34 Years Old, Breasts Disappeared After Breastfeeding Two Kids. Concord, CA

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I am a 34 year old stay at home mom of two. After...

I am a 34 year old stay at home mom of two. After 2 years of being unhappy with my breasts I have finally decided to get breast implants.

I weigh about 100 lbs and am 5'5". I have been thin my entire life but was blessed with a nice C cup. Unfortunately after breastfeeding my babies, my breasts disappeared and look so sad :( I am currently a 34A and am planning on going to a small D. I was a D when I was pregnant and breastfeeding and really liked that size on my frame.

I met with Dr. Mariotti a few weeks ago and immediately felt extremely comfortable with him. He answered all of my questions and not once made me feel silly for asking or made me feel rushed during my appointment. We looked at lots of pictures and I tried on some sizers and he believes I will end up between 350-400cc to get my desired look and size. We decided on the smooth Mentor moderate plus silicone implant under the muscle. I am going back in a month to narrow down the exact size.

I am really excited about getting my chest back. I have always been comfortable in my own skin and do not want to live the rest of my life being self conscious about the way my breasts look. I'm not even comfortable in front of my own husband anymore, which is completely ridiculous.

Picture before BA

Dream Boobs

So here is what I'd like my boobs to look like after my ba. Originally I was going for a much more natural look but I like how full and round these are. I feel like they don't look like two cantaloupes sitting on your chest but they're still nice and perky. According to the notes at the bottom of each picture this should be roughly the size I will end up with as I will be between 350-400 cc.

Pre Op Appointment

So I had my Pre Op appointment with Dr. Mariotti two days ago. Everything went well! They took pre op photos and gave me my antibiotic and pain killer prescriptions. We tried on some more sizers and finalized the size. I'm going to get 400cc Mentor smooth round high profile silicone implants. I brought the same size bra I wore while breastfeeding and sized according to that since I know that I am happy and comfortable in that size. So when everything is said and done I should roughly be a 32 D.

I am really excited and anxious at this point. For me waiting is the worst part (patience is definitely not one of my virtues lol). My husband took the week off from work and will be bringing me to my appointments. My mother is flying in from out of state for 3-4 weeks to help with the kids while I recover. 8 days to go!!!

6 days to go!

I can't believe I'm only 6 days away from my surgery! I took some more before pictures so I can compare after surgery. I've been busy getting the house clean and running errands since I'll be out of commission for a bit. Besides that though everything is all set and ready to go :)


Here is the approximate size I am going to be after my surgery

Night before surgery

I can't believe it's finally here! The nerves have definitely set in and I've had emotional evening. Honestly I'm mostly nervous of the anesthetia. I keep thinking what if something goes wrong and I don't wake up. My kids won't have a mother anymore. Plus I'm worried about them over the next few days without me. I know they're in good hands with my husband and mother but still it's hard to give up that control. Ugh! I just want to fast forward to tomorrow afternoon.

Surgery Day!!!!!

Well I did it! I didn't sleep well last night at all. I kept waking up thinking I was oversleeping. I was pretty anxious this morning and there were a few tears. But everything went awesome!

The nurse called me back and I got changed into gown, booties and cap. She put an IV in my hand and started me on some fluids. Dr Mariotti came in and we confirmed the size of 400cc. Then he made his marks on my chest. Then the anesthesiologist and she walked me through what she was was going to happen. She gave me something in my IV to help me relax and then the nurse wheeled me into the OR. I laid on the table and the hooked me up to the monitors and put cuffs on my legs for blood flow. Then she gave me some oxygen and the next thing I knew I was waking up in post op.

I feel ok. I'm pretty dizzy and sore. They gave me a percosset at the hospital because they were hurting when I woke up. It's not even my boobs that hurt but my sternum between my boobs is killing me! The perc on an empty made me really nauseous so I had some crackers and they gave me a shot of anti nausea meds. That helped a lot and I don't feel sick anymore.

Definitely feels tight and like someone is pressing on my chest. Pretty much feels like when your milk comes in after having a baby. I'm very weepy from the anesthetia and cry for no reason lol. Also I very tired, I'm going to take a nap soon. I'm home laying in bed resting.

I'm surprised how good they look post op! I was expecting way worst. Dr. Mariotti is amazing!

A close up

Wow they're big lol! I know it's a lot of swelling right now. I'm very happy with them so far. I'm getting a little bruising by the incision on the left one but not bad.

