I've Dreamt About Having a Tummy Tuck for Years! - Conyers, GA

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My initial consultation is tomorrow! Will update...

My initial consultation is tomorrow! Will update after meeting with the Dr.

Just got word...

I've been holding off updating because I wasn't sure i'd be approved by my insurance for my tummy tuck. But I got the news today that I've been approved and the apron removal surgery is covered! When I went to see the plastic surgeon he said that they would also be doing the liposuction on my upper abdomen and it wouldn't be covered by the insurance. So I'm waiting for a call from his office to see what portion I will have to pay out of pocket. Does anyone know what that might cost? I'm so excited! I haven't been able to look down and see my "hoo haa" since I don't know when lol.

Surgery date!

My surgery date has been set! January 14, 2014 With Dr. Feldman from Advanced Aesthetics in McDonough, GA. I'm really excited! My insurance is paying for the apron removal but for the upper abdomen, muscle repair and mons pubis my portion comes to $5677. I think I want to add the breast lift to my procedure so I'm going to contact my PA office today to set up a consultation for that. I figured since the insurance pays for the breast lift I might as well just try and get everything done all at the same time. What do you guys think?

Updated PS

Well, I was all set and excited about my tummy tuck with Dr. Feldman. Until I realized the hospital he performs the surgery at is so far away. I don't have any family here so one of my neighbors agreed to get me to and from the hospital. However, I thought the hospital was where his office was about 30-40 minutes away but it's not it's more like 1 1/2 hour away! I just feel uncomfortable asking my neighbor to drive me that far. So I made a decision to check out another PS that worked closer to my home. My insurance company gave me a few names and I ended up calling Dr. Bootstaylor. Her staff got me a consultation for the next day (I'm really not trying to push out my surgery date any later than it already is).
I went into her office in Atlanta which also happens to be right inside the hospital itself, Emory University Hospital in Atlanta, only 25 minutes away! Her staff was sooo nice and so was she. I explained about my situation with the other PS and the distance and she was so understanding. She answered all of my questions and then some. She gave me a ton of information and was just all around friendly and personable. I think I'm making the right decision switching to her as my plastic surgeon. I feel a lot more comfortable with here than with Dr. Feldman. She said she would be able to keep my same surgery date, possibly even earlier! They are just resubmitting my claim to my insurance company and once they get the approval she will let me know exactly what date.

Also, I found out that my insurance company will pay for a breast reduction so I'm having that procedure done as well! I'm not going to recognize my own body when this is over! I am soooooo excited!

Got my recliner today!

Got my recliner today! It's soooo comfy. It's a power one and huge and my feet don't touch the ground when it's upright. Me thinks that's gonna be a bit of a problem getting in and out after surgery. I'm enjoying it in the meantime!

My new best friend!

Before pics

Ok so I'm going yo bite the bullet and upload some before pics. As you can see it's not pretty. I can't ever remember having a normal body. It's truly embarrassing off anyone to see me naked bedsides my 11 year old daughter and my 4 year old Pomeranian lol (they have no judgements). I had gastric bypass 13 years ago and after lodging about 120lbs everything that was bloated and protruding deflated and headed south. I told a friend of mine that I was looking forward to buying pretty matching bras and panties as I've never had any before. She didn't understand why, I'm sure those looking at my pics CAN understand. :(

Left side

Tomorrow is the big day!

Well, actually it's later today as it's after midnight and I can't sleep lol. I have to be at the hospital at 10am. I'm a little nervous but super excited. I decided to take a nice hot bath to relax me a bit. Anyway, I will post again later. Keep me in your prayers!!

I'm aliveeee

Hey every one. Thanks for all the prayers during and after my procedure. Everything went fantastic. Dr Bootstaylor is a miracle and a blessing. I haven't felt any pain except for when I tried to sit or stand up. Even that has subsided so now I'm planning on weening myself from the ocxycotin and hydrocodone I was prescribed. I'm sure it's what's keeping the pain at being but I'm sleeping like 24 hours and having the most craziest dreams. I'm going ti just use the extra strength Tylenol for now and see what happens. I'm able to stand a little straighter so I took a pic to show you. I am loving the difference of my body. It looks like someone else's. I will respond to all emails and direct messages as soon as I can focus better.

