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Welcome! Hope that my story can help you and...

Welcome! Hope that my story can help you and others. First and foremost do your research. I did 10 yrs of research, was a former pageant girl and didn't just want boobs for pageant competitions, but for me. I figured if I won, I'd definitely get them to increase my chances (ha ha no pun intended). Anyway, I've always been insecure and fortunately we have instant gratification these days not only with getting surgery, but with researching and looking up questions, answers, Drs, pictures, blogs, you name it. I did all of that and more and probably went to 10 consults in about 7 years. In preparation for the size I wanted, I had my silicone enhancer inserts from pageant days and knew I wanted to be a Full B / Small C, so I stuffed myself for many many years so people got used to me with that size and when I got them they never knew. I knew that I wanted silicone and at the time I wanted my implants (mid-late 20's) they weren't reapproved as yet by the FDA, so I waited a year more. I was happy with my surgeon (Dr. Lenny Roudner in Coral Gables, Miami), but now regretting going a bit on the conservative side and soon after surgery I noticed a light dent of which I thought was an animation deformity or double bubble. I came to find out that it may have been caused by my anatomy and now I want larger breasts (even though mine feel, look and move like real ones). I also want my slight deformity fixed. Its barely there anymore and only visible when I raise my right arm. My doctor refuses and says that it may cause more risk and capsular contraction to fix then not to and to leave alone. I went to him 3 times and he said the same thing. I thought I could convince him to fix it if it was his fault. I went to another dr who said he's fix it and I have another consult. The downside is that it's more money and not sure if I can believe them. Every doctor has their view and what they think is "right." Again, go with a doctor you most feel is your philosophy along with their expertise in being able to fix what you want in the way you want. Many will say anything for money. Also, I went more conservative because I read that they'll feel more natural if you have more natural breast tissue to start with and less implant (smaller implant). The larger you go, the firmer they will feel. Silicone is also softer, more naturally looking and feeling. I'm surprised ladies still opt for saline. Silicone is safer these days and only downside is to make sure you save for an MRI, but I'd say make sure you get breasts checked out every year with ultrasound instead of mammogram so your implants don't get squished. I've heard they can rupture from that.

Update on revision for correction of slight double bubble and implant exchange

So I did it, I went back to my original surgeon to get bigger implants this time (still don't think I went larger enough sadly and may want a 3rd job) and got 500ccs putting me at a 34D, but to me doesn't look that big and wished I'd gone bigger to like full D's or DD's since I think I can carry it and fit my swimmers build frame. I'm 4 weeks post op and he fixed my slight double bubble in right breast so my recovery is longer. Underwire bra for 3 months and no massaging as yet to ensure it doesn't form again. I can't lift my arms over my head either until maybe after 6 weeks.
My 1st BA- I asked for Full B/Sm C and got it with 250 ccs and looked too small. This time I wanted to be big, but not huge and asked for a small D and wonder if I could have held more since my frame, it tends to look smaller on me and if I should have gone with the high profiles instead for more projection? I’m so confused and will I need a 3rd intervention to finally get the size I desire-its just so hard for me to tell on me how they’ll look and I know I can carry it well, just wished I had more guidance in the process. I saw 3 different surgeons, 1 which was mine and did a great job the first time(except for minor double bubble formation in right breast, but not obvious), but then I got 2 different opinions from other drs and I was considering the long-term effects of going too big since my anatomy and predisposition to sagginess is a factor, I wanted the best result for long-term consequences and such. Am I wrong? My surgeon said I can go as big as I want since the pocket is formed and everyone will sag eventually that he’ll just give me what I want, but is that a good approach? He would also do another mini lift like last time. I had another surgeon use the 3D (but with me it was difficult to envision as I already had implants in me so was that a real accurate measurement?) and he liked and insisted on high profile and 500ccs to give me that look which I liked a lot and also said he’d give me a lift and liposuction my stomach for more top fullness if I wanted later on. The third Dr. said that it would be an issue with my anatomy with droopiness/skin elasticity and sag since I’m already showing signs of that, to not go too large in the long run. Who is right? It was a hard decision and now I regret going not too big again, what is wrong with me? Isn’t bigger always better and I see all these girls with huge ones that I’d like and wished I could look like, but it was so hard to get pics of my height and build to envision what I’d look like. I like big boobs so why didn’t I go even larger like full D’s or DD’s this time? What is wrong with me?