Day 2

So day after surgery and I'm pretty sore. It mostly feels like tightness and pressure on my chest rather than pain though. When I stand up the weight makes my incisions hurt but not terrible. I have some bruising around my left incision but I think they're doing ok.

My back is killing though from laying all day yesterday and last night. I slept pretty good considering and only woke up a few times to reposition myself. I wish I took a painkiller one of those times I woke up though because wow was painful when I got up this morning. Luckily it kicks in pretty quickly and I'm back to being just sore.

My boobs are really swollen today which is to be expected. I was able to slowly start my massages today and I've been icing them often. So far I'm really happy with everything.

Rib pain!

My ribs are killing me! I have some air bubbles on top of my ribs (under my boobs) so I don't know if that's what's causing the pain. Luckily it only hurts when I'm up and moving around so since I'm spending most of my time laying around its not too bad to deal with.

Day 3

I spent the majority of the day sleeping today. I've been taking my painkillers like clockwork to stay in front of the pain. So far it's working and I'm mostly just sore. My ribs are still killing me though and I'm hoping some of this swelling goes down soon. I got to shower today and it made me feel so much better. I was surprised that I was able to shampoo my own hair without pain.

Day 4

I've had a wicked headache since yesterday afternoon. This morning I finally took some Tylenol so I'm hoping that will help. I slept all day yesterday and last night as the pain pills make me sleepy. I'm guessing that's where the headache is coming from.

The swelling in my boobs is starting to go down and they don't feel so hard anymore. There's some light bruising around my incisions but nothing terrible. It hurts when I have to sit up in bed because the weight of the implants shift to the incisions but it only last a few seconds and then it's ok. My ribs are still the most painful but thankfully my sternum feels better. My boobs have pretty much woken up and I just have a few spots of numbness left. They don't hurt, which is good though they are a bit itchy. Hoping to kick this headache so I can get up and move around more today.

Day 4 pics

Here are some pictures from today. Still very swollen and it looks like one is riding a bit higher than the other. Hopefully because they're starting to drop???

First Post Op Appointment- Day 5

I met with Dr Mariotti today and he was really happy with how everything turned out. My boobs have already dropped a lot and he wants me to start wearing a tight underwire bra 22 hours per day. I actually like wearing a bra because they feel more secure (and I could wear a normal top without my nips a blazing lol) but it's very tight and presses on my incisions. My incisions are doing great with only a little bruising on my left side.

I haven't taken a painkiller since yesterday morning but have been taking Tylenol every four hours. I feel pretty good and even went out to lunch with my family today. I'm still sore and get tired easily though. Recheck appointment is next Thursday.

Day 6

So I've had my underwire on since yesterday at noon and I'm sick of it already lol. I'm still swollen so the 32 band is too tight. But I definitely notice a difference in my boobs already. Yesterday I felt like they were too far out and under my arms. Today they are closer together and "looking" more forward. They're starting to feel softer and not as sore as well. My ribs feel slightly bruised and I am able to start using my chest muscles a bit. I can't wait to be able to sleep on my side again. This back sleeping is killing me!


Yikes! I just changed the tape on my incisions and I'm not loving the way the left one looks. The dr just saw it yesterday and said it was ok. I hope it doesn't ripple up too bad.

Loving my new girls!

I drove for the first time today and I did fine. A little tough getting in the car and pulling the door shut but driving was fine. I ran to cvs and to get a pedicure and I loved walking around with the new girls. I've missed having boobs so much and I feel like myself again!

Still wearing the underwire 22+ hours a day, which sucks! But it's definitely keeping them where they need to be. Ribs are feeling way better too though my back is just so sore. I'm dying to sleep on my side!!! Other than that things are going great :)

1 week!

I can't believe it's been a week already! I'm feeling good and am getting better every day. My left boob is still very tender but the swelling has gone down in it quite a bit. My right boob is still very swollen and is sitting higher than my left. I cant wait for everything to even out.

I went dress shopping today and it was so much fun to fill out all those cute dresses and not have to wear a bra to do it! I love them :)

1 week 1 Day

I haven't notice any change since yesterday. I was hoping some of the swelling in my right boob would go down and match my left. My left did seem to drop a touch and isn't sitting too much higher than my right. My incisions are looking good! I'm starting to feel better about the left one. It's starting to feel smooth where it was puckered in the corner. The feeling came back to my nipple and boy do they hurt. Luckily they are ok in my bra and only hurt if I touch them.

