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I am 26yrs old and always wanted a BA even in my...

I am 26yrs old and always wanted a BA even in my teen years. Fast forward and during high school and college I gained a huge amount of weight. During my sophomore year in college I decided it was time to lose the weight I gain. Fast forward again 5 years later and I have lost 90lbs and have deflated nonexistent breasts.

I went to 3 consultations and found the most amazing Dr! (He was also highly recommended by my coworker) it took FOREVER to get a consult with him which was a good sign (called and made appointment in March and couldn't get a consult until July!)

I really want to my breasts to be proportionate with the rest of my body. I also want a natural look rather than the highly fake look and I am going on the modest side, but am afraid I'm going to regret it! I told my PS I wanted to be a full C small D but I'm leaning more towards the D.

My pre-op isn't until August 2nd where we will narrow down the size. I have tried on 375cc and I think will try on more at the pre-op. My PS said he looks at his patients reactions to see which sizer makes them uncomfortable because that will be the perfect one because he doesn't want them to come back in disappointed they didn't go bigger. I am so excited I have researched this procedure for a year and finally had the guts in March to start this process.

Oh one last thing the 2 previous PS's I has consults with said I needed a lift and the Dr I chose said I definitely don't which I am sooo happy about!


Only 30 days left!!! Ahhhhhh

Help with what to buy!

What kinds of things did you all buy before surgery to help with your recovery?! I have a pillow with the arms already. And I bought some stuff to help moisturizer because a lot of people said they were very dry after surgery. What else should I buy?!? Any suggestions or help should be amazing!


Why is the time going by sooooooo slowly!!! I just want it to be August 15th already! Tuesday it'll be a week till my pre-op. Literally feel like the time is dragging on lol! Hopefully the last 2 weeks fly by!


So I am paid in full! Put my prescriptions into the pharmacy (pharmacist had to call the nurse practitioner because she wanted me taking 4pills a day for 5 days of the antibiotic but only put down 10 pills lol). So that's all squared away! Picked my CCs it was the most scary size! I went with 375cc! Eeeeee he said he can't guarantee cup size (obviously), but said I should be about a small D which is exactly what I wanted! They definitely made me look very busty on my small frame, which is ok since you lose 50cc going under the muscle, so hopefully it'll look just right! He said my one breast is slightly slightly larger than the other and will decide if he will put a bigger one in the smaller one during surgery, but he's pretty sure it'll be the same CCs since it's a very minimal size difference!

Now it's just time to count down the days until surgery time! Luckily the weekend before is my best friends birthday and we will be going up to Tahoe to celebrate, so that'll definitely make it go by faster!

My surgery time changed :( because someone needed to be first for surgery for medical reasons, which I understand, but I wanted to be early in the AM since I know I won't sleep the night before because of the nerves and anticipation! Still hasn't really hit me yet that I'll be venturing into boobyland lol! I'm sure like next week it'll definitely hit me. Starting tomorrow I work 9 days in a row so that'll make time fly by quickly! Eeeee hope everyone is healing well and has a great week! Xoxo.

It's becoming more real

I can't believe it's 5 days away! This time is STILL going by so slowly lol! I think it's because I'm looking forward to this so much it's really all I can think and talk about. At this point I'm so excited to be finally getting it done! But I'm pretty sure the night before I'm going to be a nervous wreck! I just hope I can sleep some the night before lol!

A lot has changed in my home life, which I'm not really excited about. I still live at home at home with my parents since the Bay Area is way to expensive to live on my own. Just within the last week my brother got the news he needed to move out of his apartment (for various reasons). So my parents are going down today to clean his apartment out :/. Which means he will be coming home. It's never been a fun experience living with him lol. And I'm just worried it's gunna hinder my recovery because he stresses everyone out and sometimes there's a lot of fighting. I just pray to the gods that there's not any because if there is after the first 24hrs they say you need someone to take care of you I will be getting a hotel. My recovery and health depend on everything at home going smoothly. We'll see what happens next week tho.


