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I have been to 4 different plastic surgeons from...

I have been to 4 different plastic surgeons from new haven, norwalk, new York and shelton. In which I'm going w the Dr in shelton, CT. Im choosing him bc of location price and most of all bc he really took his time during my consultation(& my obgyn reffered him to me) made me feel very comfortable and the reviews I've read on him were very good ... I'm extemely nervous (as to be expected) I've had laser lipo'smart lipo' about 6 years.... that was pretty painful. So I can only imagine what this will be like. Which is making me 2nd guess doing it. I already set a date for pre op consultation- 3/11 is appt. the doctor will go over the procedure w me again and then I will pay and set a date(Using care credit). I wanted to do the surgery soon then later but it looks like i will be heading twd around three week in April or so....(the longer I wait the more I'm going to talk myself outta it). This is something I've been waiting for a very long time. Almost to the point of obsession. Now that im so close to having it done I'm starting to want to back out of it. Eeekk.... I'm really scared of recovery process and the pain. the Dr told me prob a good 2 weeks off from work for 'desk work' -which I work in an office. Does anyone have any insight on the recovery and what you have experienced w this procedure?? I feel like if I don't have this done I'm always going to feel unhappy w my body :( please help...

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