22, No Kids, 5'3" & 118, A32 w/ 286 and 265cc - Miami, FL

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So I finally decided I would post a picture,...

So I finally decided I would post a picture, especially considering how much insight this has given me. I am currently an A32, very confident with my body but my breasts have always been something I felt were lacking. I love them, just not their size!

After visiting two other doctors and not being sold despite their great reviews and qualifications, I decided to schedule an appointment with Dr. Tal Roudner. Coincidentally, I decided to go to him after seeing his great reviews on this website (thanks, Realself!). He went over all the possible complications using statistics and explanations as to why these complications happen, extensively. I loved that! The other doctors brushed over the cons or just seemed a little too cocky about the procedure. This made me feel that he takes his work and surgery, extremely seriously. He also seemed very kind, relaxed and in being so, he made me feel very comfortable. He was also very thorough in his measurements and took the time to listen to me and answer my questions. He did not at all make me feel like I was just one of his presumably hundreds or thousands, of patients. Which, really impressed me because this was my first time meeting him.

I knew as soon as I finished my consultation, I would be going to him. He also emphasized the importance of seeking a look that is proportional to my, which is exactly what is what I am looking for. He said he would do no bigger than a 32C because of my frame. Which, is exactly what I want! Needless to say, I'm extremely excited!!

So does anyone know about nipple rings and surgery?

So, as you can probably already tell, I have both my nipples pierced. I love them and don't want to lose them! Has anyone lost theirs after having them out for so long after surgery? When can I put mine back in? Can I wear bioplastic rings in the OR?

I'd really appreciate your responses! :)

Wish boobs

I want them perky, closer, but still natural! Here are some of my wish boobies :)

Forgot to add this one

Ok there's this website called reshapr.com that basically photoshops your boobs with the cc's you are thinking of. Obviously, it's not a crystal ball and won't show you how you'll come out but I think it's a great tool to give you an idea! Here's my pic with 285ccs and 300ccs. I don't know which one! I'm afraid 300 ccs will look too big on me but I'm petrified of waking up wishing I had gone bigger! It's taken me years to save up this money, so it's really important I do something that is enough of a change, but not so much so that I look provocative all the time- that's not my style!

Pre-Op Appointment 250cc

So today I had my pre-op appointment (I can't believe my surgery is only 2 weeks and 2 days away ahh!). The first sizer I tried on, I fell in love with! I think they look big enough on me to be a small C, I decided on the 250cc as opposed to the 286, I'm just afraid of going too big. However, I told Dr. Roudner that I was looking for a small C so he put down a range of 200-350CC to try on in the OR. Honestly, I totally trust him and I have leeway for going a little bit larger than initially planned so if he goes larger than 250, as long as it's in the C cup range in the end, I'll be happy.

3 day pre! Requested bigger cc's

So I decided that I would listen to everyone's advice here (which almost always seems to be, "when in doubt, go bigger!") and called my PS's office after my pre-op appointment to explain that I want to go bigger than 250cc and that as long as I was in a C cup range, I'd be happy. I hope they listen to me because my gut is telling me to go bigger! I trust my PS and his taste so I'm not too nervous.

Which reminds me: I'm not nervous, is that weird? I feel like I'm just ready to get this all over with already, heal and get on with my life finally having boobies (I've literally waited a decade for puberty to hit lol)! I'm very excited! The only part I'm not excited about is if my male bosses or male co-workers notice, it would be somewhat embarrassing for me, especially since many of them are known to say less-than-professional things.

Has anyone have any tips dealing with coworkers and such after PS? The dynamic is very strange for me at work because it is like an extended family, everyone is very open and honest with each other and my bosses have, oddly enough, known me since I was about 8 years old or younger. This makes it a little more awkward for me to show up one day suddenly with boobs after a week long "family vacation." I've been wearing padded bras to work in the hopes of concealing the obvious. I'm crossing my fingers for everything!

Here are some pre- op pics where you can see my proportions better

Day 1 post! Tips, actual surgery and soreness

My surgery was at 7AM this morning, everything was very efficient at the ambulatory center, I was seen right away! I was shocked at myself bc I was barely nervous, I slept perfectly last night and was pretty much completely calm until I went to the OR. I'm usually not too nervous before surgery, and I've heard Drs say that the way you go into anesthesia, is the way you come out. Which has so far, been true to me! I've had no problem with GA, and I don't feel nauseas right now or too woozy :)

I was really happy I was able to speak to Dr. Roudner beforehand, we decided we would aim for small- medium C and I told him I wanted larger than 250cc. He agreed although I totally forgot to ask what he actually put in! And although I asked for the implant card, they didn't know where it was (pretty sure the Dr. was already seeing another patient).