Tomorrow's the day!

Only 18hrs before I'll be in BOOBYLAND guys! I can't believe it's here! I'm soooooo excited! Getting a little nervous since I've never been put under. I'll definitely try and update afterwards.

My best friend is picking me up and driving me home because my mom likes to stop very hard so I didn't want to be bounced around. But my mom will be dropping me off. She's going to go home and wash my sheets for me because I have my dog that sleeps with me, so we figured it would be better to wash the day of. It's very nice of her to do all of that for me :). I'm very lucky.

Well that's all I can think of for now.

Sitting in the waiting room

Sitting here in the waiting room of the surgery center! Eeee I can't believe today is the day! I'm not nervous or anything which is really weird lol! So in about 2 hrs (1hr arrive early 1hr surgery) I'll be coming out of surgery and be in BOOBYLAND!!! Yay I cannot wait! Wish me luck everyone and I will try to update afterwards when I'm not super tired.

On the other side!

I'm in BOOBYLAND guys! I'm sooooo happy! I don't feel to bad either! I'm not nauseous or very sleepy. My best friend picked me up and we went and got me some food! I definitely feels weird tho lol! So far I'm liking the size may have a tiny bit of boob Fred already lol but we'll see when they d&f! Happy so happy! My surgeon doesn't do bras afterwards just the steri strips and I have to start my messaging asap. He just wants me to push the implant up toward my collar bone. Friday is post op appointment 1! I'll try and get some better pics too from the different angles.

Post Op Day 2 (yesterday)

Oh boy was it painful yesterday! Right after surgery I was great could walk around wasn't really sleepy, but yesterday hello pain! My surgeons nurse called to check up on me and told me Dr. M puts numbing solution in before he sows you up! No wonder I felt so great right out of surgery lol!

It's been very difficult for me to sleep propped up. I also took my sleep meds the other night and it seemed to counter act with the pain meds (since they make me sleepy) and I couldn't sleep. Other than not sleeping much I've been taking it kinda easy reading in bed watching tv.

In my left breast near the incision there's been a burning feeling. I did look it up on here and they said its cause of cut nerves and should go away within a couple of days, so I'm crossing my fingers that by my post op 1 week appointment it'll be gone!

I've been doing the messages that my surgeon instructed me to do and man oh man do they hurt! But I'm doing them religiously because I know it'll just help my healing! Well that's all I've got for today. Gunna upload some pics. They're still looking like snoopy boobs lol!

Horrible Day (8/17)

Yesterday was a miserable miserable day! I woke up took my pain meds at like 7am fell back asleep until like 11 and ate breakfast. Took some more pain meds and laid back down. Around 12pm or 1 I started throwing up! I guess me and the pain meds didn't mix. Had my parents call the doctor cause I was to miserable and they switched my pain meds and gave me an anti nausea medication. Took the anti nausea and some Tylenol because I had a searing headache and threw that up right away :|. But after that I just laid down and tried sleeping. Woke up and ate dinner and was fine! Thank god! Throwing up when your chest is tight is definitely not fun! Hurts like a bitch lol.

Today I feel much much better. No throwing up no queasy stomach! I am in some pain tho. My left breast by the stitches still has a burning sensation. It only seems to be there after I've been sitting for a while and get up after that it goes away a little.

Went to the mall with my mom today to return the bra my PS has me buy for my pre-op appointment because he didn't even use it to determine the size I was going to get. Being in the car while my mom drove was a scary scary thing lol! She "tried" to drive carefully, but she still stopped quickly and was speeding so it definitely hurt a bit to be in the car with her. Other than that been moving a little today and now am icing and took a pain pill. Hopefully tomorrow the pain will be less! I wanna be able to drive already lol! Well happy healing everyone!

1 wk post op!

Can't believe it's already been a week! I had my first post op appointment on Friday. The nurse practitioner Kim said everything looked great and I was doing good with my messages cause the implants were already starting to feel soft.

