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Anxious , nervous , excited , happy and counting...

anxious , nervous , excited , happy and counting the days.
My first consultation will be on September 13th at 10 am.
Will see ...many doubts , uncertainties , many questions to be answered.
I'm 41 years old, 5'8 164lbs Brazilian, I am the mother of a son aged 20 , nursed bit, but I gained a lot of weight , and in the last two years I've lost what I got , I changed my lifestyle , I'm eating healthily and exercising regularly . I am maintaining my weight for a year , and I think is enough time to repair the damage I've done with this accordion up and down in weight.LOL
This Community have helped me come this far , thank you girls for all the tips , I'm noting all . ( That's because I do not know if I will be a candidate )
I will add some pictures later.

My sad girls...

My sad girls need upgrade LOL, I'm wondering big, round, firm girls, well I'm waiting for sooo long to see PS and get some news about.

Here is my girls' picture

Girls need your help!!!!

OMG, my 1st consultation is arriving , yahh, LOL. Girls I need your help, what should I ask my PS? Risk?size?Anesthesia?price?warranty?sex after pos op.?LOL
I'm reading and learning so much w you girls, I now all the answers, anyways do u think I have to ask the question I now already just in case and then compared w Q&A?
Please, please, please give me a advice ;-))

Sport bra

Sorry I forgot to add

Consultation day...

well, soon I'm going to my consultation, nerves under the skin, oh I'm anxious, I do not know if I will be a good candidate for BA.
Form question at hand, photos, what else? ... Good luck, maybe?!
Ok, Ladies, I'm leaving and one more picture, wearing VS push up 36C.
See u later!

1st consultation Yesteday and...

Yesterday was my first visit, I was very nervous and anxious, did not know if I would be a good candidate for BA; Breast lift was an option that did not want, was totally out of my plans.
When I was already almost out for consultation my hubby surprised me waiting in the car to go together for consultation. He supports me, of course He tells me He loves me as He met me, but as I want to fix something that I think this is not good, He supports me.
The query path, from my home until the clinic takes around 30 minutes, I was cold and sweaty hands, was when I began to feel a sense of guilt of selfishness and on my part tells me something with that money I could invest in other things, like travel, exchange the car, some reform in the house, but suddenly my thoughts turned to the past, as I put priority on other things and let a lot of hand myself. When I left everything in Brazil to follow my husband to his promotion a priority, leaving my profession aside and moving to the United States, different habits, different people, different culture, different language, my life changed 180 degrees. I left family, friends, my job, my house, my life was backwards.
It was when I went into a deep depression, but I was strong, not let that nobody noticed this, but I started eating emotionally "smiling on the outside and crying on the inside", I gained 70 pounds, was when I had a click and went to visit my doctor and everything in me was high (blood pressure, cholesterol, diabetes, etc.). I had to do something I do not want to die had to take care of myself, I've always been super strong one of the family, always wanted to take care of everything and everyone, but now what? Who will take care of me if something is going on? No longer able to continue in that situation, that's when I decided to join Weight Watchers, took two years for me to lose what I gained. And I got it, and today I turn one year of maintenance.
I went back to being that Brazilian girl who does not leave home without being dressed up, hair done, vanity beauty returned, and already today I look in the mirror differently, today already feel beautiful, skin soft and smelling good, things that a long time ago I left.
And why not fix what was broken? Yeah sure I have to feel wonderful.
Well, my boobs have never been my problem, and as everyone already knows Brazilian have butt but haven’t boobs ... LOL, I wondered then never to fix this part of my body, but when I moved to USA, I felt a certain jealousy of the Americans with those beautiful boobs, and analyzing my body I think I might by some nice boobs too, LOL.
Arriving at the clinic I was 100% decided what I wanted, "I WILL DO SOMETHING TO ME, MY TIME HAS COME".
Wow, the office of Dr. Mariotti is simply a SPA literally a spa. My appointment was scheduled for 10am I arrived 9:45, I was received very well, not waited more than seven minutes and went to the examination room.
Sara (Physician Assistant) very polite, very professional, made me feel comfortable, loved her, She asked a few questions and left the room and soon came Dr. Mariotti, I was just saying that I did not want the Breast Lift. He was very detailed and explained everything about the process of breast lift and showed me the pictures of the scar and was very honest and told me that would make the measurements and if I needed breast Lift I would have to reconsider or to let my natural Breast, or search another plastic surgeon, because he would not do what he knows he will not get good and then I get unhappy with the result; wow he beat me.
Very professional and I saw that he knows what he does. It was at this point that I was sure that He is my plastic surgeon.
Very enlightening, responded with a lot of patience my 45 questions I brought plus the questions that I created at the time. hahahahha
Ok, time for decision, Breast Augmentation or Breast Lift or Both.
Measures taken tests done ....... NOT NEED TO BREAST LIFT. Whooohoooo.
I am a good candidate for BA.
Well now the time of the decision which size?????
Well for the size I want (D) between 375cc or 400cc. But I still have much to study. Hahaha.
Consultation finished Doc took me to the room $$$$$ with Karen, I already had been talking to her a few weeks ago, very organized, detail oriented, caring as well of the entire staff of Dr. Mariotti, he has a team that works together with pleasure.
She gave me the estimate, I had already talked, I schedule my surgery for December 23 at 6:30 am (can be changed) my pre op for day December 13th 2pm.
Also which left me in the clouds, She gave me a PRE-OP BOOKLET with 34 pages with my name and my schedule and type of surgery that will be performed on me. I have to read and take it in my pre op. (started reading last night, I stopped on page 9, that I have to read with much attention, contains the entire explanation before and after surgery, I will share more about it after I read it).
Over the months I will write my journey and also sharing what Dr. Mariotti explained, for now is a lot of information for me to digest LOL ;-) I will do blood tests, etc., will eventually be added around 1.6 to 2 pounds in my body with BA, I have to revise my goal at Weight Watchers, will be a long journey. It will be a battle to lose some weight, I want to be slim for surgery.

