34, Slightly Sagging B, Breastfed One Child Finally Ready to Get my Boobs Fixed After Years of Thinking About It! - Concord, MA

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I have my surgery next Thursday with Dr Seckel in...

I have my surgery next Thursday with Dr Seckel in Concord. I am very excited that it's almost time! I am on birth control which I think I didn't mention to the dr the first time we met at my consultation. He said unders, gummy bear silicone , 350 cc and I agreed! I changed my mind to 400 cc though since. I see here that most women go for unders for the obvious reasons. However at my pre op he asked if I had lost weight as I was measuring a bit different. I explained that the placebo week of the BC I lose some fullness in the breast. He suggested overs as i have mild ptosis but don't fully warrant a lift or want one right now as I didn't even know I might be a candidate prior honestly. At first I was panicking about the change up but I know a couple of Dr Seckel's patients that love their results (overs but still, I trust his judgement as I'm not the surgeon). I will inquire about dual plane just to know. I am slightly worried about the cons of overs but I have a good feeling about this and I thank all the women for their honesty and sharing of their stories. I have been obsessed with this forum for weeks now! ???? wish me luck ladies and any feedback is always appreciated!

Side view of my mild ptosis I guess...

I feel like I have seen befores and afters of women with cases sort of similar to mine but maybe that's wishful thinking on my part that I wasn't looking at a lift if I wanted a successful under the muscle augmentation. ????

Love my new breasts!!!????

So I had my surgery four days ago! I was so thoroughly impressed with Dr Seckel's patience in answering my day before questions along with Kathleen as well. They were super nice in ensuring I was informed and more important, comfortable in my decision. I def went through some unexpected nerves in the weeks leading up to my surgery. The day of the surgery, I was greeted by Dr Seckel and have to note that the care and treatment I received from every single person from nurses to anesthesiologist to Dr S himself was amazing. I felt so secure that I was in good hands! I ended up going with 350cc subglandular as the 400cc was just a tad too large to fit in me! I was so excited when I finally got a look at my new breasts the day after when they took the surgical compression bra off! i remember reading that Dr Seckel treats you like a friend in one of his reviews and I have to say it's true. He came out to update my stepfather on how surgery went and then again when I was sleeping off the anesthesia. Also, each nurse I encountered at Emerson Hospital has wonderful things to say about his work! I Had my parents take my son for 3 days for me and im feeling really good today but making sure to take it easy as my incisions are obviously still healing. I was hesitant about not doing under the muscle technique but I honestly feel in my case, it waS the right call. They feel and look fabulous! I have minor soreness off and on today but the incisions look great.

So here's my pic I took a couple of days ago, 10 days after surgery

I'm very happy with the re inflation of my once very deflated sagging breasts! I did go with the Dr's suggestion of overs as he was pretty certain I had a strong chance of ending up with the snoopy deformity had I gone submuscular. I have been very regular with my massages as I know CC is more of a risk with overs but a risk we take regardless in getting breast augmentations. My breasts are super perky which I love but starting to settle really nicely! My recovery has been relatively very easy also which was great as a single mom of a very active 6 yr old.

4 months after augmentation subglandular

I went over the muscle as per my Dr's advice bc of some mild ptosis. I'm extremely happy with my results!

One Year Later!

So this is my one year anniversary for my breast implants! I love them and don't regret getting them - ever! It was a bit to get used to bc I thought it would be like having a padded bra but without the bra lol! They are always there and I had little B cups all my life prior. I'm def happy with the size bc it's a versatile one in my opinion. I hope this helps someone out who was in my shoes- suggested "overs" and not many reviews to see for guidance. Lots of love to you all and here's my current pic!

He is incredibly kind and I got a wonderful from the women in the office and Dr Seckel's years of work speak volumes about him. I have heard only positive things and feel comfortable in his ability to give me a great augmentation.

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