5'4" 110lbs Going for 300-325cc Mentor Mod+ - Concord, CA

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My surgery date is on 8/25 and I'm more excited...

My surgery date is on 8/25 and I'm more excited then nervous. The reason I decided to go for a BA is because I'm tired of living my life not fitting in clothes and bras that I love. My weight fluctuates from 110-116lbs depending on how much I cave in for carbs. They are my worst enemy. I am really confused on if I should go for 300cc or 325cc Mentor mod+. Anyone on the same boat or have suggestions for my frame size? I want a natural look but don't want to be disappointed in the size.

Some wish boob pictures

Time is ticking and I'm just getting more anxious. I'm still stuck on the sizing and will hope my PS can decide for me on Thursday. I want 325 cc mod + but don't want the overly noticeable BA look. If I go with 300 cc, I'm afraid I'll get boob greed. I actually opened up this savings account with this surgery in mind 3 years ago and finally making this leap.

I am a little nervous about not having muscle relaxer prescribed because I get tingling feeling already as is. Do you guys think it was necessary for recovery?

Wish me luck!

Da dummm da dummm

Today is the day y'all!!! Anyone wake up so nervous that they want to puke? Food usually calms me down and water helps me push down potential throw up building up. Sad part? You can't have neither of those before surgery! The torture!

So after reading and speaking to friends, family, people here on Realself, I'm going to go with 275cc for a more natural look. Wish me luck! Man I want to throw up.

I'm alive!

I went with 275cc, but kind of wish I went with 300cc now. Regardless, I'm really happy that they look so much better than what I started out with. My experience at Premier Surgery Center was overall really good. The front desk staff seem like she woke up on the wrong side of the bed, but all the nurses were sooo sweet, funny, and helpful. After I got called into the Recovery Room I made sure I peed then switched into the gowns and got the IV (scariest part for me). Met with a nurse to check my vitals, Dr M for last min questions and minimal drawing, then the anesthesiologist. Dr Shapiro, the anesthesiologist had amazing bedside manners and was really on point with the countdown and describing what I will feel every second before I actually felt it. There was also nurse Liz who was helping me and making sure I felt comfortable. They were a great team! After surgery I woke up in the Recovering Room super nauseous and dizzy. They offered me a shot and IV med. Eventually, I got both. I was totally avoiding another shot because I'm a whimp with needles. After three small throw ups and annoyingly drinking and asking for cups of water, I was ready to leave and felt like a million bucks. It was definitely a 180.

Today felt like the longest day of my life I swear i woke up from 10 naps. Wish me luck for day two! I heard it's the most painful day of post op. Is this true for everyone?
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Dr. M seems like he has enough experience to do the surgery with his eyes closed and with that I'm hopeful and leaving my life in his hands.

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