5 weeks post-op. Still regretting and wished I was told to go even bigger:( Depressed and planning another surgery...

It's been 5 weeks now and I'm so depressed in that I went too small again and won't be happy. I wished I'd gone to a full D or even DD's since I had a lift, Mentor mod+ silicones under muscle and I know they can look flatter. I had originally wanted high profile and then for some reason decided I wanted moderate plus and regret. I've been reading on here that it's up to the surgeon, well my surgeon said I can go as big as I want and the second time is easier since the pocket is already formed. He went on to tell me "I'll give you whatever you want?" I was so confused and intimidated I had no idea what to say. Then I brought in too many pics and confused him of the size I wanted. I should have gone big like most girls say and advised….ugh!
Then he tells me not to go by cup size, yet ask me what size I want? I had wished my surgeon advised me to go larger to get the look I wanted and now I wished I was huge all the time, since the implants seem to get swallowed up in my chest. I wish he told me to get DD's to get the look of D's if that is the case, but I figured it'd be his judgement call and expertise. What to do? Should I express my concerns with him? He already thought I was nuts because I panicked 5 days after with how swollen and huge they were. HELP! I told him I wanted big and full, not huge. Then he asks me day of the surgery what size I want (right before mind you) and I'm thinking what is the point in bringing in pictures if you're going to ask me that and I have no clue….I want to be big, full, no more push-up bras and a size I don't regret.
How could I have wasted money and made yet another mistake in not going big.

6weeks post-op

Hey there!! So lots of up and down emotions of wanting bigger etc. I would have posted pics, but not much has changed since my last upload last week although my bf says they've dropped. Anyway, saw Dr. yesterday for my 6 week post-op and all healin well with scars, capsuloraphy on right breast, sensitivity and softness. I still can't massage yet until after 3 months to ensure I don't get a double bubble again in the breast he fixed. I still can't raise my arms overhead and do any physical activity other than walk, so eating well. My next appt is Sept. 8. He said look and feel great and great size. He said size won't change much and reassured me that the slight pain or tightness in right breast I was feeling wasn't cc, but most likely muscle spasms adapting since more work done on that side and to keep taking it easy and wear bra 24/7. He did say though if I exhibited lots of pain and tightness in right breast to call right away to get on Singulair to help with cc. He and his staff have been most attentive in answering my questions, but my advice-take a list of questions with you and ask them. I will say though after I was done with surgery my dad and bf had no clue as when I was as no nurse or Dr. came out to reassure them I was fine and would be ready to go soon. They had to ask and when they did, they heard the dr being called in for another surgery-hence how they knew I was done. I was very alert and joking when I was done and I remember it very vividly. I'm loving my size, although at times I wished gone bigger, but I think I'll love once they soften more and can massage. I'm still sleeping elevated even though after 3 weeks they said I can sleep on my side that wasn't worked on. I just fear I might ruin something if I do and don't want to risk it so I'm still sleeping on my back and elevated which sadly stiffens my lower back and I wake up in pain in middle of night or in morning, but scared to ruin a great job. So all good so far on boobie front!!

Emotions going crazy. Not sure if will fluff and drop.

I'm still upset that I changed my mind about getting not high profile as I think they'd look great on me and give me the projection I want/need and fullness. I just wanted cleavage and wasnt sure if hp would give me that. I also wished had gone larger and been told to do that. Please advise if I should go for another BA with hp and DDs. For fun, minus my tummy since I can't work out yet-only walking, im posting a bikini top.

Still upset about going too small

Figured I'd post a before breast augmentation picture as comparison (had 1st in 2011, 2nd June 2015) since most girls don't on here and should if seek the best online surgeon advice. Wished I was advised to go bigger by my PS to get the look I wanted and not regret and get high profiles. I know I have to wait 6-12 months before anything anyway and maybe I'll get a 3rd and last surgery-but this time DDs and high profile!!'

