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Have not yet gotten this procedure, but I am all...

Have not yet gotten this procedure, but I am all scheduled!!
Some about me:
I am 19 years old, 5'6, and 135 pounds. As of now I have a 30DDD bust. From developing quickly and early on, they have dropped quite a bit and caused back pain, not to mention endless teasing. I have finally got up the courage to start going to consultations! My main concerns were: smaller, perkier, natural looking breasts with more upper pole fullness. I decided upon a C cup because it would fit my frame without being too big or too small.

I had 3 consultations, one with insurance covered reduction only (which was a disaster), and two with cosmetic plastic surgeons. The first surgeon recommended a full reduction, with a second surgery about 6 months later to put in implants (forget the cc's, but it would bring me to a C cup). I hated the idea of two different surgeries and recovery times, not to mention the weight of the large implants instead of my natural breast tissue wouldn't really alleviate the pain. The second doc, Dr. Mariotti, I loved! His office was inviting, staff was friendly and knowledgeable, and he really spent time addressing my concerns. We decided on a reduction to bring me to a B cup, lift, and small implants to bring me to a C while helping fix my deflated upper pole.

I have a follow up consultation where I bring in pictures of what I want the outcome to be, talk about recovery and follow ups, and out my down payment on Nov 5th. I will update then!

Only 5 months from the big day :)

Before pictures

Second consult

I went to the second consult, but I think I'm getting cold feet with this doctor. Not sure why, think it's because I found few after pictures that I liked from him. Putting him (but not the procedure) on hold and visiting other doctors throughout the Bay Area. Will keep everyone updated

2 years later

Haven't gotten breast reduction yet and am now properly sized at a 36-38F. Not sure how I was squeezing in those other bras. Waiting until September 2015 to have it done, thinking of Marriotti!

Official appt!

I had another consult with dr marriotti and staff- PA is now Kim, who seemed absolutely knowledgable and very understanding of what my expectations and health problems were. I got a new updated quote for breast reduction and scar(tattoo) excision. The price with cash discount is under $8,000. REJOICE! I am going to make the official appt next week when my mom who is graciously taking care of me afterwards gets approved for time off, but my appt will be in September. So close I can taste it! I had some weight gain and I am now 170 with 36F breasts. Hoping to lose some more weight before the surgery. Will keep everyone updated with dates and new relevant pictures, as my breasts no longer look anything like the old pictures (RIP slightly perky breasts). So excited to be getting a small healthy C cup!

September 16 :)

September 16th is the official day for the surgery! I'm slowly but steadily losing weight, keyword slowly. I am so incredibly excited to be having this surgery done!! These are pictures of my body currently on 7/17. I will post more risqué photos on my pre-op date (9/1) so that they are the most accurate of what my body and breasts look like going into the surgery. I CANT BELIEVE IN 2 MONTHS ILL BE 5 CUP SIZES SMALLER. that's unreal to me.

The sad before pictures.

Ugh I hate posting these, but I know they will be greatly improved and I need something to compare the afters to! 7/19 Breast before pics

12 days!!!!

Omgggggg 12 days until surgery! I had my post op appointment on Tuesday the 1st and received my prescription to be filled, talk about the procedure more, and the PA took before photos- yikes. I didn't realize how bad I looked until I saw myself in HD pictures at awful angles!!! Can't wait until the surgery, I am so so so excited. Will post befores in a bra and in a tshirt the weekend before surgery, cuz sometimes that is the most impressive before and after, when you realize how bad clothes are fitting you!

3 days post op!

Well it took this long to update because I've been in so much pain!! At first the meds were too strong and I couldn't take the full dosage without getting sick and it took awhile to have someone pick up my anti nausea meds. Once I got those and could take the full dosage I've been feeling a little less groggy. But the pain is bad!! Back and chest feel like I got chewed apart by rampart beavers and then hit by a semi truck, that's the only way to describe it. Been sleeping and eating pretty regularly but can't do much around the house. I've been walking laps around the living room to keep myself semi active because I don't want to develop any bed sores!! Anyways this is the only picture I have now it's a very attractive (sarcasm) garment that I have to wear until my post op appt on Tuesday, I haven't seen the ladies yet but I'm excited! They say everything went well for the surgery but I will have more info after my post op. Thanks for keeping up with me!

10 days post op

Well I'm still in lots of pain and the bruising is starting to come in strong, but I can move and so pretty much all household type of activities (feed myself, dress myself, get in and out of bed and off and on the toilet, etc). It's definitely taking a toll on me mentally, I rarely am leaving the house because car rides hurt so bad and I'm so tired all the time. But the pain after about a week moved from holy hell I feel like I got sawed in half to holy hell I feel like I got beat up by multiple people haha! It's just a soreness and achiness that doesn't go away! Ice has been my BFF. And let me tell you without my mom I would have been like a turtle on my back, she has done more for me than I ever imagined I would need. Make sure you have a good support person that is going to stay with you!!! Here's some pictures.

6 weeks post op

Can basically do all movements unrestricted although it's still uncomfortable to sleep on my side and stomach sleeping is out of the question. I've been living in sports bras and girls (not women's) size large training bras cuz there's no cups and it's a super soft material that doesn't irritate me! I highly suggest buying those for post op, especially since they're only 6 bucks at target!

2 months post op

i had a follow up today and i am 2 months post op. i can't figure out how to edit my profile and take away old information because i made this account a long time ago with an estimate of when i was having the surgery so I'm pretty sure it says I'm like a year out or something. anyways, dr mariotti graciously took these pictures for me today because i can't take pictures myself that look this good! i am so incredibly happy with the results, i have a bit of a raised scar on the inside of my breast incision (towards the cleavage) but i was advised to buy some scar pads from CVS and i will be doing that to help. i also added a picture of my liposuction (of love handles) results but that is not reflected in my review or the price because i wanted this review to be strictly about my boobies. but with results this good i can't NOT add them!!!! so happy that i did this, and could not be more thankful for the results and care that dr mariotti and his team gave me. the only problem is, now i want more plastic surgery!!! sorry for the quality of pics i thought i could scan them but i can't figure out how to work my scanner so i had to take pictures of the printed out pictures

Forgot to update- almost 5 months!

I can't believe I've had these teeny tatas for almost 5 months already! I'm so incredibly pleased with the size shape perkiness and firmness of these cuties. The scarring is less than ideal but that's my genetics, not my surgeons doing. I figured mine would be raised and red for quite some time and I'm using biocorneum gel on them to keep them flat. I'm sure within the year they'll fade to pink but honestly the scars don't even matter to me because of how enjoyable life is now. I can work out with no pain, and with a sports bra that isn't built out of steel! (And I've lost 8lbs since January because of it!!!) and most of all- I CAN ONLINE SHOP. It's a miracle really. Here's a pretty crappy picture featuring my endless acne (which I'll be starting accutane for later this month). Next month I get my 6 month photos taken at the docs office so I'll be posting those as well. Xoxo
Walnut Creek Plastic Surgeon

would recommend to EVERYONE seriously if you have to travel to him even, it would be worth it

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