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Ok so let me start of by saying I was completely...

Ok so let me start of by saying I was completely hesitant to make a Real Self account, but my scheduled surgery is nearly days away I can't help but NOT SLEEP! I always dreamed about this day and I really cannot believe that I'm nearly days away! I'm finally gonna have boobs! Lol :D
Now... Let me calm down and explain the rest to you all of you. I'll be doing breast augmentation (UNDER the muscle) lipo all around my body (including arms) and fat transfer to my booty. Lol. I'm 19 years old, a mommy to an 11 month old and honestly after giving birth I've gained some belly (not worried about the skin just worried about the fat) I've always been a 32A/B since... I was born, lol and my butt is not as perky as I would love them to be. I'm 5'0, weigh 103 the last time I checked. I'm planning to go C cup but debating on that too because I'm small and I want to look natural on the chest. I was considering Dr. Yily at first but I've seen too many bad reviews that it scared me away. But my mother found this amazing doctor through some of Dr. Disla's patients and may I say every single one of them look beautiful after their surgeries. And I was also happy to see that they've updated pictures days, weeks even months after them :) I'm eager to meet Dr. Disla and I'm very pleased with the reviews, even the way she is quick to reply to any question my mothers asks her PLUS she is very nice over email. I've been extremely sad because I have to leave my son & husband behind but I'm happy because this it the dream I've been waiting to come true, I get to enjoy it with my mother and on top we get a vacation from home. I'll be sure to keep everyone posted, my mother as well & we'll explain every single little detail before and after! XOXO

Post Op Pictures. (Swollen)

Low Blood Count

Last night I felt so weak and tired. I didn't nothing but sleep & felt my heartbeat go faster than usual. So I decided to go back to CIPLA and get checked by Disla, no longer than 10 minutes the results came back an said I had 7.8 blood count & mind you I came to the Dominican Republic with 13. So she went along and told me that I had to get blood transfusion :( I was so afraid racist that had been my first time getting it but i dont regret it one bit, I feel 120% better today. Still recovering from the implants and lipo but I don't feel light headed or weak compared to yesterday. And while I was getting the blood transfusion, Disla did not want to leave the hospital until she saw that I had color back into my skin, every one was telling me I was as pale as a ghost lo,l but once she saw everything was going well she felt more confident and decided to level a half hour before I finished my transfusion. I was happy she was there the whole time though, she made me feel at home and taken care of. I can honestly say that she is one of the most genuine & loving doctor I have ever met in my life. She's professional at her job but she also shows she cares. I love her so much I can't believe I'll miss her when I leave. But I can't wait till I feel better and see my boyfriend and my son. I miss them so much this week feels like forever to pass by.
I'll update pictures when I start to feel better. XOXO!!!

Massages are a MUST!

Just got to the CIPLA clinic to see Dr. Disla but she is undergoing surgery right now. So waited for the massager to get here and... OMG I feel so much better. I had a few lumps on my stomach and back, they're all gone. I had a numbing pain on my lower back because of the epidural and it feels like new :) lairs I recommend saving a few more bucks on getting massages. They're absolutely worth the cost! My stomach and back have never felt so smooth!

Pictures coming soon.

Hey all, sorry I haven't posted in a while. But I've been in pain for the last week... I'm waiting on my bruising to go down so I can show results with out you being creaped out lol. But over all, after the blood transfusion, I've felt better. But once I got home, my son had the virus. Knowing myself I knew I was going to get sick a few days right after, and so, I did. Thankfully I only had it for a day. So now I'm feeling better once again. I'm 2 weeks PO & my lower back is feeling less achy, my chest & stomach are a lot less swollen. I'm starting to see results YAY! And I'm so excited to go lingerie shopping already! TMI MAYBE? IDC! Anyways, hope all my Disla Dolls are doing well & feeling better. Ill be back next time with PICS so be on the look out ;D ? XOXO

Me Like... A LOT!