Just dealing and need to wait 6 months...

Just figured Id update. I met with my PS on Friday Aug. 7 to review my post-op instructions since going back to work. Since capsulapphory was done on right breast to correct slight double bubble, I still can't do much with that side. No massaging until 3 months, but he checked and scars healing nicely and they are soft and just need to be patient. I can sleep on my side, but still reluctant to do so on my right side and no real physical activity as yet. He was very nice and consoled me that I got the perfect size and right implant, that I freaked so much the first few days out of shock of being too big and now I'm upset I didn't go larger. He did say if I really wanted to change size I can, but not until after 6 months post-op, but he sees no reason to that these are perfectly fit for me.

About 3 months post-op

So I had my 3 month post-op or about there. I got my after pictures taken and dr, said liking and healing great, but still no working out for another month because or right breast capsulapphory. I told him I wanted bigger and he said, we'll revisit in 6 months to a yeas, but definately wait a year. He said he'll do it, but if I got any bigger Id require a full lift due to my breast and nipple position. If and when I get a third I'll max out at 800cc silicone high profile, that's my last surgery.

3.5 months:(

So it's been 3.5 months and I'm still sad about the size and shape of my breasts. I know I have to wait another 2.5 months to see at 6 months or even a year, but I know I want larger breasts since I can handle it with my body type and wished I was advised to go larger by my surgeon because I can.
My question is, what is the largest I can go in silicone implants to give me more volume, projection and cleavage of my current 500cc mod plus implants? My surgeon had said this this last time I can get any size I want. I've gotten a mini breast lift both times and he says if I go larger, I'll need a full breast lift. What are my options?
I was thinking 800cc silicone high profile to not regret and go the largest I can. Please advise.

Will be 5 months Nov. 11, 2015 and still unhappy:(

What to do, it's been almost 5 months already and I still feel my boobs are too small, wide, flat and getting smaller. I paid for bigger boobs to not have to wear a pushup bra, what the heck?
What are my options? I'm thinking 800cc silicone high profile (the largest I can go to not regret) since implants disappear on me.
I'm sad, depressed, upset and obsessing over boobs again, wishing had Id gone the largest I could have this last time, I would not be in this predicament.
My PS told me he'll give me what I want if I really want bigger, but I need to wait a year (ugh) and he'd need to do a full lift. Can someone please advise or help ease my obsession. Is this normal??

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This was maybe 1.5 months ago, but haven't changed.

Obsessing again...

What was I thinking in going too small again this second surgery??? I wished I was persuaded to have gone huge this last surgery just 5 months ago. I guess when my surgeon said I had no limitations and can go as big as I want this last time, I should have taken that as a hint and done just that to have no regrets since apparently he thought I could handle and would give me what I wanted. Really how can one have regrets if you max out the possible cc in high profile silicone implants??? Technically, I liked the 500cc sizers and that on top of my first set of 250cc that would have put me at 750cc and figured my surgeon would have put that in me and given me the look to not regret. Ugh, to have to endure yet more cost, risk and time now...what to do??

Set up consults for 3rd BA

Wish me luck! I have a consult with Dr. Ary Krau in Bay a Harbor today and I'll keep ya posted. I then have others with Dr. Lenny Hochstein in Miami, Dr. Brad Herman in Miami and Dr. Posner in Boca Raton. Any and all advuce would help, but I think I'm set on 800ccs high profile silicone since I can and only way to make the difference I want and no regrets.


So after obsessing again for the last two months and regretting not going larger and a different profile, I found my initial wish pics I gave the dr day of surgery. Id like some reassurance to know if I came close and got what I wanted. Please help!! I think boob envy and greed got the best of me since I knew I could have gone the largest and high profile to get a differemt and better look and didn't and now obsessing again for that, but all things considered, I think my dr did a good job in giving me this. He sized me in surgery and based on pics he'll decide size-wise range and implant type what best suits you.

My advice to girls on here...

