One Sided Lift + Reduction & Bilateral Augementation for Major Asymetry, 5'9 20, 475 & 350ccs

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I'be had very asymmetrical breasts my whole life...

I'be had very asymmetrical breasts my whole life and finally got tired of hiding them. I'd known since my teens I'd need plastic surgery to achieve any degree of symmetry. I had my procedure today. I Have 475 high profile on the small side and I believe 350ccs on the small side with 250 ccs of natural tissue removed. I'm less sure about the second numbers because the doctor talked to me while I was pretty groggy still.

Day of surgery

this is a few hours after surgery

Day after surgery

pretty sore taking my medicine as perscribed but wishing I had something stronger. Woud definitely do it again. I've been icing and taking antibiotics and pain meds and doing gentlen massages. Both nipples hypersensitive lift side and the side with just the implant. Mostly laying in bed but did leave the house for a bit

Day 3 shower+ gauze removal

I've been up and about a lot. The first day after surgery I was left pretty much by myself because the person in charge of taking care of me left and today I spent running around with friends but they also kept me from lifting too much or bending too much and helped me shower and change

Thank you Dr MARRIOTTI

If they keep looking the same way they do now equal and such as they settle I will be the happiest girl ever. I didn't think I could dream of results this good. This already has been such a confidence boost. For the first time since my preteen years I left the house without a bra without worrying about everyone noticing how unequal they are. Don't even get me started on how excited I am for bikini season. Although theres been some pain I would say it is pretty minor; way less than an adult tonsillectomy or a pinched nerve, plus I get to end up with pretty pretty boobs. I couldn't be happier. All of my friends have seen them and are surprised I have very little bruising and they are already round and boob shaped not square like many peoples are right after. I couldn't be more grateful.


I think I overdid today; I went out to walmart for food and snacks with my roommate then went and hung outwith her and a friend while they worked on a house. It was cold out and I was up and out and around with them for about 4-5 hours and I definitely overdid it. Pain levels are high now and i think it's just from overdoing it which is something i have a tendency towards doing. i'm not the greatest at just relaxing.


my boobs are doing great; Monday I had my first post op and that went great. Changing the tape on my incisions really squicks me out because I can see the nipple pull up and slightly separate and skin pull apart at the the incisions on the bottom. I haven't changed the tape since Monday I avoided a shower today so I wouldn't have too. Plus to give my incisions some time to get more solid before I have to mess with them again. I think my implants are dropping more. The left side is definitely higher I've massaged it less because I was weirded out by incisions but now have been massaging regularly so im hoping it will start dropping and fluffing more soon. Over all still super thrilled with my new girls I couldn't be any happier. I'm mostly off my pain medicine still need it in the morning and evening for my back i was already on pain medicine before surgery though

Updates+stomach flu+back pain

everythings healing really well the boobies are looking gorgeous. So glad I did it still. Today has been pretty tough though I got the stomach flu and haven't really been able to keep anything down since yesterday. That's been tough because Not only am I miserable from being sick my back pain is really bad and I can't take any meds for it because I can't keep anything down. I have a herniated (L5-s1 and bulging discs above it.) the hardest thing about this last few days is finding a sleep position that's comfy for the girls and my back now that I'm not on the huge amount of pain medicine. I've also been trying to stop the daily percocets I take for my chronic back and leg pain(siatic nerve) My ribs have also been super sore today.

Picnic & nipple numbness & finally feeling better

I went on a lovely picnic today for lunch which was really nice! I'm feeling good overall! Much better from stomach flu.. A bit of boob soreness from coughing and vomiting but not bad! The side with just the implant has a lot of numbness.. In the beginning it was whole boob and now we are down to just around nipple and areola. There's some nerve pain but not bad! Usually I start feeling pain somewhere and then start being able to feeling! I Am really hoping I get all nerve function back cause they were really sensitive. All the coughing/vomiting hasn't seemed to hurt anything. I have a new confidence that is really changing how I feel! Can't wait for them to drop completely. Left side is higher but not too bad! 100% would do again! I even quit smoking cold turkey after 4 years and several attempts before so I could do this!

19 days post op

boobies are healing fantastic ???? loving them! Almost 3 weeks post Op

Month and a half post op

everythings healing great! The scars are looking better and better every day. The boobies are nice and squishy and getting softer every day. Im super happy with the size and overall loving them. The side with no lift has dropped lower than the other side which im slightly concerned about because he lowered that crease but the other one is still dropping. My old small stretch marks have turned very red on that side as well but are fading. Im cleared to get the other nipple peirced so that will be happening soon as well! All the current pictures are lying down

Random pics I've forgotten to upload

2 month update.

The girls are looking better and better! They're 2 months old now and I couldn't be happier

7 month update

They have gotten more and more squishy and real. Scars are healing wonderfully and I'm overall very happy. I do have some concerns about possible capsular contracture on the side with the lift it has not dropped as much as the other side and is riding high and tight still
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Love Dr Marriotti! seriously so glad I chose him. He actually listened to me and gave me realistic expectations which were far exceeded by his actual results. Im a week out and I came out of surgery looking way better than I ever expected to look and it's only getting better as I'm healing. I was told by several surgeons i would never achieve symmetry because my breasts were so different but mine look pretty dang perfect to me. I could not be more pleased with my results. I'm absolutely thrilled and so excited for bikini season. I would recommend him to anyone!

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