Yesterday morning I decided to put on a nice shirt to see how my girls look... Almost 3 weeks PO, and the change is really noticeable, lol. Mind you I didn't tell anyone from my family I got a breast augmentation, nore do they need to know, but they will find out sooner or later. Lol, in the mean time they won't know, it's already getting chilly where I'm from so I'm going to be covered up all the time. But I love the view. Going 350cc was a good deal for me, Disla originally wanted me to go 375 but I felt that was a little to big for me. Either way, I feel 100 times more confident and comfortable to wear a v cut shirt :) thank you Disla, you're truly amazing! Still recovering but the results are showing!

Feeling down...

I'm having a minor issues with my breasts. My right side is higher than my left side. I contacted Disla about the situation so she advised me to keep the band for at least three more weeks. I'm really upset, I feel like it's going to stay like this forever but I found out online that it takes over six months for breast augmentations to finally drop. But the problem is every time I push my implant down it doesn't meet the crease under my other breast... Basically saying my breast creases weren't aligned correct. Maybe I'm over reacting but I'm really hoping I don't have to go back to get my breast re-done. Can I get any info on how to drop my breast or anything at all as to inform me if this is normal? :( PS: I posted photos.

Finally I see change.

If youve been following me with my updates then you'll know my situation.. well. Long story short,I took my band to get it tightened, after a few days my breast began to finally drop. Its still in the process but I can finally say i can comfortably wear a shirt with no bra around the house with out feeling my breasts being uneven. I will post pictures soon. Im pretty busy at the moment so later on today ill make sure I have my proof ;) very happy with results both my breasts look pretty. I was half happy with my post op now im 100% more than happy.

picture Update.

Clearly its no big difference. I jist wish I didnt have to go through this. I feel so unattractive.. and having to wear the band is driving me crazy. Im beginning to think itll never drop :( but here's the picture I promised. I thought I saw a change but looking back at the picture.. ill take my word back. Smh.. I love Dr Disla. This isnt her fault. The band I was wearing got loose after a while and made it diificult for my breast to drop since it wasnt tight enough. I shouldve atleast realize that instead of now.


It hurts me to even say this because I was really looking forward into getting breasts after years of wanting it. But now that I have them, they aren't even. My right breast has dropped the max it can possibly go. Disla told me it was no use of wearing the band anymore because the implant settled and the pocket closed before it healed. It makes me really sad, thinking about it depresses me because I just wanted to get the surgery over and done with and now I'm told I have to go back in 6-12 months from now. Too bad I'm not going. I'm just going to live with my breasts the way they are. Maybe in the long run I'll go back but not anytime soon. I wish I had better news to share with you but I don't.


I went bra shopping a few days ago and it was an exciting day for me lol. I thought it would've been easier to find C cup sized bras but honestly it was just as hard as finding A cups. One: they didn't have any C sized Demi bras, and if they did, they were above my budget. I need up buying slightly padded bras, but I won't wear them any time soon (sad) I'm still giving my breast time to drop a little more. But they have dropped signifactly. I ended up with a comfortable bra from JCP I'll post a picture to show you exactly how it looks. But here's an updated picture of my breasts.

updated pictures:

I will post better pictures as soon as my MOTHER (Olivia09) decides to take them for me lol. But this will do for now. Forgot about my LIPO story? Thought I did too lol. Well, so far so good. Im still healing. To be honest, I dont really wear my faja (I know I should be) but I forget sometimes. I still get swollen every here and there. My back is smoothing out, I still have my scars, which I plan on using coconut oil on to reduce how visible it is. But over all I am loving my new body. Dr. Disla transferred all my fat into butt. I dont see much of a difference when I wear my under wear. But when I wear pants or jeans its like "BAM" ;) lol, my friends and family tell me my hips look wider as well, though I dont see it. But I am pleased with my body. I do plan on going back to Disla in a few years. To transfer more fat, but nothing else, unless my breast doesnt drop to wear it should be, I will do a revision done. Anyways, here are the pictures & the Bra I was telling you guys about, I love how comfortable it is. doesnt feel like Im even wearing one to be honest with you. I got it on clearance for 10.00, online is a bit more pricier but I say go to your local JCPenney to find it on clearance :) XOXO everyone, love you guys! Thanks for keeping up with me in my time of need.

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