Rash, fever and swollen glands Oh My!

Yesterday I noticed I had a painful lump on the back of my neck, a swollen lymph node behind my left ear and what seems like a sub dermal cyst on my ribs. This morning I broke out in a red rash all over my body and have a fever of 101.3. I also noticed more glands in my neck are swollen.

I called my ps and he thinks it's a reaction to the antibiotics I've been on. I'm allergic to penicillin so this is a sulfer based one. I even googled it and apparently it's very common to get allergic reactions after 10 days of taking them (today is day 10) and the other side effects are fever, hives/rash and swollen glands. At least I know it's from the antibiotics and not a complication from the surgery. I have an appointment for my recheck tomorrow afternoon but he told me to call if it gets worst and he'll get me in earlier.

My boobs are doing great! Some areas that were numb have woken up and are sensitive to the touch now. My nipples are killing me! They're not bad if I just keep them in my bra but any touching or even in the shower sucks! The swelling seems to be about the same and my incisions are looking awesome.

Last night I broke down and took my bra off to sleep. Wearing the underwire 22 hours a day is killing me. My ribs feel much better except for where my underwire is. It's still very sore there.

Second post op appointment

I had my second post op appointment today. My rash is worst today than yesterday so the doctor put me on a steroid to help clear it up. He also confirmed that the lumps I was feeling in my neck and upper rib area were swollen lymph nodes. My fever hasn't returned since last night so that's good.

My boobs (other than being covered in hives) are doing awesome! My left still needs to drop a little more but he was really pleased with the progress I've made. There's still some swelling that has to go down but they're getting softer. My incision look great and I don't have to wear the tape anymore. He told me to start applying the scar cream twice per day.

1 week 5 days post op

I feel awesome! I started the steroids and my rash/hives have turned bright red and are starting to fade. My incisions look great and I've started using mederma twice per day. I'm still more swollen on the right which is causing asymmetry. I can't wait for it to go down and match my left. I can use my chest muscles and pick up the kids quickly but I can't carry them around just yet. Overall I am really happy with my progress so far :)

17 days post op

So I passed the two week mark and I'm feeling awesome! I'd say I'm probably 98% back to my normal activities. The only thing I still cannot do is sweep or mop the floors. The back and forth repeative movement is too much and hurts. Other than that though I'm fine.

My boobs are doing awesome and I am so happy with them! My left has finally dropped and is even with my right. My right breast fold was 1/4" lower than the left before surgery so that will still be present after surgery. Also my left breast pocket is wider than my right so I don't think they'll ever be exactly symmetrical but that's ok. I'm looking at them under a microscope but no one else would notice.

A lot of the swelling went down but there is still some remaining. I'm hoping once all the swelling goes down the right one will look straighter because right now I feel like it points slightly off to the side. The right is slightly bigger from the swelling so we'll see.

My incisions are looking awesome! I've been using the scar cream twice a day. My boobs are also feeling like they're starting to soften. I wonder how much they will soften because they're still pretty firm. They are finally starting to feel like part of me instead of like having two hard things strapped to my chest. I really love them and am so happy I went through with the surgery.

One more pic at 17 dpo

Here is one more at 17 days post op.

3 weeks 2 days

Well overall I'm feeling awesome! I am so happy with how my boobs are looking and the size I am. My incisions are healing beautifully and I'm pretty much 100% back to my normal activities. I couldn't be happier!

My only complaint is I have a sharp pain under my right implant. It's not the implant and doesn't hurt when I move the implant around. It feels like a sharp stab to my rib right under my incision but the incision itself seem ok. My underwire lays right against it so I'm not sure if it's my actual rib or the skin of the breast fold. I've switched bras to one without an underwire but it has formed cups and acts the same as a underwire. I stopped sleeping in a bra as well. They've been staying in place so I'm guessing what I'm doing is working. I have an appointment Tuesday so I need to hang on until then to ask the doctor.

3 weeks 3 days photos

Here are updated photos

4 week post op appointment

So I had a recheck appointment today. Everything is looking awesome. Both boobs are dropped into position and almost all of the swelling has gone down. My incisions are healing beautifully as well.

