Looking for Advice and Support for a Breast Reduction with Lift and Small Implant - Coral Springs, FL

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Hi everyone, I am very active in the BBL forum. I...

Hi everyone, I am very active in the BBL forum. I am scheduled for that procedure Feb 19 2013 with Dra Yily de los Santos. Ideally I would've liked to have gotten all the work done by one doc at one time, but I am choosing quality over quantity. While looking for the right BBL surgeon (this will be my first surgery ever), I fell in love with Dr Azurin's work. I think his breast work and TT's are the best I've ever seen.

I am a 29 year old mommy of one, and plan to possibly have more kids in the future, but definitely not the near future. I've heard that I should get my breast work done AFTER I'm finished having kids, but my problem is comfort. I am SO uncomfortable ALL THE TIME! I am a 34E cup, with terrible posture and an aching neck/back every minute of every day. It sucks.I really need to get this surgery done asap because I cannot take it anymore! I am 137 lbs, 5'4" and not overweight or unhealthy. I have always been very top heavy and had a large bust since puberty pretty much. I am reluctant to go too small because I have always had these breasts. So it's a weird feeling; on one hand, I KNOW I need to get rid of a lot of this breast tissue bc I'm in pain, but I am apprehensive because I don't want to go too small and not feel like myself when I look in the mirror. Have any of you ladies felt like this??? I am just wondering what size is appropriate for still being curvy but comfortable???

I am thinking of a full C cup (which is going to be a big shock to me, since I haven't been a C cup since I was 13, LOL), or a small D. I am thinking a D is going to make me feel more like "me", but I'm afraid that if I ever gain weight or have another baby that I will be right back in the same boat that I'm in right now, and I don't want that. I could never imagine a B cup on me, so I don't think that's realistic. I'd like a reduction with a lift, and also an implant for added volume. Any ideas on which size I should choose?

Revisiting the BL/Reduction idea...

I've decided the anchor scar isn't ideal for me. The vertical method (lollipop) or possibly the boston modified robertson technique are my two preferred methods; although the scarring under the breasts are more worrisome to me than the vertical scar. If any of you have had successful results using the vertical method or BMRT please comment on your experience.

So far I've gotten responses from Dr Azurin's office who said the lift/reduction is a must, and possibly with a saline/silicone implant for that added upper pole fullness/volume I seem to like.
Also from Dr. Ricardo Rodriguez in Maryland, who quoted me $7200 without implant. The way Dr Rodriguez does it looks very full that you don't really need an implant. I just want to be able to wear certain dresses or tops and NOT HAVE to wear a bra sometimes if I wanted to. Is that too much for a girl to ask??? LOL
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Not sure why this says Dr Yily instead of Dr Azurin, but I'm going to Azurin. His breast work is tastefully done and the best I've seen IMO. I'm going to Yily for my BBL.

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