Well girls it is, my journey began, countdown started, in 3 months I'll be in BOOBSLAND. Hahahah
PS: Sorry for my grammar, consider that, English is not my native language. Thank You

Hubby took this picture. "HOLDING MY BOOBS"

Some information....

Some information on risk of BA, I found important and would like to share with you.
CAPSULAR CONTRACTION: Capsular contraction is the most common "complication" or side effect of breast implant surgery. During surgery, a pocket is created for the implant that is somewhat larger than the implant itself. During healing, a fibrous membrane called a capsule forms around the implant. This is normal. It is impossible to predict the thickness or shape of the capsule, or scar tissue, that you will form. Under ideal circumstances, the pocket maintains its original dimensions and the implant "rests" inside, remaining soft and natural. For reasons still largely unknown, however, the scar capsule shrinks or contracts in some women and squeezes the implant, resulting in various degrees of firmness. This contraction can occur soon after surgery or many years later and can appear in one or both breasts. To help prevent this from happening, we will show you daily massage techniques. It is very important that you adhere to a strict massage regimen for at least a month following surgery.
If you get a contracture, you are at a higher risk for then having another after any revision surgery to correct it. It is important to understand this risk and know that there are things we can do to lessen the risk but it is still there and higher than had you never had a contracture or needed a 2nd revision surgery to begin with.
Capsular contraction is not a "health" risk, but it can detract from the quality of your result and cause discomfort, pain, or distortion of the breast contour. In cases of minor contraction, we usually will not suggest surgical correction. Cases of very firm contraction may require surgical intervention to relieve pain and tightness (a "capsulotomy" to break up the scar tissue). The fee for this revision will be determined ona case by case basis and according to the revision policy explained to you at your consultation . Rarely, if the contraction recurs and cannot be eliminated, the occasional patient may choose to have the implants permanently removed.
DEFLATION (IN SALINE IMPLANTS): If , for any reason, the valve leaks or the implant shell breaks, the saline will leak into your body and be excreted in your urine. This causes no medical harm as saline is what is given to you each time you have an IV (it is essentially body fluid), but the implant will need to be replaced in a secondary procedure. The rate of saline-implant leakage is quoted at about 1-2% over many years, likely due to manufacture defect or trauma. Again, the fee for this revision will be determined on a case by case basis. Please also refer to your implant warranty should this occur.
IMPLANT RUPTURE (SILICONE GEL ONLY): The rate of rupture for 3rd generation "Memory Gel" silicone implants is even lower than that of saline implants. Again, in almost all cases, we see that the rup[ture is a result of a manufactures defect or some type of severe trauma. The newest implants on the market are used for all our silicone implant patients, and as of 1/2007 have been approved by the FDA for use in everyone over age 22.
IMPLANT MALPOSITION: There is a low, but possible chance that the implant may move to an undesirable position within the pocket, either in the early or late healing period. If this happens, it is more common to ride too high, but it can also fall too low. Either of these can lead to a result, which you and/or Dr. find undesirable, necessitating a procedure to correct this. In the rare instances that this occurs, it can most often be corrected early. This revision cost will be determined on a case by case basis and according to the policy regarding revisions that was explained to you at your consultation.

Some more

HEMATOMA (BLOOD COLLECTION): Some patients will have postoperative (after surgery) bleeding into the pocket containing the breast implant, occuring in about 2-3% of women. If the bleeding is a small amount/minimal, the body will absorb it with time, and you may not even notice anything occuring.
With a larger pooling of blood from a leaky vessel, an obvious and sometimes dramatic swelling may occur and will probably require surgical removal of that blood, as it forms a solid clot and cannot be drawn out with a needle (like a liquid is able to be). If you notice one breast is MUCH bigger than the other (2-3 times the size of the other breast), wide- spread bruising covering one breast, or extreme pain in one breast, please call Dr. Mariotti right away. This is especially true if you notice these symptoms occuring over a short peiod of time.
INFECTION: Postoperative infection is uncommon, but possible. We keep this to a minimum by giving intravenous antibiotics during surgery, maintaining a sterile environment in the OR, and giving a perscription for oral antibiotics to take after surgery. Most infections are on the skin, mild and resolve without incident. If a serious infection should develop, the implant will need to be removed. It cannot be safely replaced for at least 2 months after the infection has been treated and has resolved.
LOSS OF SENSATION: Nerves that supply skin or nipple sensation may be cut, stretched, or damaged while the pocket (or space for the implant) is being created. Although this does not happen routinely, it can happen no matter how carefully the surgery is performed. If sensory loss occurs, the nerves slowly recover over a period of 1-2 years in about 85% of cases. But please expect to have some temporary numbness and tingling, as any surgery results in some amount of this.
ASYMMETRY: If your breasts are shaped slightly different or your breast folds are varying heights before surgery, they may remain slightly different after surgery. Rarely, in spite of careful attention to detail, the dissected pockets may end up slightly different in shape or height. If this is not noted while you are in surgery, and poses a problem after healing, you may need a small adjustment procedure.
WRINKLING/RIPPLING: Occasionally, the edge of the implant can be felt and/or seen. This is more common in persons who have thin skin, very small breasts, or are on the slender side. These problems are usually mild and require no treatment. Experience has shown that the wrinkles usually improve with time. If they do not, having another procedure to switch from saline to silicone gel implants may help. Doctor will explain his recommendation for certain implants according to your specific body type at both the consultation and the pre-op appointment.

