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As long as I can remember I've been big breasted....

As long as I can remember I've been big breasted. It started in 3rd grade and I was the first girl in my grade to start wearing a bra. They've continued to grow since. They've never been perky - ever! Probably because I started so young. I managed to be a C until I hit my 20's and then after having 3 children and breast feeding each of them - my breasts were out of control. I was HUGE when nursing and they never really shrunk after I was done with nursing like other women experience. I lost weight and did lose some in my breasts but the sag was atrocious and I became really lopsided with my right being a whole size bigger. Finding a bra that was comfortable was impossible. I've always had neck/back pain as long as I can remember but in the Fall of 2012 I finally decided to see a chiropractor about it and I received some news regarding my spine and neck curvature that were not so great. The weight of the "girls" pulled my chest forward and sent me off on muscle imbalance and my neck was now reversing in the opposite direction (not noticeable but in an x ray you can see it - osteoporosis has set in in a few places from the friction/rubbing which was only going to get worse). I had always talked about wanting to do a reduction and after the treatment and xrays I saw from chiropractor, I decided the time was now as it would only get worse. I had a consult in mid-January and was shocked - absolutely shocked that my insurance came back 4-5 weeks later approving the surgery. I thought for sure I might have to fight it out and reapply but alas it was coming true. So here I am - 10 days away from the surgery and I am so excited. I am currently wearing a 36DDD but my right is oozing out (since it's bigger). The goal is to get me down to a C which would take me back to where I used to be long ago. Despite my chest size, I got into running a few years ago but had to strap the chest in really really tight (wore the bras they use on Biggest Loser - very expensive!!). Needless to say, I'm hoping after my surgery that I can shave off 4 minutes of my time in the Half Marathon and break 2 hours!! This surgery is going to change so much for me. Exercise. Clothing. Bathing suits. Reduce back/neck pain. Can't wait!

I found out yesterday that I report to the...

I found out yesterday that I report to the hospital at 9:15 am for a 11:30 surgery - ick. Going to be pretty hungry by then and it means I won't be home until dinner time. I'm getting kind of nervous thinking about it now since it is right around the corner. I know I'll do fine and everyone says they worried for nothing so I will try not to.

I've been home just over 8 hours now. I can't...

I've been home just over 8 hours now. I can't believe how small they are. I also can't believe how we'll I'm feeling. I don't feel like I have to be a chicken with arms pinned at my side. I can brush my teeth easily even (wasnt sure what to expect as far as that goes). My body tends to recover quickly and I'm not noticing any huge amounts of least not yet. Even with bandages on and bra stuffed with padding - they look small. My husband said out loud what I was thinking in my head - I wonder if he went smaller than intended? We'll see later I guess. My husband was also told by the PS that the surgery took a bit longer as he had more difficulty than normal making them symmetrical (right was originally a size bigger) so he took his time. That's good to hear I guess. Also found out that during the surgery they operate laying down but constantly move the bed to a slight sitting position to make sure everything looks good with gravity etc. scoping out their work. That put me at ease too as I wasn't sure of the entire process in how they made them look perfect. I'm staying on pain meds for 24 hours and then weaning off. This really isn't so bad. Also drank Smooth Move tea tonight and will take Castor Oil tomorrow to help move things along in the Bowen region as I'm dreading the constipation everyone else mentions. Only ate dinner around 7:45 last night so it's not like I have lots of food to digest yet. Going back to sleep now.

Wow! I can't believe how great the girls look! ...

Wow! I can't believe how great the girls look! My right side was a size larger and it looks like it is a little bit bigger than the left but with all the swelling and settling and fluffing that has to take place - I'm sure it will even out. I cannot believe how GREAT I feel. I had no nausea after surgery (nurse put a patch behind my ear when I was brought in and I think that truely helped. The patch works for up to 72 hours and I still have it on). The other area I was nervous about was constipation and I'm so pleased to say that I did not experience that. I drank Smooth Move tea the night of surgery and the next morning I took 1 tsp of Castor Oil and then drank some more Smooth Move tea. That night I had a small bowel movement and the next morning, the rest of it all came out. Never thought I would be so over joyed in that area. Went to PS today and had my bandages changed. There were bandages with sticky edges (which were getting so itchy) and felt good to have them pulled off. On top of those, I had a thick pad on each breast under the bra. Now I only have the thick pads under the bra. I like how they keep my nipple protected but boy are they sensitive. At least I know there's feeling there though :-) Can't believe how good I feel!! Totally worth it!!
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