I Can't Believe This is Finally Happening! Up to Date Information on my BA with Banelli Lift - Concord, CA

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I have wanted breast implants since I was about 13...

I have wanted breast implants since I was about 13 years old. I remember my mom being interested in them when I was around that age, and her showing me all of the before and after pics on the internet. Let's begin by saying that I HATE MY BOOBS. In my opinion they are big, floppy, saggy, droopy, and I think my areolas are just too big.
I went through most of high school usually wearing 2 bras to compensate for not being able to afford a BA. lol
10 years, and 1 nursing career later, I can finally make my dream come true!

Here's a little about me-
Age: 23
Height: 5'8"
Weight: 143
Current size: 34C
Dream Size: perky, high profile DD
Placement: under the muscle
Incision: Crease
Type: Saliene
Additions: Banelli (areolar) Masopexi

Beginning Stages:
After months and months of serious research, I chose Dr. Eric Mariotti in Concord because of his amazing reviews, fair price, and convenient location. I used the link on their practice's web page and requested more information, and a potential consultation. I got a friendly response via email from Sarah, the office's PA very quickly and she assisted me in scheduling a consultation date, which was 10/17/13. The office sent me a packet of paperwork to my house shortly after, that they told me to fill out and bring with me to the consultation.

I brought one of my best friends, Amanda in with me that day for moral support. (Half of me couldn't believe that I was actually going to potentially follow through with any of this!) In the patient room, there were all of these example implants hanging around, and picture books with before and after procedure pictures...which got me much more excited. Sarah, the PA was the first to greet us in the patient room. (SHE IS AMAZING!) She asked me lots of questions about any current medical issues, medications that I am taking etc. She had me change into a little half hospital gown that was like a little shirt and obviously had me take everything off underneath it so the doctor could look and talk with me when he came in.

Dr. Mariotti came in, introduced himself and we began to talk. He asked me what I was looking to achieve, Saline vs. Silicone, history behind why I was interested in the procedure, etc. He is a very nice, honest man, who made me feel very comfortable right away. When he examined me, he immediately noticed my
mild pectus excavatum...which is an abnormality where my rib cage is sunken-in. He also noticed that I was on the boarder line of needing a mini lift because of the pectus, and my weight loss since high school. We then talked sizes. I showed him my dream boob collage on my phone, and he had me put on a sizer bra quickly to get an idea of what I wanted for myself. We originally talked about the saline, high profile, 325CC range.

The next step was talking to the patient coordinator, Karen...with who I discussed finances and scheduling a pre-op appointment. She showed me my new quote...which included my lift. WOW was I taken by surprise! My original "ball park quote" that was given to me over the phone was about $5,700...which I could easily manage. Well, that number clearly didn't reflect my new patient care plan established that day with the Banelli Lift. New price: $8,120! She explained that she needed a 10% overall price deposit in order to schedule the pre-op appointment and surgery date. Needless to say, I didn't have 8 hundred and some change to fork over, so I her know that I would call and make the deposit over the phone when I had more money saved for the entire procedure. I called on November 15th and set my surgery date and pre-op! It was seriously the longest month of my life! lol

Surgery date: January 20th, 2014!!!!!

My pre-op appointment was last week, on January 9th, 2014.
Prior to this, they told me to bring in a non-padded, full coverage bra that I would like to "ultimately fit in". I brought in a Victoria's Secret 34DD. (Which took me about 10 store trips to get the courage to buy, because it was so intimidating!) The appointment started with Sarah (the PA) coming in again, talking to me about any medication changes that I have had...and making sure that I had stopped taking all of the meds that she said would interfere with anesthesia and surgery. She then had me change into a hospital gown, took me into another room, and took pictures of my current boobs. YUCK! (I'm cringing as I think about it!) I then sat back into my original room with all of the implant samples in them and waited. When he came in, we talked once again about my desired look. Over my time between my consult and my pre-op, I decided that if I was gonna be paying that much...I wanted them to be BIG. Noticeably larger. I told him this, showed him more dream pictures and then put on my scary VS 34DD bra. He started out with putting in the 450CC's. I wanted them bigger. He then put in the 475CC's. I liked them a lot, and decided that I wanted to just try the 500. I fell in love! He said he would try to fit that much in there under my muscle on surgery day, but there was no guarantee. We agreed on 500CC if possible, decreasing down...as needed. After he wrote down some notes, he sent me in again with Karen...and I paid the whole cost. Part of it was put on a credit card that I got for this sole purpose...and the rest with my hard, sweat, blood and tears money from lots of OT!

This brings me to today...I'm 6 days away and counting! I am to meet at the surgery center at 6:30 am, and the transformation begins! :)

I'll update in a week! Wish me luck!
Feel free to ask ANY questions! I'm super open, and excited on the subject!



Hey guys!
Monday the 20th @ 0630 was my surgery date. My dad drove me to the surgery center. I filled out some consent paperwork and they immediately called me back to the pre-surgery room. The assistant gave me a hospital gown, booties for my feet, and a hair net and told me to put my belongings into the bag and that he would be back. When he came back, he took my bag and had me sit in this very comfortable recliner with warm blankets over me. My vital signs were taken, and the nurse came in to start my IV. I sat there for a little while, and the surgery RN, the anesthesiologist, and Dr. Mariotti came in to talk to me; all separately. Dr. M confirmed what exactly we were doing and he drew his marks all over me. He had me sit back down, and the anesthesiologist came back in to give me Ketamine through my pic-line. I felt loopy almost immediately. They wheeled me into the OR, and had me climb up on to a very slim operating table. They strapped me down, and the anesthesiologist told me that he was going to administer the anesthesia and that I would feel a slight burning through my veins. They then put an oxygen mask on me, I felt the sting in my veins and that was it! Next thing I know, I'm hearing a lady saying, "Becca, it's time to wake up now. Becca...." and I was awake. My dad came in, and started feeding me ice chips and the nurse brought me some Vicodin for my pain. Apparently I told the nurse I had an 8/10 pain scale...but I don't really remember. :o)

I'm on day 3 of post-op and honestly it hasn't been too bad! Day 1 was the hardest; my muscles were so incredibly sore. You have no idea how much we use our pectoral muscles until you have this surgery done! haha It's hard to really move your arms or use your upper body at all. I have been taking Norco 10/325 mg every three and a half hours to keep the pain away. I am also taking Keflex 500 mg, Zinc, Vitamin C, and a stool softener. I take Vallium 10mg at night to help me sleep. (I'm a tummy or side sleeper and it is so hard to stay sleeping on my back all night!)

So far, each day has gotten better and better! I can't complain...I lay around, take naps here and there and just rest.

As far as my boobs go, I LOVE THEM! The doctor ended up filling my implants to 505CCs. They obviously are sitting high right now, but they are EXACTLY what I pictured my dream boobies to look like. I am so very very pleased!

I'll post some pictures soon!

Let me know if you guys have any questions!

Here's a few pics!

I'm 1 week post-op. Not much has changed but the muscle soreness has decreased. My insertion incisions are all healed up...but my areolar ones haven't.
This whole procedure was totally worth it! I love them so far!
Walnut Creek Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Mariotti and his staff so far have been incredible! Highly recommended!

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