Information above

The information above, I took the booklet Dr. Mariotti,I hope it will be useful to all the girls including me.
Hugs ;-)

Outpourings ...nothing else!

I do not have much to tell, I am learning a lot with the girls on this site and making a lot of annotations.I'm researching some things for pre and post surgical. I bought a bra brand SOMA that is comfortable and has good support, but I was in VS just looking I'm not sure what size I will wear and my husband also advised me to wait, and to be honest I do not like to wear bra then decided to wait. I do not know what happened to me this week I was so excited and I suddenly discouraged.
I have a trip scheduled for the beginning of November to celebrate my birthday with my family in Brazil, I'm almost canceling, do not plan it, do not buy anything for my family, I'm not even a little excited to see my family. Maybe it is a fear I opened my big mouth and tell that I'm going to process plastic surgery. My parents are super conservative, they do not accept this kind of " beauty".If I tell them, will trigger a drama that I do not want and I do not like to hide things, here comes the negative thoughts "And if I go into a coma?, And if I die?, And give some serious problem? "They'll call to Brazil and tell that I'm in the hospital, and She is doing what there? Is she sick? NO, it was for silicone breast implant! "If I do not die they'll kill me" LOL.
I feel a little guilty for not saying anything, you know when we were a child and we were doing something wrong but do not want to tell our mother what we did, but our face spoke everything? Is what I'm feeling, I'm doing something wrong and I'm waiting for punishment. My husband tries to put me up, play with me trying to cheer me up, talk to me after surgery I will buy new clothes etc, but nothing ...He even bought new mattress, our mattress is over 13 years old, is already more than time to change, and nothing like changing before surgery. I hope that this moment pass and when I return from Brazil I will more excited for the procedure.
Hey girls, some of you had this moment of discouragement?
How do you ladies handle this feelings?
Lot of hugs and who is in recovery happy healing!

Leaving on vacation...

Ok girls, I did not update my blog for a while already. I do not have much to say or "better " type , I'm reading all the beautiful stories of you guys and learning so much from all.I'm going to Brazil tomorrow, I'm going to visit my family and I come back in the beginning of December, then to start my countdown.
I have done my checklist, I'm still confused about bras should I buy, since my doctor is not recommended it, but I'm a little apprehensive to let the girls free, with nothing to support them.LOL
I took some brands with the girls here, I'll decide that when I get back.
Already ordered pillow, arnica, thera pearls (to refresh the girls), for my constipation, I will continue eating what I normally use to eat when I'm in this situation "Papaya". Do not forget that I am Brazilian, I need papaya every morning for my breakfast, and it makes my bowel function very well, thank you.
I do not like to be taking many medications I am more to the natural side of life.
Well that is all for now, when I return I'll tell the news that I will search for there. For those in this month's surgery, Happy Healing and Good Luck. Big Hugs for all of you guys. Bye Bye...


Hello Girls, I can not believe I did it. I received a call from my doctor office and they offered me to anticipate my surgery. Asked for time to think, I had to think fast.
Well, based on the experience I'm having here in Brazil, already visited everyone I had to visit, already ate all the horrible food (LOL) I had to eat, already witnessed all the drama that I had to see, South America is enough for now, is time for me to go back to North America and be done with this anxiety ...YES, I said yes, we anticipate surgery!
I'll be arriving in California on Monday 23rd and my pre op will be on Tuesday 24th. You guys think I'm crazy????
So my surgery will be on Dec.09th woohoooooooo.
Ok children I need to pack up and prepare to say bye bye Brazil, tchau!!!!
Big hugssss for you Girls, I keep in touch next week!

Looking forward to go home...

I'm in Sao Paulo Airport waiting to my flight, in 20 minutes I will be on my way to home sweet home! Awww how i miss my home, life, my boobieland world ! The worst part will be unpack, buy things in the last minute, organize the house , laundry, oh my deep clean !!!!! Of course my hubby did nothing ,or better he did , THE mess. think a soldier alone without a commandant , doesn't work, well anyway i will have a lot of work to do.
Girls I need a help for suggestions , advices etc...I will post a list tomorrow what I have to do to prepare for the big day! Woohooo .
I gotta go to embark know, big hugs for all the brave girls, see you tomorrow !

I do not know where do I start...

I do not know where do I start, I just got here, it was a long trip, about 17hrs of flight, I'm exhausted, all different (time zone (my body is 6 hrs ahead still), wheather etc. I hope I do not get sick with this radical change of time and temperature and to help me , people on the plane coughing and sneezing OMG!
I do not know what do I do first, well I have to go running in the Bank and withdraw money, tomorrow 830am got my pre op and I have to make payment of the surgery.
Arrived my bra I ordered from Coobie recommended by my wonderful girl countrylife07, it's so soft will post pics later, and I have to buy more things for THe big day, deep clean my house, prescription, etc etc etc, urrrrrrr, I think I will start to cry....I need to sleep but I can't so many things to do, sucks! I knew it , deep breathe and let's move, move.
My girls I need to move my big fat butt and do what I need to do, tomorrow I will post pics and about my pre op. Big hugs for every wonderful girls. Happy day! ;-))

