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I am an A cup and my goal is for a full C my Dr....

I am an A cup and my goal is for a full C my Dr. and I agreed on 375cc. So far my experience with my surgeon pre op has been great, they've made me feel very comfortable. My surgery is in 10 days. With all of the research I've done and photos I've looked at nothing has prepared me for the anxiety. If anyone has any helpful tips for surgery day. It would be appreciated.

When bras don't fit ????

I can't wait for the day I can fit into a bra and feel like a real woman

Pre op sizers

The round about goal in size... 350cc - 375cc will hopefully make me a full C


5 more days... I'm getting anxious but it'll be good

2 days

Went to jc penny's and got a few sports bras. Super comfy and claims to have great support. So we will see in a couple of days.

1 day

Less than 24 hours and these small breasts will be no more

Today is the day

The day has arrived.. By 9 am I will have new boobs and I am so excited. I will post pics later when I feel up to it.

35 Yrs Old 2 Kids and Time for a New Chapter

I just got home from surgery. Everything went fantastic. Very sore but I feel like they look great even just a couple hours new. It was strange I am not a wearing a sports bra but Melissa at Dr. Mariotti's off said they are more likely to drop naturally that way. So I'm hanging loose for about a week.

Day 2

Day 2

Day 2

Been up since 4:30 am woke up very very stiff. Icing and trying to message seems to be helping a bit. Hopefully they will soften up soon.

Day 3

Day 3

Day 3

It's day 3 and although the mornings are the worst I'm feeling better. My ribs hurt really bad which I was not anticipating. But I have been icing and messaging like crazy.

So happy

I am LOVING my boobs ~ talk about an instant self esteem boost painful but so worth it.

Day 4

It's day 4 post op & I am starting to feel much better... I'm sleeping better and my boobs are looking fantastic. I'm sure you can tell how how happy I am with the 2nd smiling picture.

Day 5

So I'm on day 5 post op & although my boobs are still fairly sore I feel really good. I'm loving the size and how they are starting to feel. And in time they will only get better

So good

I'm so in love with the cleavage I now have... Dr. Mariotti is so good at what he does


God I can't wait for summer.. I will never be self conscious again. It's so nice to feel good about yourself in a different kind of way

Day 6

So it's now day 6 of my post op. And although I feel better. These sharp electrical currents shooting through my breast are quite painful. I hope as time goes on they will go away.

Day 7

At the end of week one. I have my post op appointment today. I'll get the strips taken off the incisions. I feel like with the displacement messages I've been doing constantly are helping the implants drop a bit. I feel good but the littlest things I do make me tired. Can't wait to feel like my old self.


Day 8 incisions. They are a little raised but look good for 8 days out. I started using a scar treatment. ( bio corneum ) Dr. Mariotti recommended. Twice a day for 2 months by then should be nearly invisible.

Week 2

I am week 2 post op. My breasts are feeling much softer. Still sit a little bit high but I am happy about how they are healing. I have major hypersensitivity in my nipples. It's very uncomfortable and painful at times. I have my next appointment with Dr. Mariotti next week. I hope he can give me some suggestions on what to do about it.


I've been having extreme hypersensitivity in my nipples since my surgery. There other day when I woke up I was in a lot of pain and I felt like they were swollen. So I called my surgeon's assistant and she told be to take 800 mg of Advil 3 times a day so that's a total of 2400 mg. I have only been able to do it twice a day because it's a lot of Advil. So I am hoping it still does the trick. Because honestly I'm tired of my nipples hurting. I still unable to wear so even anything loose touching them hurts. Wish I could walk around topless all day that would feel much better. So since I can't I will continue to shove Advil down my throat.

Hypersensitivity soon to be a distant memory

The Advil I have been taking has been helping. I'm sure I have some time to go before it disappears for good. This is my only side effect. My healing has been going flawlessly. My incisions are looking great for just being under 3 weeks. Next post op on Tuesday hopefully I'll be able to put a bra on soon.

Day 18

They are dropping nicely. Getting softer by the day. The tightness is very rare and my massages are so much easier to do now. Hopefully I will be able to go bra shopping soon =)

Day 20

Had my second post op appointment today. Dr. Mariotti's physicians assistant Kim is happy with how they are dropping. Gave me another kind of displacement messages to do. They are still sitting just a little high. And still can't wear a bra for another couple of weeks. But non the less I am happy with how my healing is going. Slowly getting back into my old routine.