6 Days Post op visit

My visit with my PS went very well today. No infections, fever, blood pressure was great. My pulse was a little high she said but we think that was because of the trek to her office (it's the most I've walked since the surgery). My incisions look great and healing nicely. I took the advice of a few others and wore some Mai pads on my incisions, sounded like a good idea to me...NOT! She said I should always wear gauze so it allows the incisions to heal as they can't really breathe thru the maxi pads and the incisions may open up again...won't have tell me twice lol! The Tylenol seems to be working really well still no major pain, just muscle soreness when I get up or sit down. She removed all of my drains except for one. I was so glad because one of them was killing me whenever I moved. That's the only one that I yelped at when she took it out. I feel much freer now. Next appointment is on Monday where she will remove the last drain. Took some Delcolax last nite and had my first BM. Feel a lot better, less bloated. Told me to make sure I eat and stay hydrated. All in all a good first visit. Just relaxing in the recliner now, so glad I bought it. I tried to lay on my bed and felt every pain imaginable. I feel no pain in the recliner. Yaaaay!

Wow 6 days post op. I can't believe that's my body!

25 days post op

Hey everyone! Sorry I haven't been posting like I should. I have no excuse except trying to rest as much as possible so I can heal. Anyone, I wanted to update to let you know what's been happening with me. On day 11 post op I had an appointment with my ps where she removed my final drain. I was so happy to be free. She said my incisions looked really good but kept stressing how I needed to keep them dry, especially under my breasts which she said the skin there was paper thin. I was bummed that I still couldn't take a shower. I was still feeling a little weak and getting in and out of the car seemed to pull my incision a bit and it hurt like hell. If I was just sitting down I was in no pain at all.
On day 18 I had my 3rd appointment with my ps. I was feeling stronger, she was pleased with my results so far, said I looked like a different person. I was still swelling quite a bit and she used a needle to extract quite a bit if fluid. She said to keep wearing my binder and taking the water pill she prescribed last time. She also finally said I could take a shower. Thank God!
Now here's where I tell the truth about what I haven't been doing. Firstly, when she prescribed the water pill on my 2nd post op visit I went straight to the pharmacy to fill it but didn't pick it up for a week! I know, I'm bad, it was a state of emergency in Atlanta and I really couldn't get out or get someone to pick it up. After I went to my 3rd appointment, I didn't tell her that I hadn't taken the sister pill yet, but my boyfriend hinted that I wasn't wearing my binder like I should. Well she scared the crap out of me when she said that I really needed to follow her instructions as she didn't want me to fill so much with fluid that I would burst my stitches from the inside. Whaaaat!??! Oh hell no! I've been taking that pill and peeing religiously since then. Still hate that binder. But I try to wear it as much as I can.
My incisions seem to be healing ok, but they look so gross. I know it's some of the glue that she used still on there and peeling. Parts of the scabs are starting to fall off and the incision looks like a small line which I'm so thankful for. I was beginning to worry that it was always going to look hard and crunchy and ropey forever. All in all I'm super pleased with the results so far. I'm adding some pics. Keep in mind I'm super swollen but I've been trying on clothes that I haven't worn for years and am amazed how great I look without the protruding, hanging stomach and super handing breasts. I feel so much more proportioned. Still bent over when I stand up but I know I will straighten out more with time. I have to keep reminding myself it hasn't even been a month yet since the surgery. Oh and I almost forgot, I'm down 25lbs since the surgery. From 261lbs to today at 236lbs, I started at 328lbs before my gastric bypass 13 years ago. My goal has always been to get to 199lbs and I'm getting close!!

Only some of you will relate to this...

So I'm feeling exposed...and I like it! What I mean by that is that ever since I can remember I've had this huge belly that covered my pubic area. I always had to lift my belly to wash, in the summer it would sometimes smell under the hanging skin. Nowwwww I can actually be sitting down and she is right there just smiling up at me, saying THANK YOU FOR LETTING ME SEE SUNLIGHT! lol. I know it sounds crazy but I feel like more of a woman now. I have NEVER felt sexy in my life. I've always had a pretty face and men would say I was sexy but deep down I never believed it because I never felt it. Those breasts that literally hung to my waist (or whatever I chose to call it, because honestly I didn't have a waistline) were an embarrassment and forget about lingerie because they never made the bodice part to fit breasts like mine. I put on one of my nightgowns last night that I always wore (I have a bunch of them) and my breasts would hang flat against my body and the fabric would hug my huge stomach. This time my little boobies fit perfectly into the "attached bra" section and my stomach was invisible and the fabric hugged my curvy waist that my PS sculpted for me. My 11 year old daughter said "OMG Mom you look soo different in your nightgown now, it fits you perfectly!". I wanted to cry. I'll be 48 next week, I wish I had done this years before so I would have more time to enjoy it. But better late than never!

Been wearing my CG! - Day 28 PO

Forced myself to wear my CG all day for the past 2 days and when I took it off to go take a shower just now, guess what? No swelling! Hmmmm I guess my PS going to school for all those years does mean she knows what she's talking about! Lol Here are a couple pics.

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