Pre Op appointment

Today was my pre op appointment. I was very nervous my Doc said he could tell how much I was apprehensive.
Sarah, the nurse and my Doc. right arm, made the first preparation, took pictures, handed the prescription and expounded the whole process before and after surgery, answered my questions, and she is wonderful, as well as the entire staff at Dr.Mariotti.
After this first part, my PS came and talked to me, calmed me, asked what I feared most, he spoke ever been in my position and he also got anxious too, after he saw that I calmed down, We talked about the size I showed some pictures that I have as "my dreams boobies", he took a some measurements and finally we came to a mutual agreement that 450cc's HP, will give a look that I desire. Also explained to me that he will first put disposable implants to see if it matches corresponds to the nearest desired, it may be that one breast will use more cc's another less, or both equal, in other words he will "plays" before the final implant . LOL
We talked also how He will do on the day of surgery, then I was sent to Karen room to sign the paperwork, make payment and guidance for pre op. Also made ??the appointment for the post op.
The only thing I did not liked was the time that my surgery is scheduled, around 12pm, have not confirmed anything yet, they will call me on Friday before the surgery to give the exact time that I have to be at Premier Surgery Center, do not know what I will do with so much anxiety and moreover without eating and drinking anything. urrrrr
Anyways, I confirmed everything, I'm making my list of what I need for surgery.
I am posting some photos, I bought 2 bras, 1 SOMA and the other from the Coobie (I ordered 3 more, which will be arriving next week).
I will posting more as far as I'm developing the list and process all the information that was passed to me.
A pause to complaint: my house is a mess, unpacked luggage everywhere, booooo.
I have plans this weekend I will organize myself.
Big hug to all brave girls


I don't know why, I can't getting to add photos????????
Tomorrow i will figure it out. :-(


Countdown 8

Since I came back from the trip, I not stopped a minute, did laundry, deep clean in my home, grocery store etc..
I'm trying to organize things as fast as possible before surgery.
I've already filled my prescription, arrived bras I ordered and already went to my hair stylist (cut, color, brush etc. ... I like to be spoiled once in a while) also legs, armpits, and the famous Brazilian bikini everything waxed, my professional waxing did BA last year and I asked her which one hurts more; BA or Brazilian bikini wax, she answered without doubt Brazilian bikini wax ... ooouuuuchhh.... already passed ... my bottom girl is beautiful and clean now.
I'm training to massage my boobies as my PS taught me, to start doing immediately after surgery, under the breast with the palm of your hand gently lifts the breasts, making the massage as I can.
Also made ??a list for me to not forget things. I think this is all, now I'm on the countdown.

My List


pillow wedge ok $ 32.95
two pair of button front pj's ok $ 83.00
SinEcchTM ok $ 29.95
Soft Bras ok $ 120.00
Hibiclens in the shower ok $ 15.88
Dial soap ok $ 7.99 # 8
Ice pack ok $ 15.00
Soup ok $ 10.00
Health Snacks ok about $ 40.00
Flexible straws ok $ 0.98 # 200
Prescription ok ( Vicodin $ 6.99 # 40; Keflex $ 4.99 # 20; Diflucan $ 15.89 # 2)
Waxing ok $ 110.00
Hair ok $ 140.00
Nails about $ 30.00
+++++ surgery and pos op surgery appointments for 1 year.
Expensive !!!!

I hope worth all my sacrifices I'm dedicating for it.

I forgot something girls??? Help me please, feel free to add in my checklist.
Big kiss ;-)


Checklist continue...

- 6 + pillows ok
- smooth move tea ok
- bio-oil ok
- stool softener ok
- Eucerin, cocoa butter stretch mark ok
- medication track for iPhone ok
- Netflix in my ipad ok
- papaya ok
- prune ok
- goldfish ok
- vitamin water ok
- remote control close to me ok
- iPhone /ipad chargers ok
- recliner chair ready w blankets and pillows ok

Everything ready to the big day, exception nails will be ready Sunday.



- Age: 42
- Height: 5'8"
- Weight (lbs.): 145 ( I have been losing weight since I decided for BA thanks Weight Watchers , my Ancor my Safe Port)
- Bra Size: 34B/36A (depending the bra)

BA Plans:
- D Cup Bra
- 450 cc's
- Silicone Gel Implant
- High Profile
- Sub-pectoral Placement (under the muscle).
- Infra-mammary Incision


I'm running out of time

Yesterday I went for my annual appointment , my gynecologist examined me , checked my blood test and everything is perfectly fine . The only thing that is really bothering me I could not anticipate my mammogram , I tried , I tried , begged until the last minute and could not anticipate the exam , uuurrrrr . Now I do not stop thinking in case I have something in my breasts. Why did I anticipate surgery ? ? I'm feeling guilty , especially because my mother is a survivor, breast cancer and now she was diagnosed with lung cancer . What will I do? ? I do not know how long after BA I will be able to do the mammogram . My gynecologist said I 'm fine , but you never know ! sucks ...
My PS office sent an email confirming the time I have to arrive at Premier Clinic , I have to be there at 11 am , my surgery will be around 12 pm , from my house to the clinic is around 30 minutes but I 'm thinking of leaving my house around 10:15 am to not have problems with surprises on the highway , who lives in California knows what I 'm talking about.
I'm almost ready , I have laundry to do , I'll do a light cleaning tomorrow because last week I did a deep cleaning , the house remains basically clean , only my husband and I live in the house, we always try to keep clean and tidy ,especially since my husband is extremely picky to cleanliness.
I'll post some pics later.
Well girls, my time is coming, I'm almost landing on boobiesland LOL, wish me luck, pray for me.
A big kiss to all the wonderful women of this site. For girls who already arrived in Boobiesland, have a great healing. :-))



No Bra



My last minute checklist

Laundry done ok
Cleaning house ok
Nails done ok
Email from my PS confirmed ok
Meals for whole week for me and hubby ok
Drinking a lot of water (nurse orientation ) ok I'm doing good job!