Day 24

Yesterday I was having a bit of boob greed. As they are dropping more & more everyday they seem to be not as big as I was hoping for. Although I am happy with how I look naked which was not that way before my surgery. With clothes on they look small. Anyways healing is going well. I still have a bit of sensitivity in my nipples the feeling is getting better tho. Hopefully I feel better once I can wear a bra again but who knows only time will tell.

Size regret

The more they drop the more I feel like I didn't go big enough. I like how I look without clothes but with clothes is s different story. I truly hope I am at least what I wanted which was a full C. I truly hope this feeling goes away. Because I don't like it. Maybe when I can wear a bra again.

Week 3

My boobs are softer than ever and I know they will only get softer. I'm starting to feel a little better about my size. My husband said if I had gone any bigger it would have been to much because of how petite I am. I just really want to get sized for a bra even though I can't wear one right now. But don't know if they are still sitting high so don't know if it would be worth it. Anyways still doing my massages especially when they start to feel tight it really helps loosen them up. I have no regrets about getting them done still love my boobs =)

1 month post op

I'm now 1 month post op and I'm feeling really good. I was having some boob greed/size regret but now that some time has past & I've been fitted for a bra, I'm feeling much better about my size. Went to VS and was sized at a 32DD and I have never been happier. I went from being embarrassed about bra shopping to now looking forward to it. The electrical currents have pasts. My incisions are healing really well. The hypersensitivity is slowly going away so my nipples are starting to feel normal again. Anyways I'm in a happy place these days. No regrets =)

5 weeks post op

My left implant is sitting just a little higher than my right. And because of that they are not shaped the same. So I am hoping that changes very soon. My hypersensitivity is going away slowly but is still there. My incisions are looking good for being just over a month old. Still using the scar treatment.

Week 7

So I am 7 weeks post op.. And I am feeling fantastic. I am a lot happier with the final size even though that wasn't the case a few weeks ago. My incisions are fading really nicely. All and all I am a happy happy girl ??????

Month 2 post op

I'm 8 weeks post op and I'm feeling really good. My left implant is still sitting a little bit higher than the right. So it makes them seem not the same shape. So I'm hoping it corrects itself the more I continue my displacement massages. Back to full and normal activities. Now that the hypersensitivity has gone away my nipples are feeling much much better and that sharp shooting pain is a distant memory. Anyways still loving my new girls. ???? and the fact I fit into a DD bra from VS ????

Week 9

So over two months post op and still feeling really good... No regrets at this point. Fitting into clothes much better. The bras I buy are amazing and I feel just as amazing. My left implant is dropping into place with my right. So I'm happy they are starting to look the same.


Can I just say ladies I am IN LOVE with my breasts. They look fabulous in a push up bra and with nothing on. Sometimes I still can't believe it's real. I truly still am getting used to having these beautiful breasts on my chest. I highly recommend breast augmentation. Especially from Dr. Mariotti

Swim suit shopping yay!!!

Went bathing suit shopping and it was fun. Came home with these two. I'm in love with them, super cute and the teal one is comfortable. Not that the black one isn't anyways. Planning on going to the beach this weekend. And I can't wait. I feel so good about myself these days & it makes me happy. Anyways thanks for taking the time to read my post. =)

Month 3 post op

3 months down and still doing well. My only complaint at this point is my left implant is still sitting high. My beasts aren't the same shape which I'm hating. But I am still doing my displacement massages. I hope it starts to correct it's self soon.

Feeling great

I am feeling great with my new boobs. I'm almost 4 months post op & healing has gone extremely well. The incisions are lighter than ever. Still Loving that I fit into a 32 DD bra. My clothes are fitting better than ever. I feel way more comfortable in my skin now. Thanks to Dr. Mariotti

Shopping for tops

Got a couple of tops from VS. I could have never and would have never been able to wear anything like these tops. First I wouldn't have filled it out and second I wouldn't have felt comfortable. So thanks to my new girls I feel sexier than ever. I have no regrets to this point & I don't foresee me having any.

Almost 5 moths post op.

So I'm just about 5 months down. They are softer than ever. I like how I am a full C but I can also play with the size with different tops and bras. My right breast is rounder than the left so I'm hoping that changes soon. But I heard it takes up to a year for them to completely settle into place. No regrets. And if anyone has any suggestions to make my scars lighter please pass that info along. Thank you
Walnut Creek Plastic Surgeon

Dr. M is amazing at what he does. The staff has been kind and very helpful. They make you feel very comfortable. I am so happy with the results of my breasts augmentation. Should I decided to have any other procedure done I will definitely be going back to Dr. Mariotti

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