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I knew that I had fibroids for many, many years....

I knew that I had fibroids for many, many years. My thinking was, they're not bothering me so I won't bother them. However in recent years they have started to become problematic, lower back pain, heavy periods, belly becoming big from under the breast area (always had a big lower belly that would go down with exercise), constipation, frequent urination at night, painful intercourse at times and lately very bad acne.
So, after my yearly physical in April, I was told that they were the size of a 4 1/2 month fetus, this month they're 5 1/2 month size, I started looking into having them removed, I figured that it was a fabulous time to get a flat tummy at the same time, it was not easy finding the surgeons that I needed, as a matter of fact I had no idea where to start looking. So I asked the question on real self about having the duel procedures, one of the Dr that answered was Dr Surdarsky from Essie Plastic surgery. I am happy that I found her, she and her staff especially linsey made me feel as if I was their only client, no question was ignored, and I had a LOT!
Dr Surdarsky also found the gynecologist for me as well which was a huge help because I'm not from the USA nor are familiar really with this sort of thing.
So after many weeks of emailing back and forth, I had an in person consultation, was told what was going to be done, encouraged to see both gynecologist and another plastic surgeon before makeing a choice.
I feel as if I was led to Dr Surdarsky.
I'm looking forward to the journey.

This is what anxiety and stress can do????????

Even though I didn't intentionally worry/stress about my upcoming surgeries, it's apparent that I am doing just that. Here are the evidence. What can I do to help clear my face up? Anyone with an idea?

Time is moving fast.

I am trying not to be too aware of the dates as they move quickly pass. I still have to see a Dr here in the Bahamas for my surgery Clearance and RX.
I still have a lot to do.

Yip, it's the last

My period came on today, and it dawned on me that I will not have another, this is the last time for me to have a menstrual cycle, I will not miss it at all!!

Can't find the medication

I want to carry my RX to Florida when I go, however now of the many pharmacys in Freeport have percocet????


I got the results for my lab work and EKG today, I was a little bit apprehensive about the hemoglobin level seen that my period is so heavy, but I've been taking SSS tonic which is a blood building tonic that could be purchased without a RX, this last week though I decided to take the RX blood building tablet and thankfully those two work! My hemoglobin is 13!!!!
I travel to Florida today, wow it's getting very close!

That hurt!

Had my first pubic waxing experience, I could hear the hair being ripped out! Yes! It hurt!. They now have a hairless area to work in.

Arrived in Florida

Will I'm in Florida, the wait seems long, I'm trying to not think of the time and just do what needs to be done to pass the time. Apparently I didn't get proper clearance from my Dr in Bahamas so I'm hoping that the gynecologist I'm see for the hysterectomy can do it.

Side effects

Has any one else being surprised at the many dangerous side effects of percocet?????????

Pre op

Today I went for my pre op visit, I had to sign the consent forms and Dr Surdarsky drew the marking guide on my stomach, to think that I won't have to walk holding in my stomach again, I don't know about you but in 5th grade my teacher said that as ladies you walked holding it in so for all these years I did ????! My last mail of the day was before 5pm, so I'll grab nothing else until tomorrow after surgery. Wow! Yeah, it's my turn! I keep saying it, but not time has flown! To top that off hurricane Matthew is definitely going to be making an impact! Wow, again! The eye looks like it's going to pass directly over the Bahamas where I live! But we prepared before traveling so it's really up to what ever God's will is.


I arrived at the hospital for 5:30am, it really does take 2 hours for registration and labs etc. Everyone at Broward Health premier point hospital are so nice and professional. That attitude helped to put me at ease.
I had a TAH 'total abdominal hysterectomy' and a tummy tuck. The pain when I woke up was like really bad period pains, really bad! I have a pain pump that I can give myself morphine every 6 minutes, believe me I pump that pump!
My legs were put in this wrap that inflates alternatively to make the calf flex, it's too simulate walking to orient blood clothes. Two bulps were inserted in my tummy tuck incession, I hope I can take better pics tomorrow when I can walk without becoming dizzy.
This surgery really striped me of my dignity! You just don't care who sees you naked or sees your many acne spots!!


My temperature had been climbing all day, and now I have a fever of 101

Tummy or hysterectomy?

I can't tell if the pain is from the tummy tuck or the hysterectomy, all I know is that I don't feel my best, but I'm walking drinking lots of water and blowing into an air Guage to exercise the lungs. The pain isn't massive I would say about a 4.
This is one time I'm hoping time goes quickly.

Discharged from hospital today.

I'm still not excited to see what my tummy looks like, with hysterectomy and tummy tuck I should be very flat when the swelling subsides. I probably feel no excitement because my attention is on the fevers and side effects of the medication. Hopefully the excitement comes and I remember what a heavy investment this all was, and conduct my diet and lifestyle accordingly.