Overall I have my checklist done.


No! unbelievable , but is so true, today is the day I'm so relax and enjoying my Sunday. Am I dream?

Wonderful women , wish me good luck and pray for me. Tomorrow at 12:15pm I will be at OR.
Big kiss everyone ! ;-)


I slept well, I still calm, I'm preparing to leave. I'm having a good bath, washing hair and drying, preparing my bed with pillows and my pj. Separating snacks and meal for later.

I want to thank all the wonderful women who have gone through here and left messages of optimism and affection. To all Brave women this site , all my respect and love. a big kiss to you guys.


I did it,

Hey girl just a fast updated, I'm at home now, I'm soooo tired and asleep. I will update more later. Big kiss


Hubby is posting some pics, sorry about the light, I did my best but still dark.


Hi Ladies ... I wanted to apologize for the absence I should have updated, but yesterday I was feeling very tired and dizzy with all the anesthesia and medications.
I'll post in parts, the day of surgery in the Premier Center, back home (Day 1)??, Day 2 (yesterday) and Day 3 (today).
I hope those who already underwent the procedure , have a great healing, and for those who are preparing for the procedure, sending my thoughts.
Big kiss to all women.


I arrived at the Premier Center 10:40 am, I had to be there at 11:00 am, the traffic was good, not had any problems, hubby was at my side.
When I arrived the receptionist met me, I signed the paperwork, she got me the bracelet and asked me to sit the nurse would call me. I spent three minutes sitting, the nurse called me and addressed me to a room with several large and comfortable armchairs, these seats were divided by curtains, there was room for preparation for surgery. The nurse asked a few questions and asked me to take off my clothes and just stay with my ??panties and socks. A bag with the garments were already in armchair, contained within, cap hair, the protect feet and dress with open back. The room was extremely cold, soon the nurse returned with 2 blankets and a heated blanket from a pipe warm air, she settled on me and covered me I was warmed and comfortable, I was very calm, which was a surprise to me.
Spent a few minutes came another nurse put the needle into the vein, do not know if she is very good or I have a great vein ,I didn't feel anything. She told me that Doc Mariotti was in another surgery and when He ended up he would visit me. Its not how much time passed I think about 10 minutes or so? He soon appeared.
He asked a few questions and told me he would put on a breast 450cc's and other 475cc's but that the final decision would be present during the procedure, I said I do not mind I want my girls looks great!. Doc did the marks on my chest (some girl knows how to get these marks off? I can not take a shower yet, please help me!)
then he told me that the anesthesiologist and the nurse would come up to say hi to me, he carefully covered me again, brought more blanket and put it around my shoulders and came out when he was sure I was warm, it was very cold there.
The anesthesiologist which he had already contacted me the day before the evening, introduced himself and asked a few questions (I forgot his name, I know, I know .... my bad urrrrrr I'm hard to remember names. AWKWARD!!!) I'll call him Doc Anesthesiologist, I wanted to remember his name, because he really was wonderful!
He explained the procedure of anesthesia again asked if I had any questions and I said no, just do not let me wake up during the procedure he laughed and said he would take all the care that it would not happen, also told me that OR was very cold but that they would take care to keep me warm.
Then came the nurse I also do not remember her name, asked a few questions and told me the OR was ready for me, she came to bring the wheel chair.
Doc Anesthesiologist came and I applied the medicine, I began to see blurry, they put me in a wheelchair covered me with blankets and took me to the OR. I remember the room was clear and playing a song by Bruno Mars (When I Was Your Man) I love that song, then they asked me to lie on the table, which was already heated. The nurse put a machine on my legs, which squeezed and relieved, , I had the impression that I was in massage chairs at the shopping mall (LOL) The nurse explained to me what it was for, I think she told me it was for the circulation of the blood, I THINK I HAVE NOT SURE, and then Doc.Anesthesiologist put an oxygen mask and asked me to hold it and I began talking I would sleep, sleep, sleep and..................................... BOOOMMMM I woke up with him saying that I was fine, I did a good job. I thanked him and he left leaving me to nurse the recovery room. She asked if I wanted to see my husband I said yes, but he was already behind her, she asked me if I was nausea, I was not, only my left breast was in pain very much. I said 8 of 10, and then she applied medicine, suddenly I started to shiver, she ran over and applied medicine and began to improve, she said it was the anesthesia. After a while the pain of the left breast was back. she applied medicine again and then I started to improve. She brought me ice chips, but I do not really like to chew ice. I chewed a 2 spoons and was already enough for me. She asked how long the trip to my house I said about 30-35 minutes, she asked me if I wanted to take a vicodin to feel better until I get home.
I said yes, then she brought me some crackers and water and vicodin, hubby gave to me, then I was already ready to leave. The nurse read the care that I have to take home and my post op scheduled for this Friday at 1:30 pm. Hubby signed the paperwork and helped me dress, then they came with the wheelchair and took me up to my car. Were 2 pm.


