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My journey started in December 2001, my then 4...

My journey started in December 2001, my then 4 year old son looked at me before a shower and said, "Mommy, you're fat." I knew I was heavy, but never wanted to really see it. I looked in the mirror and it hit me. OMG, I really am FAT! I am 5'3" and at that point I weighed 199 lbs.

I tried almost every diet and nothing worked in the past. But that moment, I knew I didn't want my son to have the "fat mom" at school. For some reason I couldn't motivate weight loss for myself, but doing it for my son seemed to give me the motivation I needed.

In January of 2012, I joined a program in the Bay Area called JumpStart MD. It's a doctor's office that specializes in weight loss. They didn't just tell me diet and exercise. They gave me real tips and tools to support healthy weight loss and lifestyle change. I've posted pics of me in Jan 2012. The next post will provide details just prior to my surgery. A special thanks to all of you brave women on RS, you gave me the confidence to do the surgery and finish my journey!

Day Before Surgery 11/16/2014

Fast forward a couple of years, I lost over 60lbs. Here are my just before surgery pics. As a reminder, I have one son who is 7 years old, so I have a baby belly, as well as lots of skin from weight loss. Here are my details on 11/16 one night pre-op. 5'3", 135 lbs, 34DD.

I can't figure our hownto turn the pics. Will work on that later.

Today is the big day 11/17/2014

I'm so excited for today! It took me a while to lose the weight and today I will complete the transformation. It's weird that I started the journey for my son, but this step is all for me! It's funny, I can't remember the last time I did something for myself!!!

I have 1 son who is 7 years old and I breast fed for 11 months. Between that, weight loss and gravity, it had done a number on my girls. Here are my numbers as of today: 5'3", 135lbs, 34DD.

I arrived at Dr. Mariotti's surgery center in the morning. Below are the procedures I had scheduled:
- lower body lift (tummy tuck, butt lift, lateral thigh lift)
- breast reduction with lift (no augmentation/implants)
- liposuction of lower buttocks and back of the thighs

I will stay overnight at the center and then go home the following day. I'm prepared to go home. My Mom is staying with me for 3 weeks, since my hubby works out of town a lot.

Today are pics of me in a cute bathing suit. I'm am not cute in it, but I hope to look a lot better soon!!! Wish me luck!

Day 1 Post

Dr. Mariotti's staff and the team at the surgery center were absolutely amazing!! Everyone was so sweet and caring. They did everything they could to make me feel comfortable. I was in surgery for 6 hours! When I woke up, I was greeted with smiles and supportive faces.

I was kept comfortable all night and met some really great nurses in the center. My overnight nurse Carrie was so wonderful! She took a few trips to the bathroom with me and gave me many tips to make things easier. She was a dream to have as nurse. Kim, was also terrific. For some reason, I woke up starving and Kim was amazing at keeping fed with various crackers, toast and juice. So against my low carb diet, but I gave myself a break that day!

The medicine they gave me knocked a majority of the pain while at rest. When I started to walk, it felt like a red hot fire poker stuck me in the real end. I was told that was the lipo entry site. Holy Schnikeys, it burned. But I pushed through, took it very slowly and got moving early. It's tough to take the first step, but I encourage you to move as soon as you can. I found the longer I sat, the worse it got. It's was always better returning from the toilet than going. This encouraged me to continue to move.

That morning, Dr Mariotti's physician assistant Sarah, visited me. She is the best person ever! She saw me walking and was encouraged by my progress. She is so supportive and will answer any question in plain English. I never feel rushed with her or Dr. M. My day 1 post op pics are attached. You can't see much! But 2
things I noticed, even with the bandages, my huge boobs were reduced and I could actually see my lap and pubic area!!!!! Yay!!!

Day 4 Post - Holy Swelling

Hi Gang! Day 4 post is 11/21/2014. I had a post opt visit today and my gauze was removed. Things are progressing nicely, but the swelling is amazing. Don't be alarmed! The most wonderful thing about Dr. M is that he does not typically use drains and does not require a compression garment or binder. This is great!!!!! I don't have some of the compilations of other posters who had drains. This makes me very happy!

My son had a play today and I went to lunch with my mom. I took pain medicine and was able to manage this activity. Pre-op I bought a walker for $15 on Craig's list. This is one of the best purchases I could have made. It helps me stretch my muscles a bit, supports more verticle walking and is a lifesaver when sitting down or getting up, especially from the toilet!!! I also purchased a round doughnut seat from Amazon and this has taken the pressure off my lower back incisions. This little doughnut was a lifesaver at my son's play, since the auditorium at his school are wooden bench seats. I just knew I couldn't miss this for the world!

