24, No Kids, 32 A, 5'3 108lbs, 350cc(375cc?) High Profile Gummy Bear Implants - Concord, MA

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I just had my consultation and booked my surgery...

I just had my consultation and booked my surgery for August 17th. I tried on high profile 325cc's and 350cc's and we decided on the 350. Now that I'm thinking about it more I'm nervous I am going to wish I went alittle bigger...I'm thinking 375cc's now. My diameter measured 12 so I have to get high profile and I think 375 would be the biggest I could go. I want a full C small D with good cleavage and I still want to look natural because I am petite. Can anyone give me their opinion?

So I did it! I had my breast augmentation this morning.

I had my breast augment ion at 830 this morning. I had met with my doctor again 2 weeks ago and the other doctor he operates with. I told him I was considering 375 hp just incase the 350 hp looked to narrow. They told me they would put both sizes in during surgery and they would be able to tell right away which on looks best, which I was okay with. They decided on 375 high profile.

I don't remember waking up or going to sleep. When I was up all I remember is that it was really hard to keep my eyes open. My mouth was very dry so I sipped on ginger ale. They had given me pain meds during the surgery. I didn't feel much pain when I woke up. But after about an hour I could start to feel some slight pain 1-10 I would say 3? And they told me that was about right because I was due for my Percocet. So I tried to eat about 4 saltines so something was in my
Stomach and a drank some water...alittle to fast because I got pretty nauseous. It was not the pain pill that made me feel like that...it was the water. So that went away pretty quickly then I was fine. I was given nausea medicine during surgery and and the night before I put a patch behind my ear for nausea, that is good for about 3 days.

Since I've been home I have needed help getting up and down but I am able to go to the bathroom by myself. I still haven't felt much pain at all just sore and pressure. I have been taking the Percocet every 5 hours and recommended. I also had a apple sauce when I got home, shells with butter for dinner, and a Popsicle just a few moments ago. I have been napping off and on and getting up a lot and walking around. Anytime I'm laying down j am propped up in my bed with 2 pillows also under my elbows. I was instructed to keep my arms by my side. (T-rex arms). I just took another dose of my pain meds and I'm about to go to bed. I do have a alarm set to take my next dose of pain meds in the middle of the night because I really don't want to wake up in pain. But hopefully I won't need that tomorrow night.

My post op appointment is at 3 tomorrow and I need to keep the surgical bra on until then.

So far so good.
Boston Plastic Surgeon

I am about 9 months post op and I couldn't be happier! Dr. Seckel did an amazing job. I was debating on 350cc high profile implants or 375cc hp so I asked him to do which ever one he thought looked best, he did the 375 and I'm so glad he did! They look exactly how I wanted. You can really tell how much Dr. Seckel cares about his patients. He is amazing at what he does! He also worked with Dr. Narasimhan who did the surgery with him. I also had some follow up appointments with him as well. Both doctors bed side manner is excellent. They make you feel very comfortable and that you are in good hands!

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