I arrived at home at 2:30 pm. Perfect traffic without surprises.
My right breast TOTALLY numbness, my left breast, ohhh left breast why so pain??? It was a pain so strong that I had the feeling that ran down my arm. I made a schedule for my medications 6pm, 12am, 12pm and 6am, pain killers, antibiotics and Arnica. As I had taken a vicodin 2pm I had to wait at least until 6pm.
But taking the pain out of my left breast I was okay, my hubby made ??me a tea with some biscuits and was preparing lunch.
I ate well, took a lot of fluid, to take every drug out from my body and stay well hydrated.
The night did not sleep very well, on / off - 11:30 pm I woke up in so much pain I had to take 2 pain killer pain (I hate) and then began itching my whole body I do not know what to do. I wanted to rip my clothes off and get in the shower. Was horrible.
That was my night, pain and itching....


I woke up exhausted, sick and in pain.
My right breast back to normal and the left continues in grace, Funny I hear is who is right handed, the right breast that is the problem, and to me is that the left is giving me a headache, and I'm right-handed ....
I decide to stop taking hydrocodon because besides the effects, I replaced by Tylenol extra strength.
I spent the day in bed, I'm feeding well and drinking plenty of fluids.
I am not constipated sorry to bring it up but this is one of the factors that cause the most discomfort for postoperative. Today I went 5 times to do # 2, the combination of plum, papaya and smooth move tea, works great!
Around 5pm I started to feel better, can not do the massage Doc. Mariotti recommended, it hurts a lot, I can pinch my shoulder blades together, I can stretching above my head. These exercises help a lot to minimize pain.
My PS not recommended any bra, but I'm using because I have the feeling that the balls of my breasts will jump anytime. LOL
Some indispensable items for me:
-flexible straw
-a small table in easy reach of your hand
-learn to use the lower body (this is especially importanta nd I can not, all I'm gonna do I need my arm and sore)
-drinking fluids
-eating healthily


I slept like an angel, hubby woke me 12am to give me medicines and 6am to give me breakfast and medicines but I fall asleep and woke up at 9am, feeling much better, minimal pain, the feeling of balls bouncing through my chest continues, My movements are regular # 1 and # 2 normal.
Sometimes I hear noise, like crackling, but I think whoever is normal.I think I'll just go into my normal routine.

I love my girls?

Not yet, I'm also not looking very much. I'm still getting to know me better, to me is something strange. I put my bra SOMA that is very comfortable and my hubby fell in love.I'm still not feeling attractive and beautiful. I need more time. I think not horrible but also not think this is beautiful.
I know it all depends on time. Everything goes back to normal, I'm not upset or sad, I just want to recover soon, take off this pain and restriction of my body. And being able to enjoy myself.
Later I'll post some pictures wearing bra.
A big kiss to all women.

Some pics day 2

High and swollen

Day 3

Still high and swollen , my right boob is doing good job, I can't say the same for my left breast, still soooo sore, I feel something in my left incision like burn? Pinching ? I still taking nap in the afternoon uuuurrrrrrrr! I still wearing my pjs all day. I still want to be quiet and no talk too much.
Tomorrow will be my 1st post op, I'm looking forward to see Doc. M. and know the news.
Love ya brave girls. XOXO

DAY 4 *much, much better*

I woke up today feeling much better, thank God! Minimal pain, my left breast is much better too. I just realized the uncomfortable pain I have every morning is like I had when my son born (20 years ago) "milk coming out" and I remember also my PS warned about and some girls at this site too. I think the girls call boobies morning? Whatever, my boobies morning is getting better too.
I'm in good mood today, I got to touch in my girls and caress, the only thing I really need is take a REAL bath, relax in my bathtub with candles, nice music and a wine glass! Oh my, how I miss my ritual bath...
Anyways I have my 1st post op in the afternoon , I will post some pics and the dr. Follow up. Hopefully everything running ok.
Love ya, my best #boobiesfriends!

1st Post Op.

Yesterday was my first post op, my first time on the street, my first time on the grocery store. aaahhhh
Let's start by visit to my PS, I'm healing well, my incision are good with a few bumps but around one month the lines become thin. Doc examined my breasts and commented that he is assuming I'm doing the massage he recommended because my breasts are beginning to get soft. LOL I started laughing, NO!!!I'm not doing massage! Until yesterday I could not touch my hand in my breasts so much pain, 'll do massage??? NO WAY JOSE.
He explained to me that I need to do massage because the implants are high, I need just beginning to take massage ...... but the pain bothers me and I stop doing the massage. that is it.
Severe pain is in my left breast near the incision, something pinching and runs to the ribcage.
I spoke of this pain, but he said it might be because he must open more the left pocket.
Doc also said he wants to see me next week, and if continued high, he will put a implant stabilizer in my breasts.
I personally do not think the breasts are so high as he thought,I'll post the picture later for you guys give your opinions.
End of the visit, not very happy, I went to the grocery store, hubby always by my side, helping me, supporting me, always taking care of me, he is wonderful! Suddenly the pain, intense pain that I almost lost my breath, I needed to hold the shelf, the lady who was next to me, asked if I was okay, I wanted to yell at her, know that sharp pain you have to stop and be quiet until passing? That's what I felt, I do not know why I was so strongly, Sarah touched, Doc. touched, I touched, I think to much touched, horrible experience. I asked hubby to take me home.
The first thing I did when I got home was take a warm bath and to my surprise the pain passed. I went to check the left breast and not to my surprise I find MONDOR'S CORD! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH
I knew I had read a story of a girl about mondor's cord on this site but I was so exhausted with every event of the day, I decided to lie down and relax, after all I had not taken a nap in the afternoon, I was really very tired.
You know what I really appreciate, are the fantastic experiences at this site that lets you informed. If I had not all the information that I have, I would have already picked up my car and run to the first hospital that I found.
I thank all these beautiful women, brave, dedicated this site. Love all you guys!!


