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I flew from Canada to have my BA done in Miami,...

I flew from Canada to have my BA done in Miami, the actual procedure was $3600 (just over $5000 Canadian not including the cost of flights/hotels/etc)

Everything leading up to my surgery was great, friendly staff, quick replies, very helpful and answered most of my questions. But during my pre-op my surgeon was not there for me to try on sizes so the staff said I could try on sizes before surgery with my surgeon and I was okay with that because I was pretty sure I would know what size I wanted the second I tried it on.

Day of surgery I was at the clinic an hour and a half early (they called me asking if I was coming in early because the girl before me never showed up for surgery or they messed up the surgery times I'm not really sure), I told the girls at the front desk I was there for my BA but still needed to try on sizes. They didn't say anything then a nurse came and directed me into a room where I took a pregnancy test and she told me to put on a gown, I told her I still needed to try on sizes. Then the anesthesiologist came in which I again said I still needed to try on sizes, but she had already started hooking me up with needles. Dr loessin came in, introduced himself, looked at me for two seconds, asked what size I wanted (I knew I wanted to be bigger than a C but I've never tried on sizes so I had no idea what that would look like on me, I've only ever been an A/B cup and I only wear a bra when I go out dancing which isn't often), he said okay 400cc then left the room.

Two seconds later I was on a table being operated on. My boyfriend was with me and would have tried to stop what was happening had he known but he assumed when I left the room it was to try on sizes then go into surgery. I didn't even know the style of implant I had until my follow up appointment the next day, I was also told before I flew to Miami that they used gummy bear sientra implants (so I was under the impression that those were the type of implant I would be getting).

I was devastated seeing how small they are on me (I'm a tall/built girl 5'9" 180lbs with broad shoulders). I was excited to finally have larger breasts but the entire day of surgery I was worried because I hadn't tried on sizes, and all I even had a chance to say in regards to what I wanted was "I want to be bigger than a C". I told the staff numerous times that I needed to try on sizes, even when I woke up from surgery all I could think was this was a huge mistake why didn't I get to try on sizers or discuss implant style.

I was upset even more so during my post-op appointment because when I got there the surgeon (a different one than the one that performed my BA - which wasn't a huge issue) told me that I had High Profile natrelle inspira implants (when booking I was told they used gummy bear sientra implants). At this point it was already too late, the surgery was already done so I've tried to be excited and happy about my new breasts but the more the swelling went down and the more they dropped the more I have been unhappy with them.

When I tried reaching out to CG Cosmetic Surgery about my concerns my surgical coordinator ignored my messages, when someone from the clinic did get back to me they told me to get in contact with their claims department (which I did, they did not answer my question as to why I didn't get to try on sizers before surgery. They informed me that I would have to pay full price again if I was unhappy with my results and wait 6 months before booking a revision).

I sent in pictures a few weeks later with concerns that my left implant is much fuller on the bottom of my breast in comparison to the right/the implant is much lower than the incision. In addition to this my left incision has become infected (5.5weeks post op and it has a yellowish discharge and bleeding). I called another PS office for guidance - they couldn't fit me in to see them on such short notice so I had to go to the emergency room (I had a high fever and vomiting), currently taking antibiotics in hopes that it will kill the infection

I flew to Miami from Alberta, Canada, the costs of surgery, flights, and rooms was over $7000 and I am devastated with how it turned out. I was going to try to lose more weight in hopes that my breast will appear larger with weight loss (I'd already lost 50+ pounds prior to surgery though, that's why I booked it, my breasts went down to an A cup when I lost the lbs). Now I just pray that the infection goes away and I don't have to book anymore surgery.

Originally when size/shape/style was my concern any other surgeons that I had talked to said that I would have to wait 6-12 months to re-book surgery, several other PS I have spoke with also mentioned that my implants appear to be very far apart. I cried almost every day the first few weeks post op over how this all went, it was like once my surgery was paid for they didn't care about me or what I wanted. I really hope this doesn't happen to anyone else because it really feels like I was taken advantage of... how are you suppose to know what size you want if you've never tried it on or shown them a picture or talked about what you'd like them to look like? That's not right that I didn't know and it was never mentioned what style of implant I was getting, and that I was told they used one kind of implant but then after surgery I found out it was a different kind.

My story is in NO WAY MADE UP

Someone commented saying that my PS (Dr Loessin) does not work in Miami or at CG Cosmetics and said person has also accused me of making up my entire story.

I'm posting about what my experience was like, I'm not trying to bash my surgeon.. I just don't want other girls to go through what I have been going through not only physically but emotionally as well. This has been extremely hard my me, it has affected my family, relationship and work life. So I would really appreciate it if anyone is going to posts comments on my story make sure you have your facts straight first before accusing me of making things up because I would never do that and I am happy to show whatever proof I need to back up my story.
Key West Plastic Surgeon

I met him for maybe two minutes prior to surgery, extremely rushed, did not get to try on sizers, have not been able to contact him about my concerns, did not mention specific implant type or style until post-op

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