42 Years Old with 2 Kids .. Loose Skin .. Tummy Tuck, Inner Thigh and Muffin Top Lipo - Concord, CA

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Hello Ladies.. I scheduled this surgery about a...

Hello Ladies.. I scheduled this surgery about a month and half ago and I had a split minded every second. I was so fearful about the pain. I am 135 lbs with 5.5' tall. I am okay not to have done but the stretch marks. I gained about 60 lbs on the first pregnancy and my stretch marks began....It's pubic bone to a little over the navel. I managed to get back in shape before the second one.
I was thinking to have done in Tijuana and my husband and my sisters are not agreed to it. I knew a friend of a friend whose had done their surgery and they are in very best shape. Anyhow I interviewed two surgeons here in Northern California and I decided to go with Dr. Mariotti. The reason why I chose him was he does the quilting system instead of the drain coming out of the stomach. My step back of the tummy tuck is hate to see myself with drain for days.
I was in big emotional roller coaster before the surgery and finally I did it.
Here I am 5 days of post op and I can't see the result yet.. it all cover with gauze and garment. sponge bath daily. Pain is way less than I anticipated. It's a good sign. Stomach is so tight and can't stand up straight.

6 days after surgery

Can't sleep at night for two days even though I lay down like cradle position using layers of pillows on my back and one pillow under the thighs.....after battling for hours and hours ... finally I had to move back to recliner.
Good new is I am not getting sponge bath anymore... I took shower yesterday (day 5) and i did't know i had to take it off all the gauze ..opps! I had an appt today and nurse told me that I have to take out all those when you take shower... duh!!! My belly button was wet even tough I covered the area with plastic wrap and packaging tape! :)
And I found out I supposed to stay on the recliner for at least a week or two.
My incisions are great but can't stand up straight yet!

Day 7 - 12 some liquid coming out from left side of the incision and Sore on right side

Seroma (I think... it' reddish color discharge) is leaking on the left incision..

It's been awhile.. almost 4 weeks still leak and finishing 2 rounds of Antibiotic

Okay.. i haven't update for weeks! Here is what happening past weeks... Day 14 was not a good day… felt so tired and headache. Staying in recliner and didn’t move much. Pain level evaluated. ...maybe I started my period! It was a mess when you wearing CG. Thank god that I have another cg which I ordered a week ago. About the CG… I am wearing Veronique. … I like the way it pull it together but it doesn't have a proper butt area. So I bought Leonisa and it’s not fitting too well… it's longer in the front /torso.. ..it is good for taller than 5’8”… I am 5’5”. Anyway..I went to see my PS on 13th day and he prescribed antibiotic for precaution as well as some bandages and some medicine to put on incision. I have to check in with them in 3 days. Pain is come and go.
I finished my first round of antibiotic and soreness didn't go down. So.. ps prescribed another antibiotic for 10 days. I am feeling so much better after those pills and no more sore. And no more pain killer either.
One spot is still leaks but less than before. Belly button looks great.
Today I am in day 27 and I am feeling great. Lower abdomen is still swelling but no as much as before. I wish it'll go away pretty soon.

4 weeks update

after 3 weeks and half I have so much energy and I can do things... I am so happy that I can sneeze... I can laugh without having pain :)
Last week I found two spots have yellowish like pus and wiped out with the cu-tip... then I put bacitracin until my next appt... some reason I have a rash and they told me not to put anything. I am having until now.
The leak from the incision is almost gone. I thought it was closed and no leak for a few days and it's leak again but very little.
I am feeling like so pregnant and don't know how long it'll take!

7 weeks update

Reduced swelling. I am still wearing compression garment....it helps me to reduce the swelling. One part of the incision is not heal completely yet sometimes tiny leak and wired oozing belly button. Other than that I am feeling tight and flat.
I tried my bikini on the other night and took some pics ;) I am loving it! But no way near to swim yet with those oozing.
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