Listen to your surgeon. If he says you can go as big as you want etc-do it because implants will always look smaller once in and don't worry about size or ccs-go for look and what your surgeon thinks the biggest you can go for your anatomy. You're always more limited in your initial BA, but go the biggest you're allowed and you'll never regret. Also, high profile all the way.

Obsessed again!

Ugh, I've taken some time away from here to ease my mind and worries, but since I had another consult today to go larger, I figured I'd share. So far I've seen 3 surgeons, pretty much all the top notch ones I saw before including mine (who said I need to come back in May).
Today I had a consult with Dr. Hochstein, who's office was extremely busy. My appointment was at 10:30, yet wasn't seen until 11:30 and left at 12:00 or so. He seemed very knowledgable and kept asking me what size I had envisioned. I kept telling him thats why I'm in this mess, because on me they don't look big. I want size of picture, not cc's or bra. I told him I'd like huge and to go biggest I can. He said I may end up getting that as I'd need a full lift. HIs office does Allergan, Natrelle implants and he recommended 700 cc high profiles to get to a DD. He sat down with me and showed me pictures. I was pleased, but the thought of having a full lift to achieve the desired look and size, scares me. It would be a 6 week recovery and cost 7-8,000. Crazy!
So far I saw the following surgeons again….
Nov. - Dr. Ary Krau, Bal Harbor, FL- said I can do 800 cc high profile Mentor and full lift (8,500)
Nov.- Dr. Brad Herman, Miami, FL-said mine look good, but 800 would be too big and wide and should go for 650-700 cc high profile Natrelle Allergan. (8,500)
Nov. - Dr. Jason Pozner, Boca Raton, FL- said no lift, 650-700 cc high profile Mentor or Allergan or even ultra high profile in Sientras (5,700-got teacher discount)
Dec. - Dr. Lenny Roudner, Coral Gables, FL- said no full lift and can go bigger, 800cc if I like, but to revisit again in May, so not a real consult. (TBD in May when I go for another consult, but its usually half price if repeat patient, so 3,500)
Jan. 18- Dr. Lenny Hochstein, Miami Gardens, FL- said full lift and high profile Natrelle Allergan 700 or so ccs. (7,500 if cash, 8,200 if credit)

So confused!! What to do, wait and see, may do for my 40th bday, or do now and incur a payment….I was able to pay my first 2 because I saved.
Please advise and full lift and largest I can go? Is it worth it? Ugh!

Still unhappy after 10 months 2nd BA

It's funny how super models who are already blessed, feel the need to get even bigger breasts.
I've seen a few surgeons and im set on boobs like Carmen Electra, Jenny McCarthy and Charolette Mckinney who is the new Kate Upton. Clearly, she's had surgery. Is this possible for me to achieve??

Not much change-still not happy

Dr. did an amazing job, just wished was convinced to go larger and higher profile to make more of a difference. Updating with pics 10-11months post-op. Looking into going largest and Inspiras high or ultra high of I can for most projection.

Done with consults for revision-confused!

So, I think I've narrowed it down to a few surgeons. Since my last update, I saw my surgeon again and another new one and revisited others I considered before. Here was what I got:
I found that only a 2 of the renowned surgeons I saw have a variety of implants they use so you'll get what you want. I got mixed reviews on lollipop lift or no lollipop lift and now I'm confused. I'd like to get it right a 3rd time with most projection, cleavage and size. I'm very symmetrical and found that Mentor in gels the least amount of projection compared to Allergan.
Also, I'm 5'5", 120lbs and currently wear 36D or 34DD bra, but look like a C and or feel mine are too wide and flat and bras and push-ups don't fit me well because of that as I have moderate plus.
With my implants now I'm at 14.1 cm diameter and I can go a little bit more than that, but don't want to push it too much from what the PS told me without compromising risk of symmastia.
So far I've researched in silicone gel that I'd need high or ultra high profile and came up with
Allergans Natrelle-
Style 20 (HP)
650 cc-14.2 cm diameter, 5.9 cm proj
700 cc-14.5 cm diameter, 6.2 cm proj
(more than that, project decreases)

