Hey Ladies,im Getting my Bbl Soon.So Confused Who to Go With - Connecticut, CT

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Ok here is the thing,i have started paying to...

Ok here is the thing,i have started paying to doctor here in the untied states but looking at Dr.Yily's post ops i feel like she does the best bbl so far.her lipo is kinna clean to me and i love her butt shapes.Can someone who has been there tell me how to get in touch with her because i keep calling the UAS fon bt its always going to VM.I want to know how ur medicals and blood works was done and how the flight cost and all that.I will be glad if someone can give me a feed back ASAP.

Im all set with the doctor im going with now,Dr...

Im all set with the doctor im going with now,Dr Schulman in NY.Surgery date set for August 1st and i can not wait.All recommendations about him is very welcome BBL sis.

Count down,8days more,so ready NYC.

All is set for me to get my new butt and im so proud I made it to this far ,thanks a lot to all u divas out here giving us all these great reviews everyday. I couldn't live a day without coming on here to see what was next, looked kina childish to me from the beginning but I must confess this site is something else and I love u gals here. My surgery is set on the 9th of july and and I am so ready for all the pain even tho I cant really be bt hey reality has set in now and there is non I can do bout it but shut up and go look sexy ,lol. I was 190pounds couple months ago but I said to myself I can do better than this so I started working out and eating well and guess what I dropped to 128 ,ikr haha . My doc had to tell me to slow than if I want to get my BBL done cus im too lean. Than I started eating more again and just doing light cardio just to keep my heart rate up .I have managed to put back some few pounds for my BBL and im so happy for myself.
I want to say finally that the heights that great men reached was not attained by sadden flight but they as their companions slept ,kept toiling greatly at night. In a nut shell I want to say good work pays off and u deserve anything good under this sun. Go for ur dreams and don't let nobody hinder u ,got ppl say to me OMG u gone use all that money for just a butt that u not even sure u can keep to the rest of ur life? And my answer is always to them is that will make me happy, Point blank simple ,lol. I work for my own money and I got no kids or no responsibilities so I guess its the right time to get all these out of the way .Be kind to one another and stay bless, One love.

Had one consultation with him in Jan and another one coming up on May 1oth,Love him so far even though i havnt got my sx yet,he is very professional and down to earth and will answer any qun you shout with no problem .Im yet to see how it goes on my second appointment with him and will update u beauties ,ONE LOVE.

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