Yesterday I made some preparations that have been so helpful to me so far.
- Buy a wedge pillow! I got one at bed bath and beyond for like $30 ( which I thought was a little steep but whatever) it helps a lot!
- Drink LOTS of water!!! I read this is good for preventing nausea from GA, so far it's helped me I think
- I waxed, not shaved, my underarms. I'm not allowed to lift my arms for like 2 weeks! So waxing really comes in handy :) I'm already glad I did this haha
- Have apple sauce, gatorade, pudding or whatever soft food ready for you after
- As everyone says, have everything cleaned
- Baby wipes, in case your Dr. doesn't want you to shower (I'm not allowed to for a week! D:)

Not gonna to lie, I'm pretty damn sore right now. I went to swing the car door shut (it's kind of heavy) and my god that was a BAD idea, it hurt like a bitch! It's true what they say, it definitely felt like an elephant was on my chest when I woke up and I had shortness of breath. But luckily it's starting to feel better. My right nipple hurts too because of my incision but my left one is totally numb. My sternum has the WEIRDEST sensation, it's numb and the skin seems elevated from the bone, soooo strange!

BUT! I'm amazed how they look already! they're not too swollen and they have the prettiest shape! I can't wait for them the fluff and drop and to look a little bigger. So far, loving the size :)

Day 2 Post, found out my cc's!

So day 2 is going smoothly, my appetite is better although those awful antibiotics are already messing up my stomach :(

I haven't had a vicodin since yesterday afternoon, I've only been taking tylenol extra strength and put on plenty of arnica gel last night and today- it really does work miracles! My swelling has seemed to go down a little bc I noticed my chest doesn't feel as tight, hard or numb :)

Dr. Roudner called me today personally to see how I was doing and I had the chance to ask him what he put in- he used 286 on my left (smaller breast) and 264 on my right breast to fix the asymmetry I had! To be honest, I hadn't really noticed that one was much larger than the other until a PS pointed it out to me! But I'm so happy he did it and so happy with the implant sizes he chose! I think this will put me in the small C range I wanted. I've still got a lot of healing to do so only time will tell!

I'm definitely much better today than I was yesterday so I'm happy it's been easy so far. I just can't wait to get active again! I hate being stuck at home!

Pretty sure I wasn't supposed to, but I peeked! (Day 3? I don't even know)

Just an update on how my boobs are doing, I took off the bandages today bc I was feeling sharp pains and wanted to make sure everything was alright- they already look so pretty! I think the pain is from sensation returning to my boobs, my right incision hurts every once in awhile but as far as I can tell, everything looks alright no bleeding, no unusual swelling or red areas :)

Tomorrow I'm getting the bandages changed so I'll post an update on how that goes!

Anyway, here are the pics

Incisions and device card

Went to the PS today to have them checked- he says they look great and everything is healing well :) I can't get over how they look only few days after surgery! So happy, especially with the incisions, they are perfectly around the areolas so hopefully, they'll blend in well once they heal up.

Files didn't upload!

There was an issue uploading the pics to my last post, here they are!

Hoping these (finally) upload!

One week! No more bandages :)

Today marks a week since my surgery and every day that passes, I love my new boobs more! They've dropped a little and seem much larger than they were in the first few days.

I know you're not supposed to get sized until at least 3 months after surgery, but there was a huge sale at VS and I couldn't help myself. I clocked in at 32C but the women who helped me (and who have apparently helped plenty women with BA's) said that once they finish dropping and fluffing, that they would recommend a 32D because the C wouldn't be wide enough at the bottom of the cup for me.... Holy shit. So I bought two bras which I can exchange for the sale price within 90 days for a smaller size if need be(with the original receipt). If they didn't have that return policy or if I didn't have a gift card, I wouldn't take that risk lol

I'm in love with the size (and shape) they are now, I just really hope they don't get significantly bigger or smaller

2 weeks, no more scutchers!

I'm a little late but here I am at 2 weeks. Sensation is returning to my nipples and areola. In fact, some parts of my skin are so sensitive, clothes really bothers them!

I have started my "massages" which to me, are really more like strategic karate chops to my boobs three times a day lol. Not at all very relaxing or sensual haha

But, I am in love still- they are dropping, in my opinion, fabulously! The right one is still higher than the left, as to be expected. Surprisingly, the left one seems bigger than the left one though despite the different implant size. The left one, in general, is healing much better than the right as you can see by the incision and shape.

1 Month

Every day, I love them more and more! They're squishy now, the massages have really helped.

They get a little sore still when I wake up in the morning and after massages but nothing major. I haven't had any huge changes other than in the softness and squishiness which still can probably improve.