I was completely zonked after these activities on Friday. Which reminds me about sleeping. I have moved my recliner to my bedroom. I have found that I don't sleep like normal (8 hour increments). I am sleeping in 2-3 hours chunks. The recliner isn't uncomfortable, but I find I have a harder time sleeping upright. Just listen to your body and sleep when you are tired. After the outing, I was very tired and slept a little longer at one time. Even if you prep your nest ahead of time, your body will tell you what is comfortable. One recommendation, have lots of pillow choices on hand to adjust as you need it.

FYI - I couldn't resist weighing myself day 1 post op. I was 145lbs. Day 4 post I was 140 lbs. Preop weight 135lbs. Swelling is incredible. I have no waist! LOL!

One week post

Things seems to be progressing. I took my first shower this weekend. I had to stop in the middle, because I felt like I was going to pass out. But I continued on after a little rest. I'm more emotional over the past few days. I'm excited about the results, but it
seems I need more hugs!

On another note, I weighed myself this morning and I'm 136. 1lb heavier than when I went in a week ago. I still have significant swelling, but I'm improving every day.

Attached are 6 day pics without any tape. The marks on my belly are from a tape allergy I was unaware of that created blisters. Those too are getting better.

I still can't stand straight, so please don't be too harsh on Quasimodo! LOL!

Day 6 Pics

10 Days Out - And Thanksgiving!

Hi Real Selfers! Sorry this post is a little late. With thanksgiving and family, I couldn't get to an update.

I suppose have a huge carb filled meal with lots of salt, topped off with pumpkin pie and whipped cream is not the recommend diet for healing! This made a huge difference in me feeling swollen on Friday. For those of you who have watched Willie Wonka, I felt like Violet who blew up like a blueberry! Not recommended for day 10. Avoid eating junk at all costs. Today, my goal is to get back on track with the diet that helped me lose all of the weight to begin with, low carb, fresh meats and veggies.

Thanksgiving didn't help my pics much, but I am standing up straight and stretching my belly everyday. I've taken walks everyday. The difficult part is know when is too much. I pushed it the last day or two and I pay for it a little at night with discomfort. My advice....don't try to be a superhero and push too hard. It doesn't help. Now I just need to keep telling myself that! Have a great day!

Bathing Suit Update

Hi Gang! I tried on the same red bathing suit today. Clearly, I am no longer a 34DD! Yay! Also, not as many rolls today despite the swelling. After losing all that weight, I thought that bathing suit looked good prior. The surgery has made an incredible difference!

This week I will go bra shopping. It's absolutely amazing how much lighter I feel without the heavy girls. I will post my new size once I get measured.

I need new bathing suits for next season. I used to dread bathing suit shopping. I'm kind of excited about it now!

Day 17 back to work

Hi Realselfers! Sorry for the delay in updates. I started back to work this week, but I'm am working from home. All is good this week. I'm walking upright and faster, although I think I have been pushing myself too much. By 5 pm, I'm totally exhausted. Even with exhaustion, I'm still having trouble sleeping. I bought myself an UP band and wore it for the first time last night. I only slept 4 hours. I'm already taking Benadryl. Any advice on this?

Day 17 - The very sore spots are my lipo areas, not the incisions or the abd repair.
I've posted new pics. Swelling is still there, but my weight is coming down. I weighed in at 130.1 today. Day of surgery I was 135. Progress!!

This week I have tried Arnica Montana pellets and Dandilion Root Tea. I also use the arnica cream in all my skin around the surgical sites, but never on the scars. This seems to help a bit. Not sure if the others are helping, but my swelling has gone down quite a bit this week. Is it just due course or the herbs...who knows.

Pics day 17

Had trouble loading pics

Comparison pics

Hi! Attached are comparisons of my before body November 16, 2015 and my after body just over 2 weeks later.
Walnut Creek Plastic Surgeon

I met with several physicians and was just considering a TT and BR. After the very detailed conversation with Dr. Mariotti, I felt so comfortable. He listened to all my concerns and gave several options to achieve what I wanted. He was the one who made me aware of the lower body lift. I knew right away that he was the person to perform the surgery. After much research on the lower body lift, I decided to proceed with Dr. M. He is absolutely fabulous!!!!! 3 week post, luv my doc even more. Go see him!!!

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