Breast Augmentation After 2 Kids - Concord, CA

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After many consultations and wanting a breast...

After many consultations and wanting a breast augmentation for years, I am finally scheduled. I am a 29 year old mother of two, 5'1" tall and 105 lbs ; am currently a deflated 32a cup (maybe!) and hoping to achieve a full C cup to small D . I have read many reviews on this site and they have helped me tremendously throughout my search for a doctor so I thought I should do my part and post my experience so far.

After 3 other consultations with other doctors, I chose Dr. Mariotti to perform my breast augmentation. Now that surgery is scheduled and just complete my pre op, now I'm all nerves hoping to keep calm before surgery.

The size and cc debate

After my very informative pre-op appointment and trying on many sizes, I am torn between two but know it's probably more in my head than the reality of the sizes are pretty much the same. Loved the look of the 350 cc sizer in a bra, pretty much perfect. When I tried the 375 cc on it looked a tad too large. Since placement will be under the muscle I've been told to go with the larger, is this true? Also, is it appropriate to just have the Dr. Choose during surgery which looks better? Btw this will be for silicone placement under the muscle.

Post op shopping list

So far I have :
Ice packs
Prescriptions filled
Antibacterial cleanser
And that's it... Any suggestions for other items ?

Tomorrow is the day!

Excited but extremely nervous for tomorrow. Still concerned about size but am going to trust my Dr. To make the right decision on what looks best. I think I'm ready :)

Officially on the other side !

Day of surgery: I was all nerves and felt like running out of the surgical center... At least twice lol. Dr. Mariotti was great at calming my fears and so was the anesthesiologist (dr. Shapiro I think). I was out so quickly and woke up in recovery. I had a hard time with the anesthesia and nausea. Spent the rest of the day sleeping off and on and very nauseous.

Day one: I am feeling much better, mainly since I am awake today and not so out of it. I had no appetite yesterday at all and it was hard to even eat a cracker due to nausea. But today I have been able to eat lightly (yogurt, saltines and soup), and drink. Breast feel extremely hard but look good and my back is sore from having to lay on it since I am a stomach sleeper it's like torture to sleep on my back. Will post pics soon.

Before and after pic

Before 30aa
After: 350 cc hp mentor silicone memory gel

Starting to feel normal again

Finally feeling normal again! Still tender and more sore on the left, but feels like soreness from a workout. I catch myself trying to do simple things like unscrewing a lid and getting quickly reminded I still am healing and cannot! So far it does not look like the have dropped yet either, being patient. Am so happy with the progress and know it will just get better from here.
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