pain when i move my arms or strain my chest muscles. When i woke up after surgery they were all surprised how well i felt. Hopefully i wont need the percocet later :/

3 days post op

Its been three days since my surgery . I caved last night and too a pain med. ahh almost instant relief! Makes me kinda of dizzy though. Sleeping on my back is working out good but i miss sleeping on my stomach!!

So much pressure

Its day 3 since my surgery and the tightness and heaviness is so much!! Im sure its normal after 3 days but it feels like my implants are trying to push their way out of my skin! I feel like my right one has moved down ever so slightly but both are still so high

Feeling amazing

Happy Easter everyone! He is risen! Ok so today is day 5. I stopped taking all my meds except for the antibiotics yesterday. I'm sleeping great since day 1 and actually did a lot of stuff yesterday that I normally would do. Took the kids their baths, pushed a stroller, carried small things, made bottles, aside from a sore tightness doing those things, it was very doable! I expected to wake up in pain from all the activity but nope, each day I feel better and better! Now if I only knew when my boobs will drop! Lol

Post op 5 days

Slowly showing progress

So i still hate sleeping on my back ugh but i also think my boobs are dropping! Yayyy

Starting the massages!!

Yay so I had my 1 week (8days) post op visit. Dr. Said everything looks great! Couldn't believe I'm not in any pain anymore. I think it went away around day 4. He took off my suture tape and put new smaller pieces of tape on the incisions to stay on for about a week. He told me to start massages twice a day in 3 sets of ten. He has me doing to different massages, which actually is just pushing down on the implant and then squeezing it from all angles. Super easy! I go back for my one month in May. Can't wait to get these suckers to drop!

Feeling good

Slowly showing progress with the massages. My lil bandages are starting to come off on my incisions. The office said to just let them fall off and then wait a week til i can put my silicone scar sheets on. I slept on my sides the whole night. It was a pain but better than flat on my back.

First Date night in a dress tonight!

Took the new girls out on my first date night since surgery tonight. At first i was a little apprehensive cuz from the side they're still riding high but my husband kept reassuring me that they looked great so that really helped! Excited to wear more cute clothes and feel sexy!!

Slowly dropping

Everyday these boobies change, i live seeing the progression. Sometimes i feel they're small and other times in the mirror or a certain shirt they look pretty big!! My husband is always saying he needs to check out his investment and cops feels lol.

3 weeks !!

I can't believe how real my boobs look and feel already! I really thought i would have square boob forever but they have dropped nicely and I can't wait to buy underwire bras!!

1 month post op

Had my one month check up today. Dr. Said to not massage downwards anymore as they have pretty much settled. He said to just squeeze them once a week and then once i hit 3 months, to massage once a month! I can swim in my pool now and work out high impact too!! Im going to put my silicone scar sheets on my incisions. Hope they help, I'm not sure if they're just hype or what but we shall see!

Done dropping?

I think I'm done dropping, my ps said i had maybe a tint bit if skin at the lower pole of my left breast to fill but i feel great and i live the fullness i have on top, not too obvious but def questionable lol

2 month update

I went to get measured at VS and im a 36D. I got a couple of bras that are very comfortable! I want to go back and get more of the new tshirt bras cuz they feel so amazing!! Everything feels great, no aches or pains, i never got any of those, still don't feel comfortable sleeping on my stomach just cuz it feels like too much underneath me lol, but im very happy with my results so far and my husband is VERY happy lol

Back and pregnant!!

So I am 6.5 months pregnant with my new boobies!! I hadn't even had them for 2 months and I found out I was preg :/. So i've been closely monitoring them. They have gotten a little fuller and heavier and now I noticed lil purple stretch marks on my left one which is a tad bigger. My plastic surgeon said he doesn't anticipate them changing much and I should be able to breastfeed. His office also hasn't called me back for the rest of my post op checks or pics since June. I miss my new ones I had back in April but I guess God wanted us to have another baby!!

Almost 2 years post op

It's almost been 2 years since my breast augmentation. I had a baby a year ago and I'm pretty happy how my breasts look after pregnancy and breastfeeding, a little more natural than I would like but at least I have good upper pole fullness still.

Boobs post pregnancy and breastfeeding

So now that ive lost about 30 pounds after weaning my surprise child im very happy with my breasts shape!

My surgery date is booked for April 15th!!!!

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