Sorry I'm not good selfie, my hubby is not here to take good pics.
I will post 1, let me know what do you girls think, are really too high?

500cc right breast 475cc left breast

I forgot to mention, I already got my Mentor's card and warranty , my doc. ended up to 500cc right breast and 475cc left breast.


I woke up without pain, my energy is back to normal. I went to check the left breast and to my surprise was where the mondor's cord? Girls I swear, I saw the mondor's cord, I'm not crazy, including my husband saw also, we do not take pictures yesterday because I was exhausted, but it was there. Well, Thank God, that it disappeared. I think it was the aggressive massage made the Doctor's office hit some nerve.
My day went very well, the afternoon I wanted to go to the mall, I already felt normal able to have my regular life. Well we went to the mall, dinner, Victoria Secret, bla bla bla ....guess what? I went back to get tired, feel pain, everything began to spin. I had to go back to the house fast, my night did not end well.
A word of advice, REST .... I thought, I just thought I was ready, but my body is still not ready for ALL daily routine.Lesson learned, the hard way.


With the lesson learned, I made a light laundry, watched many movies, rested a lot and for the 1st time I could do the massage without pain. My breasts are getting softer day by day and dropping slowly.I can already sleep with my regular pillow, sometimes I can sleep on my side, I'm waking up with less feeling of "milk coming out". I received my first visit my BFF, she had twins and she wants to make mommy makeover, but she is full of fear, and tried to put her fears on me, but I came out pretty well, I told her that I was very confident in what I did and I was happy because I did something for me. I'm not selfish, but sometimes we need to be.I do not want to know what others think, I want to know what I think, and now I have the body I always wanted,I know it is a lot of money, I could make my dream trip, I could buy a new car, I could fix the house etc, but all those was not just for me. I came from a very large weight loss, I battled hard to get the body I have now, I deserve it.The only thing on my body that suffered the weight loss was my breasts, and my girls deserve a retread.
She agreed, and then complained that her husband only thinks of him own, and she is always the last.
I was grateful for the husband I have always supported me in my decisions.
I finished my excellent day, no pain, no antibiotics, no medicine.
REST is the secret!
Love ya girls!

Day 6

I didn't resist and bought VS. ;-)


I woke wonderful, no pain, my incision is healing fast, I'm doing massage 30 minutes a day and keep resting as well, without heavy errand.
Big kiss for the wonderful women. For who already got the procedure have a happy healing and rest well.
For those who are going for the procedure this week good luck and keep us updated.
You girls are in my thoughts always.

Day 8

I woke up well today, morning boob as the usually , before a get up a move my body both side,I massage my breasts and then I get up, that's works the pain is minimal.
I drove for the 1st time yesterday , no pain at all, a little bit discomfort that's it. I did NOT take Tylenol, I think I won't need those meds anymore, finger crossed, I still resting well, I don't over do it. Baby step girls! Massage is helping.
I will update my post w 15 d post op or in case I have something out my routine.
Big kiss!


wow! I can not believe today is officially two weeks since my surgery, how time flies! I had my appointment last Friday and I left Dr.Mariotti's office happy. He examined me and told me that the girls are very soft and they are dropping nicely, asked me to continue with the massage and go back in 3 weeks, will be my one month post op
I am very happy with the result I know that is not yet the end. I'm loving my breasts, which are now part of me, of my body.Today I can say that I do not regret, if I had it to do again, I'd do it all again.
I'm taking back my normal life in 98% , I do not feel any pain, PAIN FREE woohooo,I do not take more medicine since the 4th day after surgery. I'm driving everywhere (LOL) I'm sleeping on both sides, I'm walking, going to restaurants, I went yesterday at the casino (won, lost everything uerrrr).
I still have not bought any bra, for 2 reasons: 1st I do not want to spend knowing the size will modify; 2nd I do not really like to wear bra, one of the reasons I wanted to BA was not need to use all those devices to leave home (LOL) Today I put on a nice shirt and looks great. There's nothing flat or fallen. wonderfulllllllllll !!!!!!! woooohooooo
The only two things missing to complete 100% of normal life are: I do not lift more than 10 lbs and gym, light cardio only, weight training, zumba, kickboxing NO YET. buuuuu.... :-(
Your breasts are perfect?
-To be honest, not yet. They has been changing every day. Some days they are gorgeous, have days that are awful, and there are days they are more or less!
But I do not worry because I know that everything is a matter of time, the body is adapting to another foreign body.
What's important to me that they heal very well, and I do not have any problem in future I have to go for a revision.
It is worth remembering that each person is different from another, even the fingers of our hand are different in shapes and sizes.
I had a quick recovery thank God and genetically inherited from my father, I like my father hardly get sick, our recovery has always been very fast but if I had inherited the genetics of my mother I would not be telling the same story today.
So I say that each person recovers differently.
Well my beautiful women, this is the summary of my 15 days post surgery, I hope I have helped you guys, Girls feel free to ask me any questions I will gladly answer.
Big Kisses

Pics 2 Weeks

Sorry about the light, some shadows, the looks in the mirror is different from the pics, I don't know why,maybe my hubby and I need some photographic class!


