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I had IPL Laser done with Tal Roudner. It was the...

I had IPL Laser done with Tal Roudner. It was the worst experience and my life is permanently ruined. I am warning everyone against doing this procedure. When I went in for the laser consultation Tal asked me to sign a document stating that paradoxical hair growth is a possibility after laser but that it is very rare. I confided him since I have friends who had successful procedures done with the clinic (none had laser). I trusted they were the best at everything. But I was very wrong. I had several sessions of laser and I thought it was working. However, a few months after I stopped getting the laser my facial hair (the area which I had laser) began growing ten times thicker and ten times darker. I feel so embarrassed and this is something I have to live with everyday. Before laser I only had some peach fuzz never the mess I have now. When I contacted Tal and informed him of the situation he reminded me of the paper I signed acknowledging that it could happen. I know I signed that paper I was calling for a solution not to be reminded of the paper. After doing research I found out that laser should not be done on fine thin hairs (something Tal should have known). Tal told me to do electrolysis and see if that helps.(very easy solution for him) I spent thousands of dollars on electrolysis and still no results. I feel laser ruined my life and I beg everyone to please do tons of research before deciding to do laser especially with Tal. Tal is a very nice person but I cannot allow this to happen to anyone else.

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My life is ruined after laser.

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