My lefty is definitely softer than my righty but that's to be expected for now. The only thing I find annoying is the sensitivity to my nipples. The areolas are fine but the nipples themselves seem to be hyper aware of everything! Clothes is annoying! Which is weird because the sensation just really doesn't feel the same as before surgery yet. Some parts like the inner side of my right breast are still pretty numb but I do notice it getting it better.

I love my size though, they don't look big in clothes but in a bikini/underwear they look pretty big but just the right size so that they don't look ridiculous on my frame. I'm so happy! I never thought I'd have my very own boobies :')

I tried on a pushup bra, sweet jesus! I'm so excited to go underwear shopping but I already bought 2 from the VS sale (one of them pictured) and a really cute set from Adore Me (awesome website, I love my bra and panty set and relatively inexpensive!)

That's pretty much it, I'm walking now and trying to do light exercise. I just can't wait to be able to go back into the sun!

2 month update

So this is a little over my 2 month post. A few weeks ago I had my 6 week follow up and everything went well! Dr. Roudner was very impressed by the way they were healing and I am still very happy with my results.

It's safe to say I'm a little obsessed with them haha. I love their shape and size!! They're so pretty!

Although I think I *could* have gone bigger, I'm glad I didn't. I think they even me out well, look great in clothes and don't overwhelm my figure but I do get hints of boob greed every now and then, not gonna lie!

My inner sides of both my breasts are still pretty numb, especially the inner right (probably bc that one had the larger implant) unfortunately but my nipples are no longer ultra-sensitive and uncomfortable in clothes. I'm getting a little irritated by the lack of sensitivity in certain areas but I'm still getting random "shocks" in my boobs so I hope those are the nerves regenerating.

Patience, nothing but patience in this whole process haha

Also, I'm still doing massages for the next 2 weeks or so- I told by Dr. Tal to continue doing them more aggressively for 4 more weeks after the 6 week follow up. Which, was about 2 or 3 weeks ago so I should be done soon. They work like a charm because they're definitely softer and more dropped!

Glad I didn't go bigger!

So it's been over 6 months now, and I am still in love with my ladies! They're softer now and I think (and hope) fully dropped. I have that under-boob crease I had always wanted and a size that really balances out the rest of me. I find that in certain tops, they look bigger than they are so I'm glad I didn't venture into the 300 cc's zone. I love how I can make them look really big (to my taste, anyway) in a push-up or hide them in a loose top. Perfect happy medium!

I still get sharp shooting pains and sensation in my left breast is at about 85% whereas my right one is about 70-75%. I'm hoping that with time, it'll continue to get better. They've definitely have gotten better in the last 3 months. The scars around my aerolas are okay, they don't really bother me, and they will lessen with time. They have also gotten better in the last 3 months

Help! Do boobs drop unevenly???

Hey everyone!

So last month I noticed that my right boob (bigger implant) is noticeably higher than my left (smaller implant, bigger pocket, obviously). So I went to have a follow-up with Dr. Tal. After considering everything from a flipped implant to a capsule forming on my right boob (and nearly giving me a heart attack), Dr. Tal reviewed my photos side by side once I left and realized that my suspicion was correct- my right boob was simply taking longer to drop because it was a larger implant and smaller pocket. That was a huge relief because although that's what I believed to be true, I was also mentally preparing for the worst news.

My left breast is very soft and has a beautiful, natural fold, while my right one has always been a bit harder (emphasis on ALWAYS because unlike a capsule, it didn't suddenly start getting harder) and is most definitely higher and more round as opposed to tear-dropped. It's noticeable in bikini pics and when you look at them straight on. I'm so worried! I hope this is not how they will always be because Dr. Tal suggested I may need a revision. However, he told me 2 weeks ago (when I went) that I have to continue my massages and see him again in 6 weeks (March 16th).

I'm REALLY worried, especially because I was so happy with them. But looking at my photos, it seems like the right has always been higher than the left so hopefully, massages will help it drop.

Has anyone with asymmetrical breasts had this issue? The last thing I want is another surgery. He said my case was difficult :(
Miami Plastic Surgeon

It has been a month since my breast augmentation and I could not be happier! Dr. Roudner is truly an expert in his craft. He spent an extensive amount of time explaining the process and possible risks in the consultation which made me feel confident that he would be the right surgeon for me. He achieved a natural, and proportional look on me which is exactly what I wanted- just big enough but not too big! He also was able to correct my asymmetry. I have received many compliments and often people are surprised when I tell them I had a breast augmentation because they're just that natural looking! The day after surgery, Dr. Roudner called me himself to see how I was which is a great example of his fabulous bedside manner- it's evident he cares about each one of patients and as such, I felt very comfortable with him. Additionally, his staff (especially Maggie who is awesome!) that I interacted with were all extremely friendly and very accommodating whenever I had to reschedule. I would recommend him to anybody who's looking to get a BA in a heartbeat!

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
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