Hello girls, hope you have had a great holidays, I wish you guys all the best for 2014.
I'm doing very well, every day I add a new activity, yesterday was my first day since the surgery I rode on my bike 20 miles , I felt wonderful, took a deep breath and let the air be renewed in my lung . As I was missing my BFF (bike).
I had no problem, I felt no pain in my breasts, in fact I used my legs a lot, and also used a support bra to prevent movement and compromise the recovery, just remembering I'm still in the third week and I'm not allowed to do exercises more abrupt until the sixth week.
I earned a Victoria's Secret gift card from my friend,I did not resist and went in the store and asked to be measured, the lady said that my size is 36D or 36DD depends on the style.I ended up buying one bralette I was wishing for a long time, so I will not have problem if a few months the size change.
Well girls hope you are all well, for whom the surgery scheduled this week have a good time and happy healing.
HAPPY 2014!


1 Month Post Op - SO FAR SO GOOD!

Yesterday was my one month post op, so far so good!
Doc M. examined and was impressed as they are soft, the scars are healing well. I do not know if I have mentioned, but I do not have a good healing in my accidents, falls, in my childhood were always visible scars, that was some of my fears, but it is still too recent to say on the subject, I hope that the scar becomes invisible or remarkable least, I will pray for that.
Doc M, wanted to take a picture, He normally takes photos within 3 months after surgery, was good because I could better compare the before and after, because the photos that my wonderful husband and I took, I feel wanna crying or at least make a revision surgery ... are horrible! personally seeing my breasts in the mirror, my girls are very beautiful! LOL I'm really in love with them and of course they are still not perfect, but I think they have become more natural look with some my own characteristics, than a perfect look.
Doc M cleared me for some physical activities such as weight lifting, but with moderation, finally because I'm losing muscle mass and gaining weight in fat, so bad one more week and I'll get back on Doc M. to take all the skins that are left over, belly, legs, arms, butt, back, etc. LOL I am no longer young, turned the 40's has to be careful double.
My next appointment will be in a month, when will turn 2 months post op.
This week I did a deep cleaning at home and used the vacuum cleaner, cleaned the baseboard, windows, mop etc, and felt good I did not have any pain, 2 more weeks and I can return to my normal life 100%.
Only one thing that I regret, of not having done BA before, You girls can not imagine how my life has changed, my self esteem, I feel beautiful, elegant, and happy!
A big hug to all the beautiful women that site, love all you guys!

I forgot to add pics of 1 month....

Pics within different lights

OMG! Ouch***** Holy moly*****

Yes, I'm so so so in pain. I just turned 6 weeks post op, and I was supposed to back 100% in my normal life,right? NO, Today I went to the gym for my normal resistance workout like I used to do before my BA, but i decided to take it easy legs machines 120lbs ok easy, ABS machines NO WAY, chest exercises NO WAY, arms machines NO WAY, lifting your body with your arms NO WAY , push ups NO WAY, maximum 10lbs weights each hand. :-(
I don't know to describe the feelings, but was something stretching inside with mixed muscles breaking and pressuring the implants, anyways weird feelings.
Now I'm in pain, each movement I do I can feel the implants very tied in my chest. Well I have to wait more weeks I'm not ready for up body resistance workout yet, I will continue riding my bike, cardios, and lower body machines, and that's it. No more adventure, I have to be patient and respect my body to heal.
Lesson learned.
I wish the best for you beautiful girls, happy healing for everyone, for who has the procedure this week I wish good luck!


Hi girls, the time flies, sorry to be absent, I've been very busy since than.
Today I went to my 2 months post op, everything is running great, I feel great, actually I forgot I had BA, the implants are making part of me already. I love my boobies how they are now, any clothing I wear, I feel very feminine and attractive.
My PS, did great job and He cares a lot about my results, definitely I high recommended Dr. M, He is awesome.
My life is 100% normal, I'm working out my upper body, is weird but each day is getting better and better.
Dr. M. Took pics, I will post later.
I hope the wonderful women are doing well, big kisses!

2 months pics, from the Dr. M. Office

Walnut Creek Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Mariotti office, is simply a spa, cozy, clean, not to mention the staff. Very well prepared to serve you with excellence quality. Karen (Patient Care Coordinator) and Sarah (Certified Physician Assistant) are extremely professional and do their best to make you feel safe and be comfortable. Do not press you to take decision, leaving you free to make the best decision. PS: This review is for the first consultation REVIEW FOR PRE-OP AND SURGERY/POST OP: From the first contact I got all the attention of Doc. Mariotti and his team. All the questions I had were answered quickly and professionally. In choosing the size of my implant, I showed photos that I considered my ideal breasts and gave some opinion but the end result was decided on the surgery and could not have been better. I totally trusted in his talent, and he did not disappoint me.Nobody better than our plastic surgery to get the best look, and he knew how to do the best for me. I know I have a long way to go before reaching my final result,but I'm already happy with the result I got in 5 days. "So far so good" The success of the surgery also depends on my work, following the orientations of Doc Mariotti. I was very well oriented to my post op, (before surgery, the day of surgery and after surgery). Doc. Mariotti and his team really are very well trained. I want to open a parenthesis and special thanks to Karen (Patient Care Coordinator) who has been in contact with me throughout the process, she is wonderful, helpful, polite. What more can I say? Thank You, Thank You, Thank You Karen. Sarah (Certified Physician Assistant), always answering my crazy emails with dedication and professionalism, I have no words to Thank you, you are an angel! I highly recommend Doc. Mariotti and his team. If you Ladies want more details of Doc Mariotti and his team, feel free to contact me I'll be happy to answer your questions.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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