BBL down (2/19/13) now for my tummy tuck March 2014

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I want a more rounded butt and not sure if I have...

I want a more rounded butt and not sure if I have enough fat to graft. I have my heart set on DR Salama and viewed is website where he stated BBL is not intended for thin people. Rueben has emailed me back but gave me an estimate for the mommy makeover, which is not want I inquired about. I emailed him back along with some pics and still waiting to hear from him. They also stated they like the patient to gain weight if they are thin, I have been trying my while life (44). I am obsessed about getting this procedure. Is there any other great surgeons you would recommend?

I made a decision to go with Salama after...

I made a decision to go with Salama after communicating w/Ruben. The Dr said I am a good candidate because I have ft deposits on my abdomen and flanks. So exited!! I am scheduling for late in the year or early next year because I will be saving for this procedure, I don't really want to finance.

I'm sorry, the DR is located in Florida and I am...

I'm sorry, the DR is located in Florida and I am located in CT.

Still getting prices and definitely want Dr Salama...

Still getting prices and definitely want Dr Salama because he's aggressive with the lipo and he makes sure he sculpts. I still have time before I do the procedure, sometime between Dec - Feb. BUT I think I'm sending in a deposit to DR S this month.

It's been awhile, not that I haven't been lurking....

It's been awhile, not that I haven't been lurking. I am still leaning towards Dr S, but I have been getting other quotes. I have gotten from Dr C and Dr C in MX.....and both suggested that I get a tummy tuck. I have alil extra weight around my belly, that's the only place I have fat but I didn't think I needed a tt. I find it strange that only the DR's in MX suggested a tt. I got laid off from my 2nd job so I have to put off longer while I save up :-( I have this obsession and this LONG time is gonna drive me crazy....ugh.

Has any of you ladies been told that you need a...

Has any of you ladies been told that you need a tummy tuck but still decided to go ahead with just the BBL? I have been told by the MX doctors that I need a tummy tuck and without will not give me the results I want. I would be left with lose saggy skin and not tapered and flat (in full detail by one doctor *hint *hint). I would like to hear about results without a tummy tuck, because now I'm getting a little concerned that my results will not be good and I will have wasted my money. My doctor has not suggested a tt and when asked and was told that the garment would help my skin snap back. I am 44 years old and have had two children, youngest being 18, but stomach has always been flat. I recently got a belly over the few years from constant trying to gain weight and probably a little middle age spread (ugh). I do trust my doctor but hearing the persistence that I should get a tummy tuck has me concerned. I have added new pictures to get your opinions.

I am so jealous of all the new and improved...

I am so jealous of all the new and improved bodies, but in a good way. I am on RS everyday religiously and always checking out booties in my area. I think my head turns more than guys now....LOL. I love all the reviews that are getting me ready mentally. I don't feel like I'm going into this blind because of you lovely ladies. I just can't wait til I am a VET and help all the girls that will be after me...Feb 2013. #TeamSalama

I don't mean to complain when I know some of you...

I don't mean to complain when I know some of you lovely ladies are trying to lose. I have always had a hard time gaining weight, but I'm not even trying to lose; I'm too tiny to begin with. I'm gonna chuck it up to it being summer and working 6 days a week. I recently returned to working in the club to save extra money for my special day.....and this would be the only reason that is good for losing. I wasn't comfortable dancing with a belly. I try not to eat too much on the days I work the bar so I won't look bloated (it's only two days but I guess this is contributing to me losing). I am liking that my belly is smaller but I need every little bit for surgery. I plan on going on periactin a few months before so I can gain. I have been on it before and it most definitely helps my appetite. I still have eight months before surgery and I know I shouldn't worry about my weight now, especially when it's only a few pounds and stays steady at my current weight. I get laid off from work in November (every year) so I can pig out while I'm home. Sorry for the vent from the skinny girl :-(

I found out about Airbnb through realself and was...

I found out about Airbnb through realself and was wondering if anyone has experienced that site? Is it trusted........

I want so bad to hurry up and be on the other side...

I want so bad to hurry up and be on the other side and maybe 5 mths post op. This obsession is driving me crazy.

Has there been a problem with realself? I use to...

Has there been a problem with realself? I use to come on here everyday to try and catch up with all the updates but lately it seems no one is ever on here updating. It always says the most current updates where 3 or 4 days ago? IDK... but anywho, I have been getting a little concern about not having enough fat (I lost without trying) and about a square booty (results). I have tried protein shakes but my stomach can not tolerate it, also have been drinking ensure plus but only at night, if I drink one during the day I get an upset stomach ....I have always had a sensitive stomach (IBS). My other concern is, I love Salama's results, but worried about getting booty leakage from the garment and and looking square. I plan on purchasing a garment that does not have the holes for bathroom purposes for my stage 2 garment. I just really hope I do not hear any bad reviews about his booties.

I hit my 5 moth mark on the the 19th and I'm...

I hit my 5 moth mark on the the 19th and I'm ALREADY having dreams. One about having plane problems and not getting there on time and honestly I don't remember the other one. I'm trying my best not to think about it too much and get too worried. I just want to be beyond recovery already and on the other side with my booty. I have total confidence in Dr S, I have always been on the thin side so all I need to do is pig out before to get enough fat for the booty. I already have my accommodations and just need to pay off my sx balance. I started taking prenatal pills because they helped me in the past with anemia, but they have vitamin E so I plan on purchasing the make me heal pre/post op vitamins...anything to help with an easier recovery.