Style 45 (full or ultra high profile)
800 cc- 14.2 cm diameter, 6.7 cm proj

Allergans-Natrelle Inspiras
Full (high) profile
605cc-14 cm diameter, 5.8 cm proj
695cc-14.40 cm diameter, 5.9 cm proj
695cc-14.75 cm diameter, 6.0 cm proj

Extra-Full Profile (Ultra high profile)
650cc-14.00 cm diameter, 6.5 cm proj
700cc-14.25 cm diameter, 6.6 cm proj
750cc-14.50 cm diameter, 6.7 cm proj

Mentor, I found seems to disappear on me and does give a more natural appearance due to the fact that it has less projection overall. Keep in mind, all silicone look and feel more natural, yet will never give the most projection or fake look unless you use Saline. I don't like Saline, so I'm sticking to silicone.
Dr. Ary Krau-Bal Harbor/Coral Gables, FL (2 offices)- only uses Mentor, said lollipop lift and 800 cc Mentor HP.
Dr. Hochstein-Miami, FL - he only uses Natrelle's and would give me 750cc range HP with lollipop lift.
Dr. Brad Herman-Miami, FL-Natrelle HP 650-700 cc range no lift.
Dr. Charles Messa III-Weston, FL-Inspiras HP 650-700 range, lollipop lift
Dr. Jason Pozner-Santuary Medical Center, Boca Raton, FL-700-750 Ultra High Inspiras and no lift.
Dr. Barry Schwartz-Weson, FL-Only uses Mentor and Sientra (which is surprising)-very nice demeanor and attentive, told me I have a beautiful result and should well leave alone if I was his patient, but if I really wanted that 650/700 cc Mentor HP and no lift. He also said based on my pics, that if I got a lollipop lift I wouldn't get the result I wanted from my wish pictures. He said from a surgeon's eye a lollipop lift would be way to go, but from my wish pictures, he said no.
Dr. Roudner- Coral Gables, FL (my surgeon who did both surgeries)-He only uses Mentors because he has for 35 yrs and said he's more comfy because only brand made in USA, but if I wanted Insprias, he'd order for me and use. He was very attentive and really listened to me. He said lollipop lift maybe and as big as I want and high or ultra high if I wanted. He also gave me a very generous discount.

Overall I liked Pozner and Schwartz, but my surgeon seems good too especially for comfort, price and if I can get the implant type I want. I just don't understand why some say lift and no lift. I'd like the best result without a lift if feasible to avoid more scarring.

Please help! I'm thinking of doing this next summer so I have time.
Thanks for reading and hope this was informative.

Omg! 3rd BA scheduled

Hey guys! I booked my surgery for this summer with Dr. Messa III. I'm hoping to get the look I've wanted for a long time. I'm very nervous and scared and not sure if I should do it or not. I'm conflicted about doing a vertical breast lift or just higher firmer implants and no scars. Anyband all advicevwould be most helpful. He told me if I delay the lift, I'll need later in. If I do surgery now, I want to be done with it (unless medical issue) and have no regrets.
Is it worth to do lift now with scars or wait and deal with my implants as is until replacing.


Can't sleep and losing weight due to stress. Supposed to have surgery June 14, but still undecided on going to new dr in Weston for $8,500 (who may or may not do lift-will decide during surgery) or going back to original surgeon for $2,800.
5'5",117lbs, 500cc Mentor mod + both surgeries with Benilli lift.
Seeking 3rd augmentation for larger size, but conflicted as some PS's say I need a lollipop lift and two drs say they'll be able to achieve the look I want without a full lift, but say I'll probably need one in 10 yrs if I want. Do I risk it now and go with new dr and possible lift at $8,500 or do I got back to my original surgeon for $2,800 who will do a lollipop lift and larger high profile implants? I'm scared of my surgeon since after first-slight double bubble and after second felt too wide and flat from a 2nd Benilli lift. Please advise.
Coral Gables Plastic Surgeon

This office is renowned for being the best, hence why I went there. He was the only Dr. that stayed consistent in his views and was very honest. Not the best bed-side manner, but you want perfection and expertise and he comes pretty close to that. He has a skilled hand that works off pictures and your desires as well as making you feel comfortable. He also is very honest and experienced on breast procedures alone.

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