Just Turned 40 and It's Time to Be Happy in my Skin.

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Hello RS. I am longing for a mommy makeover. I...

Hello RS. I am longing for a mommy makeover. I have been for years now. I was blessed with two beautiful children. That came with some serious weigh gain and stretch marks galore. Pregnancy was not kind to me..gaining 65 lbs with my first and 85 lbs with my second. I have lost my baby weight twice. But...In the past few years, I let it all go!! I guess a bout of depression took over.. since the beginning of the year I took control of myself and started making time for me again. I've lost a lot of my depression weight and I still have a bit to go. I keep working towards my goal. It feels good to be me again! My husband has been so supportive of my mission. Recently, I turned the big 40!! Yikes!! As a gift, my husband told me it's time for my dream of getting a mommy makeover!! He made two consultation appointments with surgeons in the area. I am so excited!! Yet, I'm so scared!! I have been stalking all your stories on here for a little bit now. You have all helped me learn a lot about the process!! I will be keeping you posted on my journey and ask you all tons of questions along the way. I hope to inspire someone just as you all insiped me!!

It's a few days away from my consultation!

So, I have a few more days to go then it's consultation time! I am getting super excited to hear what the surgeons have to say. I will be seeing two surgeons that aren't affiliated with each other at all. I figured it would be good to get the advise from a couple of professionals. I have a long list of questions to ask. Your advice here has helped with that list. Is there anything you wished you had asked while in a consult other than the basics questions? Your help would be appreciated greatly. I thank you in advance!

Consultation day!!

Wish me luck ladies!!

My mommy makeover is scheduled!!

I had consultations with two very well known surgeons in the state. I chose my surgeon based on his knowledge and professionalism. His work is outstanding. Two of my friends had BA's with him and are pleased beyond belief. During my consultation, we discussed my goals. He recommends that I have a tummy tuck and a lift. With or without implants. I have uneven breasts and it makes me self conscious. He said it is best to reduce the larger one to match the smaller side. With that and the lift, I should be happy. But, I don't like the size of the smaller one. So I'm thinking to add a small implant to enlarge them just a bit. I do not want large breasts!! No bodacious Tara's for me. I'm already a small C. I think a full C is a great goal for me. I have an appointment next Monday for sizing. I will see what the recommendations are there and keep you all posted. Any options or suggestions that you may have, please feel free to help! So the countdown begins!! January 10th isn't all that far away!!! Yikes!!

Was than two weeks to go!!!

Oh my goodness. I have less than two weeks to go until my procedure!! I am getting a drainless tummy tuck, breast lift and slight reduction of my left side to match my little side. I am getting implants to give me back my fullness. My doctor chose 275cc mentor moderate plus implants. He said that is what will best fit my body. I just hope they aren't too big. I am not one that wants bodacious tata's. I'm scared I'll look chunky if I'm too big on top. What do you all think? Also, I've purchased two zip front bras and tons of pillows to keep me comfy in bed. I filled all my prescriptions and got colace and milk of magnesia. What else might I need? Please opinions and suggestions are welcome!! I'm super excited!!!


I'm so excited! One week and I'll be in bed recovering...god willing!! I have supplies up the ying yang!! I keep thinking of things I will need by the minute. Tomorrow, I'll gather them all and show you what I have collected so far. I'm not sure if anyone is reading anything I write. But I hope to help someone one day like you've all helped me! Xoxo

Getting ready!!

I have a couple of days to go before I get my mommy makeover! I guess you could say I'm nesting! Lol. I want to have everything I may need during recovery.

Today's the day!!!!

I'm on my way! Driving to the surgical center.... it's about 45 mins away. I'm so nervous and excited. I'm quite scared I kid you not. Can't wait until this is all behind me and I'm on the road to recovery!! Here are some before pics. I'll post after when I can! Wish me luck!

6 days after surgery

Hello all! So I've made it this far!! It was a blur. Literally. The surgical center and my doctor were so wonderful the day of. My doctor held my hand and reassured me until I was fast asleep on the table. I highly recommend him guys!! The day of surgery and the two days after we're the worst. Had a hard time getting comfortable!! To make it even better, I had to drive to my ps office for a post surgery check up. I took my meds around the clock! Friday and Saturday were better. I was able to get around by myself a bit more. At tat point I weaned off my meds. I took them only at night for sleeping and had Tylenol only during the day. A muscle relaxer here or there if needed but it was only once or twice. So, Sunday and Monday were easer for sure! I didn't and don't feel all that bad. I had another checkup today. My Dr. took off all the tape and took it stitches that were around my bb. I was fitted with a compression garment. It is so much better than the binder I had. It supports my aching back. As for my results, I am swollen and feeling hard and large on top right now, in time my girls will soften and feel more natural. I can't wait for that! I am happy with what I see!! I'll post pictures later of what I currently look like. Besides the emotional roller coaster I've been on. All is great!!
Dr. Baroody

I had consultations with two reputable plastic surgeons in the state. Dr. Baroody was the choice for me. He was so patient and explained the process thoroughly. He answered every question I had. The office staff was also wonderful and kind. Professionalism at its finest. I scheduled a mommy makeover with him in the new year. I feel confident he will make me look and feel spectacular! I will update this review once the process is complete! I'm super excited!

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