Breast Augmentation Jason I. Altman, MD - Coral Gables, FL

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Female Weight 150 Height 5'3 Age 22 Excuse my...

Weight 150
Height 5'3
Age 22

Excuse my English and spelling

found the doctor through two of my coworkers in New York who recently got their breast done by him and I was so amazed how good it looked tiny scar and they was back to work right away ( one of them went back to work the same week)

It's only been 4 days since my surgery and I can't explain how happy and satisfied I am with the job doctor Altman did a amazing job.

I flew in two days before surgery met the doctor in person we spoke about what I wanted what's best for me the different silicones and salines implants size and shape. I also got to try on a sizer it's a bra you put on and he inserts implants in it with the CC you want to see how you feel with that size. He took his time seem happy that he could give me what I wanted a few jokes here and there made me laugh listen carefully to what I was expecting and made the magic happen

Day of the surgery i wasn't that nervous due to me being comfortable with the doctor and his staff of ladies very friendly happy environment even after me reschedule 2 times ms.milly the lady that was setting up my surgery date was very happy and flexible with me since I was flying from New York to Miami to get my surgery done by DR Altman

my surgery was set for 7am

I arrived at 6:30 I was a little anxious in the car thinking I was going to be scared of the surgery place I'm scared of hospitals but when I arrived I was so pleased with the waiting room and the changing room looked like a spa there was no bright lights or cold looking chairs I know it sounds dreamy but I'm not making this up you can look in the back ground of my photos clean warm and calm colors they had me change doctor altman came in measured my boobs marked me had a quick conversation assure me I will be fine he seem happy to be there staff was wide awake and happy spoke to a few staff before surgery they told me what's going to happen when I lay down on the operation table things went by pretty fast all I remember was the doctor standing next to me and the nurse asking me to take big breath in........ Lights out lol

Woke up first person I remember seeing was my doctor then went back to sleep woke up seen a nurse sitting by my bed watching me to make sure I woke up ok asked me if I wanted my family members to come in 15 mins later I was wide awake ready to go home on my way home I stopped and got some soup went in the store by my self was walking a little slow cause I was sleepy (I don't sleep the night before) went home made soup took like 30 pictures of my boobs in the surgical bra I woke up In took my medicine and went to sleep I was home sleep by 10:30am woke up around 5pm

Day 1 woke up had more of a tight muscle type of pain when I would move only from 1 no pain - 10 very painful I was a 7-8 only when I got out of bed and would walk around the house

Day-2 pain only when standing or sitting up straight 5-6 if I took my meds pain was a 4

I went to see the doctor he said they look good I was a little high of my meds I though they looked huge and way to high on my chest but he assure me that I'm swollen and they will fall once my muscle relax either way I was so happy with my swollen results lol don't judge me

they was a little stiff square looking at the top but when the days went by I was seeing the form change from stiffed to a more softer natural drop

Day-3 pain only when I would reach for things and my muscle would flex also getting in and out of bed pain level 4-6

Doctor said I can shower and to blow dry cold my incisions under my breast with a blow dryer. No pain only when muscle would flex from me washing my body

i took like 40 pictures the swelling is going down they dropped to where I wanted them to be I'm so pleased and happy that started looking for future dresses and tops I will be wearing with no bra on ( dont judge me) I finally feel complete with my new boobs

Day-4 my pain is 0 when laying on my back spoke to the doctor told me to start moving around not to lay all day and night and I can start stretching my arms pain level 2-3 when sitting up straight walking or getting in and out if bed

Worst part of this experience is sleeping on my back :( I like to sleep face down or on my side so I have to get really tired to fall asleep on my back

Incision- I asked the doctor to choose what's best for me and the look I'm going with areola or under breast... we went with under the breast and under the muscle

My scar is this long ________________________
Yes I'm serious it's so tiny and it hides right where the breast folds

Feel no pain no there

Silicone model sientra
Size 510cc
Incision- in breast fold
Silicone placed under the muscle

My breast implants are making noise and moving

my right implant is making noise it sounds like burping,floating bubbles, a hungry stomach and it squeaked. i freaked out and google everything you can think off to find out its normal its just air and fluids that will disappear on it's own. Lol I dint want to panic but I swear my implants moves i felt it vibrate yes like a cell phone but very light also found out its normal it happens so I can take the doctor number off speed dial.....

I think the left breast is a little more swollen then the left

Beside one of my boobs singing a love song to me no pain only when they move and I notice when I'm walking or up straight and lay down they hurt when the implant move to position into the pocket.

The incisions starting to itch I guess that's a sign of healing and the middle of my boobs itch I guess from being pressed together and moist.....

I stayed up from the night before I still can't fall asleep on my back

can't sleep on my back after my breast augmentation

it's 2:56AM :(
no pain no moving or sounds from my implants

I'm very uncomfortable I look like a star fish trying to make snow angels on the bed can't switch position cause I have to sleep face up. I put a pillow under my knees I twisted my lower body side to side but it only seem to help for a few mins :(

happy with my scar

so I mention how small my scar is now I can share it with you girls ???? my friends can't believe how fast my recovery is and how my scars look more like a skinny burn from a wire bra rubbing on the skin...

I got more damage from the tape then the actually incision it self it

No pain but every other day my nipples feel sensitive a little sore but nothing I need medication to calm down

Happy and still excited about my breast

I don't know what took me so long to get my boobs done every time I see my self naked I feel like a big kid with new toys they make me look and feel sexier and let's not start on my new clothes they fit me so much better and sexier with out trying!!!!!

My boyfriend use to say he don't like fake boobs but I still got them anyways and now he changed his mind he loves them and try to stick his face in them every chance he gets lol so if your holding back because the partner claims he don't like them don't let that stop you.....

After my breast augmentation I started to look at old pictures if me and let's just say omg a 34C was not that attractive lol they look so small and sad compare to my new noobs happy and perky I wish I would of got my boobs done 5 years ago

I'm updating some before and after pictures ???? dr. Altman did a amazing job

I barely had pain almost no pain and I dint have no down time I could of went to work a week later and all my friends are getting their breast done by him now my scar still skinny and thin

4 month boobs with no bra

My breast by DR.altman 4 month update

New photos of scars and breast

510 cc dr Altman did a amazing job on so happy you be the judge

Hello I'm back

Little update my boobs still look beautiful and full no trouble with them my scars still there but lighter do to my brown pigments color will take a while but it's hidden so I don't see them. Posting pics of what they look like n

2015 update

3 years later

I'm still happy about my augmentation with dr.jason Altman. Lately been thinking about going smAller and getting a lift. My breast are beautiful but I'm now interested in having the Barbie look very firm high and nipples right in the center probably a little smaller ????. Heading out to Miami pretty soon to see what dr.altman thinks about my request.

Still very happy

Still happy with my breast implants from dr Jason Altman ????????. Thinking about getting nose surgery with him
Miami Plastic Surgeon

I'm so happy with my results and the way they treated me you can't go wrong with DR.altman! I recommend him if your looking for a safe clean environment with friendly staff friendly doctor with good hands and clean small scars :)

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