Hysterectomy and Tummy Tuck - Coral Springs, FL

I knew that I had fibroids for many, many years....

I knew that I had fibroids for many, many years. My thinking was, they're not bothering me so I won't bother them. However in recent years they have started to become problematic, lower back pain, heavy periods, belly becoming big from under the breast area (always had a big lower belly that would go down with exercise), constipation, frequent urination at night, painful intercourse at times and lately very bad acne.
So, after my yearly physical in April, I was told that they were the size of a 4 1/2 month fetus, this month they're 5 1/2 month size, I started looking into having them removed, I figured that it was a fabulous time to get a flat tummy at the same time, it was not easy finding the surgeons that I needed, as a matter of fact I had no idea where to start looking. So I asked the question on real self about having the duel procedures, one of the Dr that answered was Dr Surdarsky from Essie Plastic surgery. I am happy that I found her, she and her staff especially linsey made me feel as if I was their only client, no question was ignored, and I had a LOT!
Dr Surdarsky also found the gynecologist for me as well which was a huge help because I'm not from the USA nor are familiar really with this sort of thing.
So after many weeks of emailing back and forth, I had an in person consultation, was told what was going to be done, encouraged to see both gynecologist and another plastic surgeon before makeing a choice.
I feel as if I was led to Dr Surdarsky.
I'm looking forward to the journey.

This is what anxiety and stress can do????????

Even though I didn't intentionally worry/stress about my upcoming surgeries, it's apparent that I am doing just that. Here are the evidence. What can I do to help clear my face up? Anyone with an idea?

Time is moving fast.

I am trying not to be too aware of the dates as they move quickly pass. I still have to see a Dr here in the Bahamas for my surgery Clearance and RX.
I still have a lot to do.

Yip, it's the last

My period came on today, and it dawned on me that I will not have another, this is the last time for me to have a menstrual cycle, I will not miss it at all!!

Can't find the medication

I want to carry my RX to Florida when I go, however now of the many pharmacys in Freeport have percocet????


I got the results for my lab work and EKG today, I was a little bit apprehensive about the hemoglobin level seen that my period is so heavy, but I've been taking SSS tonic which is a blood building tonic that could be purchased without a RX, this last week though I decided to take the RX blood building tablet and thankfully those two work! My hemoglobin is 13!!!!
I travel to Florida today, wow it's getting very close!

That hurt!

Had my first pubic waxing experience, I could hear the hair being ripped out! Yes! It hurt!. They now have a hairless area to work in.
Fort Lauderdale Plastic Surgeon

Before surgery consultation was informative and helpfull, I'll up date after surgery and follow up care.

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