She also said my righty is still riding higher than my left, which again she said was completely normal! I wish the righty would stop being stubborn and drop for me because it's making them look asymmetrical because the right looks smaller. I go back on Sept. 6th for my second post op appointment and this will be with my surgeon. Kim said we will reassess if I can start wearing a bra then, so no bra until then :(. (I actually don't really mind no bra lol).

I started driving on Friday as well! Yay! I'm feeling pretty good other tha the second day where I was throwing up I've been pretty good not as horrible as I thought it was going to be! I'm still having a little boob greed wishing they were a bit bigger, but I gotta be patient and see how they look when they're completely dropped and fluffed and have no swelling to really decide! I think that's all for an update for now ladies! Xoxo happy healing!

Back to work tomorrow

Well guys my 2 week "vacation" has officially ended and I have to go back to work tomorrow. Wahhhhh I don't want to lol! I wish I could just stay being lazy! It'll definitely be nice to see all my coworkers and my team members. I hope my job will understand that I still can't do a whole lot (I work at Target, so lots of manual work picking things up, pushing things, pulling, etc.) tomorrow will be my 2 week boobaversary! Can't believe it's already been 2 weeks!

My righty is still being a stubborn little biotch lol. It's still high and definitely harder than my left. I just hope that's not a sign of a CC cause I have been taking my massages super seriously! Sept. 6th is my next check up so hopefully by then it'll have dropped (my last one the NP said it should drop more by then). Fingers crossed its just being slow and stubborn! Hope everyone else is healing well and taking care of themselves! I'll post 2 week pics tomorrow! Xoxo take care night everyone!


Work was HORRIBLE! I have minor scoliosis and my back was killing me all day. I think it's cause I hadn't been to work in 2 weeks and standing in one spot for to long aggravates my back. I am officially sick from my parents. Woke up this morning and one side of my throat was sore :(.

Came home and took my temp and it was 99.6, but now it's 100.2 so I took some Tylenol to hopefully bring it down! I'm gunna try and get in to see the doctor tomorrow to get medication. Parents were prescribed a zpack and cough suppressant. Hopefully I can get in! So today hasn't been great and I'm not feeling great so I won't be posting pics tonight. We'll see how I feel tomorrow. Hopefully it's not an infection that would be horrible and I'd be really sad :(. My paperwork said tho that if I have a temp of 103 and it's not going down with Tylenol to call them, so it's not up there yet. Cross your fingers it's just me being sick, but my parents did say they never had a fever. :/

2 months!

Sorry everyone for not updating! Things have been really crazy with work and everything! I went to my 6 week check up and was told I could get fitted for a bra, so naturally I went out immediately and got sized! I am a 32DDD at Victoria Secrets! Ahhh I'm so excited! I was a little disappointed about my size until I was put into a bra lol! Now I think I'm perfectly fine with where I am! My right is still higher than my left :(

The nurse practitioner Kim show me the right way to message that side to make it drop down. She told me to call or email her if it hasn't changed much, which honestly I don't think it has. (At least not in my eyes and that was 2 weeks ago, so I'm going to give it until next week and see since I don't go back till Election Day to take pics. Hopefully it's nothing bad.) I bought 3 bras and matching panties when I was at Victoria's!! I'm so happy now! That's all I got I'll let you guys know if the right drops at all lol. I'll also post a naked one later. Off to the gym!
Walnut Creek Plastic Surgeon

Dr. M and his staff are absolutely amazing! Dr. M answered all my questions and made me feel very comfortable! I'm so in love with my results so far. His staff is very friendly as well. They all make you feel at home and make you feel at ease. I had a problem with my medication (pain meds made me sick) and they answered and changed the medication right away to make me sure my recovery was smooth. His nurse practitioner Kim called the day after surgery to check up on me which I thought was very considerate and sweet! I couldn't have asked for a better surgeon or staff! He is so good that getting in to see him is a while so book ASAP! I would definitely recommend him to anyone!

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