The sharp pains in my right boob fold have mellowed out some and I was able to go back to wearing the underwire yesterday. I asked about the sharp pain and was told it's the nerves waking up. She also feels that boob is trying to drop more (that's the one that was lower than the other prior to surgery) and that could also be putting more pressure on things causing some pain. She told me I have to go back to wearing the underwire 22 hours a day including while I sleep ???? to prevent it from dropping any further. Other than that though things are looking fantastic and I have to go back in 3 weeks.

5 weeks post op

Well today is 5 weeks post op and I feel great! All of my soreness is gone and I only have mild sensitivity where different areas are still waking up. My incisions are healing beautifully and that little area that was puckered up on one side is completely flat now.

I've been wearing my underwire nonstop like the doctor told me too, with the exception of an hour or two in the evening before bed. It's actually not that bad anymore now that the swelling has completely gone away. I've definitely noticed that my boobs are more even and staying in place when I don't have the bra on so I guess it's working.

I did have to email the doctor today because yesterday I found some kind of bubble/lump at the base of my implant on my right side. I'm not really sure what it is. It doesn't hurt but it's definitely palpable. It almost feels like an air bubble after surgery since I can't get my fingers around it. I'm not sure if it's normal to still have an air bubble 5 weeks post op so I thought I'd ask the doctor to be sure. I'm hoping to hear back tomorrow.

5 week post op pics

I forgot to attach the pics for 5 weeks post op. You can see the red marks from my underwire

Summer boobs!

I heard back from the doctor's office and they suspect what I'm feeling in my right boob is an air bubble or some swelling still. I'm hoping it's just an air bubble and not the implant I'm feeling because I really don't like it. I have a recheck in a couple weeks so the dr can see it then if it's not gone already. I grabbed an old bathing suit top yesterday and wow! My boobs look awesome! Definitely not appropriate to wear out with the kids but definitely loving my new boobs for summer.

8 weeks post OP visit and bathing suit shopping

I had my 8 week post op visit today. Everything is looking awesome! I was given the all clear to wear my bra at my leisure rather than 22 hours a day. Yay!!! Also incisions are looking great!

I asked about that little bubble hanging out in my breastfold and was told it feels like the edge of the implant. I don't have any fat there and now that they've dropped I can feel it. Though that may change as they continue to settle and scar tissue continues to form. Honestly I don't really notice it anymore and it's not like it's visible (or palpable unless you're looking for it). Oh well!

After my appointment I went shopping for a new bathing suit. I found one that's cute and family friendly. They didn't have the bottom in my size so I need to order it online but I'm super happy with the top.

Another bathing suit

I'm at 9 weeks post op and I'm feeling awesome! I went and bought another bathing suit today. Loving my new boobs!

9 weeks 3 days

Here are some updated pics. My incisions are healing beautifully! I still notice my boobs are a bit asymmetrical and one turns out more than the other. I don't think this will change since that breast pocket was more narrow than the other but that's ok. Overall I am so happy with them!

3 months!

So I am a couple days short of my 3 month mark. Overall I am very happy though I've noticed that my left boob is bigger than my right. At first I just thought it was a bit asymmetrical because one nipple turned out more than the other but I can definitely see/feel a difference in size now.

I was told at my last appointment that I no longer needed to wear my bra 24/7 but last week I noticed the left breast looked quite a bit lower than the other (after I spent the day bra less). Ive since put the bra back on 24/7 and it seems to have corrected it. I hope I'm not getting a double bubble on that side.

I'm going to see the dr on Wednesday for my recheck so I plan to bring up all my concerns then. I know things are still settling and changing, I just hope everything evens out.

One year later

Well I just passed my one year anniversary and thought I'd update. There is not a day that goes that I regret my decision. Getting these implants have done so much for my confidence. I feel sexy around my husband again and I love the way I look in clothes. I feel like the old me again before my kids destroyed my boobs.

Everything has healed well! The incisions still have a bit of loss of feeling but it's very mild. Honestly I don't even notice it unless I run my nails over them then I realize it feels a bit numb. I haven't had anymore issues with the implants dropping any further. I guess the scar tissue finally fully formed and is keeping the implants in place now. I really don't even notice the implants anymore, they just feel like apart of my body.

Overall I can say I am completely satisfied with how everything turned out. Dr. Mariotti and his staff were amazing through the entire process. I have a one year recheck with him in June (I pushed it back due to scheduling conflicts). I just couldn't be happier with my decision.
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