Dr. Chidiac was my gynecologist and Dr. Sudarsky is the plastic surgeon, so far they were worth every single penny! Especially Dr Surdarsky! Not a fault could I find with her, and her office staff went above and beyound, beautiful experience!

This is my uterus.

When I saw this one of my thoughts was, 'my babies lived here for nine months!'
Yeah, this is my uterus front view has the bumps, back view a little smoother.

P's. I wonder if I'll miss it ?????


This truly feels like labor pains as the gas 'contractions' is happening, it's taking sooo long, I wish I could just have a bowel movement! ????

Feeling special ????????

My plastic surgeon's office sent me some flowers today!
I'm telling you, if you need any cosmetic procedures done, do yourself a favor and call Essie!

Energy and drains

Today and yesterday were some of my best days post surgery. I feel like I could do anything! But I'm no fool so I will do nothing much.
My drains though, has increased there output yesterday and today, could it be because I'm more mobile? Also the color is a very very dark red, it was getting lighter until I had to take a lovanox injection and two days later, dark red again. Dr said to skip a dose if that happens, I haven't taken anymore since though.
Real self has been so very helpful, I'm thankful it exists.


So I had one of the drains removed yesterday, which would have been day 16 after the tummy tuck. My fluid refuses to turn light in color, but will see....


So I had one of the drains removed yesterday, which would have been day 16 after the tummy tuck. My fluid refuses to turn light in color, but will see....

Leaving for home

Florida has been good, Dr Surdarsky and the whole staff at Esse has been fabulous, but boy, oh boy it is time to go home! I don't mind that we still don't have electricity since hurricane Matthew passed through the Bahamas, it's still home!
I still have one drain in, which I'll keep recording the fluid output, take pics as the colors changes to send to the doctor.
I'm going to say that hysterectomy surgery recovery seemed easier than the tummy tuck surgery ????, Who knew that it would be that way? I didn't!

Home? Not today!!

That was the worst,the most fabulously horrible boat ride EVER! The paint was flaking of off the ceiling and falling on the passengers (imagine that) the tiles in the ceiling were opening up. People were levitating from their seats. Toilets lost all there water. They said that the ship is damaged in the front.

In some more words, the boat had to turn around and we are back in ft Lauderdale, may travel again on Saturday.

Good decision by the captain!!


I read about many persons and their swell hell experience, I now know what they are talking about! I went back to work today, my job requires that I sit all day, at the end of my shortened work day I was really, really swollen.

I removed the drain

I transcend home to the Bahamas with one drain remaining, this morning after taking a shower I heard a gurgling sound coming from the drain area, I checked it, it was still compressed but it seemed as if she was escaping. What happened was that the drain came out some and could no longer suction. I was contemplation leaving it in until this evening when I got off but then I noticed that if I compressed the bulp portion of the device the fluid flowed in the opposite direction, so using a new Nipper and cleaned heads my client and I took it out. My Dr had showed my husband and I how to take it out seen that we were not going to be near her office when the time arrived.
It really was time I believe.

Today is 1 month

Today is the 1 month mark of having my hysterectomy and tummy tuck done. I can't tell of any discomfort that's related to the hysterectomy, I'm sure there must be something though even if it's only the swelling, also this horrible yeast infection I have may be related to the antibiotics I had to take as a precaution after the surgery.
The tummy tuck, now that! The SWELLING (fupa, I now know what others speak of) is still there especially after I get off from work and my job requires sitting. I've stopped pedicures until December just to be careful to not pull anything. I'm a nail technician.
I look at my stomach and wonder if I'm going to be needing some Lipo when it's all said and done, but then again after the swelling has subsided it may be flat.
I had one drain left in when I came back home to the Bahamas, and after it's removal the hole is still somewhat open and draining, better the fluid out than in. I make sure and clean the incision area with Dettol or savlon and after it's been air dried apply triple antibiotic ointment on it and then guaze over the drain site.
Definitely can't even imagine wearing any of my jeans pants yet, so gym wear it is. The purchase of the lounge chair for after surgery was an excellent idea, I had to sleep in mine for 3 weeks.
Time, it goes by quickly!

6 months later.

The hysterectomy and tummy tuck from what I could tell and fast is healing very well. I was told not to lift anything let 50lbs ever again, to prevent a prolapse, something to do with the hysterectomy and internal repairs. But okayyyy! That's a challenge! I love weight lifting, but...
My stomach is still numb under the navel, when I exercise the stomach has a tingling feel that goes away shortly after the session is done.
I get my navel ring put back in with no problems.
Weight gain causes a very uncomfortable pulling sensation at the incision site.
And another thing, the yeast infection for me took about 4 months to fully clear up, I attribute the infection to the strong antibiotics taken after surgery.
This is what I currently look like. I love my flat tummy!
Fort Lauderdale Plastic Surgeon

Before surgery consultation was informative and helpfull, I'll up date after surgery and follow up care. This Dr. Was a blessing, I felt lead to her. You would be most fortunate to have some kind get in your corner. These stars are not a joke.

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