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At the age of 37 I started seeing volume loss in...

At the age of 37 I started seeing volume loss in my face. I have always had good luck with fillers in my lips and I wanted something different. I saw my regular injector and asked about juvederm (which I thought gave me a smoother result in my lips) and she suggested Voluma in my upper cheeks (1cc each side). I had no idea that it was such a long term product. I really just thought that all juvederm products were essentially the same. Ignorance at its finest.

After injection, I felt sore and achy. The next morning, I woke up and my right eye was very swollen and painful. Throughout the day it got worse and worse. Everyone kept saying that it was just from the injections, and it didn't have the symptoms of ocular occlusion.

By Friday, I couldn't take the pain anymore. I saw the injector who immediately put me on steroids. On the following Monday I saw the ophthalmologist who said that I had inflammation of the right eyelid and corneal abrasions. He felt that the lacrimal gland had possibly been affected.

It's now 9 days later and I'm still in pain. I've seen my injector, an occuplastic surgeon as well as my ophthalmologist. Nobody can tell me what's going on. I don't think anybody really know. Allergic reaction? Infection? All I want is to have the voluma removed and yet nobody will do it. The injections themselves look good - which is actually hurting my cause because I think people are dismissing how much pain I'm actually in. All of the normal swelling has subsided, except for my right eye.

Ladies DO NOT DO IT. I wish more than anything I could go back in time. I have no idea what's wrong with my eyesight. This quest to look better, younger is a roll of the dice. I will never have filler again. I hope that this is not something I'm dealing with for months or years. If anyone knows of a person with experience dissolving voluma in the CT/NY/MA area, please let me know.

4 weeks later...

And I'm still in pain. Edema under my eye (even though the voluma is in my cheek). Now a sinus infection. Nobody really knows what to do with me.... I have visited a plastic surgeon and he said to give it more time to settle and that maybe it's effecting a nerve. The ophthalmologist is referring me to a specialist and suggesting I see an ENT to see if my sinuses are effected by the voluma (which is rare, but I have read about other instances of this). More than anything I want to get this stuff removed but I'm terrified of having more inflammation because of what happened to my eye initially. Do I take my chances and try to dissolve it? Do I wait it out? And, of course, no doctor wants to remove it because even though it sounds easy when they're selling it to you (hyaluronic acid is magically reversible!!! Errrr....Or it is if we can inject it exactly where the original injector put it... and since it's voluma it's going to take a few times....And repeated doses might impact your skin or dissolve it unevenly... so why don't we give it a few more weeks....).

WORST DECISION OF MY LIFE. This is really life-changing and has completely caused me to revisit what's important in life. Guess what? The wrinkles don't seem to matter as much anymore. I just want my health back

Lymph blockage

Ok, so now I'm finally getting somewhere in figuring out what has happened to my face. I'm dealing with lymph blockage which is causing eye problems and sinus infections. This is beyond frustrating that doctors aren't taking this seriously. Everyone keeps saying - just give it more time! I've been ill for a month, isn't that enough???

Today is the day....

Going to have it dissolved. I decided to go back to my original injector because she knows where she put it and it looks great. But my body is still reacting horribly. I've been on antibiotics and there's no difference in the pain and burning I feel in my cheeks. My tear ducts have totally stopped functioning. I have been to more doctors in the last month than all my life. I think I'm just one of the rare people who has had an autoimmune response. I hope and pray she can get enough out to make a difference in my health

What a difference!

Had the voluma dissolved yesterday. Right cheek feels like they got all of it, left cheek I still feel a little bit left but that was the "good side" (aka less issues).

This morning I woke up and guess what? My right eye was WATERING!! That doesn't seem like much until you realize that it's been 5 weeks since my right eye produced any moisture at all and didn't burn 24/7. The voluma on the left hand side was placed just a smidge lower (due to the asymmetry of my face) and only gave me issues intermittently. I'm hoping that enough was taken out to improve how I feel but if I need to I'll go back and have the rest removed. I also had some bruising on that side so I'll wait for the swelling to resolve to judge.

I was SO nervous about using the hyaluronidase or having any more needles in my face after the ordeal I've been through. She used hylenex and pressed and massaged the area A LOT after injecting it. It was semi painful, but no moreso than any other facial injection. My face looks almost back to the way it was 5 weeks ago which I've come to appreciate even though the voluma made me look younger.

Here's the other thing I've learned. There's a lot "systems" in your mid face especially - lymphatic, nerves, etc. So even though I never had an issue with lip injections, something about the voluma caused my face to freak out. Also, it's a lot more dense and intrusive than other fillers. Once the pain happened, nobody could really figure out the cause and, except for some swelling, I looked "fine" on the outside (the voluma did what it was supposed, was placed in the correct spot and injected with a cannula etc). I should have had it dissolved IMMEDIATELY within a few days - I could tell there was something wrong almost instantly. So, if that's the case with someone else then listen to your gut. I can not tell you how sick I am of doctors treating me like I'm hysterical just because I look okay on the outside. The only person who took me seriously was the eye doctor because he could visibly see issues. The occuplastic surgeon and facial plastic surgeon only looked at me for 5 minutes before patting me on the head and sending me out the door.

I will never have any injectables again (except for the hyaluronidase if I'm still having issues). Maybe I was one in a million to have these issues. Maybe I was one in a thousand, one in a hundred. Who cares? As the saying goes, when it happens to you then the risks are 100 percent. Yesterday, I just hugged and hugged my daughter and it felt so good. I am greatly appreciative to the support I found on this website from others dealing with issues, but now I'm going to log off of realself and get back to my real life and not let this consume me anymore.
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My practitioner has always been nice

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