I'm on the fence about purchasing the pre/post op...

I'm on the fence about purchasing the pre/post op vitamins. I want anything that will help with recovery, did anyone purchase and take them, were they beneficial? I have 79 more days and I have alil time to purchase them but as I get my items together I would like to know if I should add them to my list?

Finally got my package yesterday and purchased my...

Finally got my package yesterday and purchased my tickets today. Going down a day earlier so I had to purchase one more day on apartment, thank GOD it was available.

Does Salama manually extract the fat from our...

Does Salama manually extract the fat from our mid-section or does he use a high pressure machine?

Time is finally approaching fast! Thanks to...

Time is finally approaching fast! Thanks to MsHoneyBunz I have my ideal wish pic that is realistic for my size. I love her results too.

What was the latest you got your medical...

What was the latest you got your medical clearance? Salama's office wants it a month in advance but I haven't had my appointment yet.

My time has finally got here. I am not nervous...

My time has finally got here. I am not nervous (as of yet). My main stress was just making sure I get my refund on time and now it's this freaking snow. 3' of snow, streets still not plowed, it's ridiculous here. Now more snow coming Saturday and Sunday and I leave Sunday so now that's on mind.

I'm home!!! Made it to the other side. The first...

I'm home!!! Made it to the other side. The first three days was the worst due to the residual affects of anesthesia and I didn't agree with the antibiotics (had to get new rx). Wasn't really in pain just discomfort. Now that I'm home (with one drain) I do feel better but the butt out thong part seems to be making my booty numb. Ruben said that numb feeling is part of the healing process. Only took one pain killer pill and then tylenol for the help OUCH. The massage was worst than the procedure, of course because I was sleep for the procedure ;-) I am happy with my results and I am aware that the booty will go down. 26 waist 42 booty

I have no complaints except for the area above my...

I have no complaints except for the area above my belly button not reattching as quickly.

Been awhile.....8.5 months PO

It has been along time since I have updated. I am very happy with my booty and also seen that I am a wish pick *blush*...makes me feel good. I love my new shape but Dr Salama could have done better on my stomach. I have one small indentation and a long indentation going across my belly on top of my belly button and it appears he took more fat out on one side than the other. I am not bashing him just being honest. Did I say I love my I have a lovely upside down heart/bubble. I wish it was bigger but he only took out 2.5 liters cuz I most definitely didn't have alot. I have some loose skin on my belly also and spoke with the DR and said I can do a revision or a tummy tuck. Not sure what I am going to do at this time. I already purchased a corset and waiting on my wraps and skin tightening cream, lets see how that goes before I even thin about R2 which was never in my plan. I just feel as small as I was I should have came out perfect especially with the money I spent.

Why should I have to pay for a revision? Pics incl

Here I am now at 10 months PO and my belly has indents/lumps. Too much fat taken out on the left side. I remember when they first took off my garment and said I had a seroma when it was actually fat! No they did not admit it but you can clearly see it is person. My stomach looks decent in pictures but in person I feel like I look deformed, more fat left above my belly button. Being a part time dancer I have to wear one pieces now. SMH! My true profession is an office manager for construction and if our customer has a problem with the job we performed we return to fix at no cost to the customer. Why doesn't plastic surgery have some type of warranty? It is our bodies and life we are risking. I don't think that it should cover revisions for people who are just not satisfied but a doctor should stand by his/her work.

Going on 11 mths (w/pic)

So I will be 11 months 1/19/14 and my stomach has improved just alil (not enough for me), I still will not expose my a dancer I may remind you. I still get all the extra attention because of the booty but I do love the shape Salama gave me and would like to be able to walk proudly in the club in just a thong with my head up high. I still only wear one pieces. There are days I get upset and think damn I need another sx to fix my first sx, then I other days I don't want to go through another sx and can spend the money elsewhere, after I have to save it all again. I look at all of Salama's patients with nice belly's and still don't know why I as a petite slim woman came out with a lumpy stomach and extra skin. When I massage my upper belly I can feel the grooves where the candula was and it goes only in one direction....hmmmm? Why wasn't fat taken out from the left incision to make it even? I am not the surgeon and do not now how to perform this sx but I would think to evenly extract fat you would go in both directions. Again no bashing just being honest.

11.5 months with pic

I will be scheduling a consult with local surgeon about my lumpy lipo. I will update on what was said and recommended.

Going for a tt in March 2015

I went to see a local surgeon and he said I should not get any type of lipo revision due to laxity in my skin (why did I discover a bbl so late in life). He said a tt would help even out the unevenness and I should be able to get away with a scar the size of a mini tt...I sure hope so. I will not be going to him ($9,300) I will return to Salama.

tummy tuck march 10, 2015

I can't wait for my day. I am so sick of this uneveness and hardness on my belly.

Have to wait another year for my tt but loving my booty.

Due to my job I have to postpone for a year. Love my booty but I wish I could gain weight to make it bigger. Lol.

Follow my tummy tuck journey

I started a new review in the tummy tuck page. I will be getting my tummy tuck done with none other than Salama.
Miami Plastic Surgeon

I am still in the early stages so I am sure my rate will change for the better as I get more acquainted with the DR. I'm sure I will be happy with him, I love his results.

4 out of 5 stars Overall rating
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5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
4 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
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5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
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2 out of 5 stars Payment process
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