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West Palm Beach Plastic Surgeon

I met Dr Nir about 18 months ago when he was volunteering and coaching my son’s flag football team. After getting to know him and seeing how great he was “outside” of work I decided to go to his office for a breast augmentation consult. I can’t even begin to express the professionalism of his staff as well as himself. His office was full and he was busy, however, he spent quality time addressing my needs, concerns, and thoroughly going through the process of breast augmentation. There was absolutely no pressure. He was honest and professional. I decided it wasn’t the right time for me to have the surgery and that was okay. I referred my best friend to him for reconstructive surgery at the time and I can say that her experience was equally as excellent. She ended up having the surgery and the results are awesome. I started seeing him for Botox injections and the results of course were fantastic. I again never felt any pressure to continue on with breast augmentation each time I went to the office. Dr. Nir is a genuine person who cares deeply for people and takes great pride in what he does in and out of the office. His wife and kids are great as well and I think that says a lot of about a person. Well, 3 months ago I decided to have the breast augmentation. After saving some money and doing research, all while building some confidence, I decided it was time. I made another appointment to see Dr. Nir and go through another consult appointment. He was patient and kind and went through the entire process with me for a second time. I left feeling like I definitely made the right decision. I had my surgery September 2nd and let me tell you it went amazing. I never once was nervous. I felt complete peace. The day of surgery was just like any other day going to the office. He has an OR in his building/office, which is amazing because he has control over his nurse as well as anesthesiologist. I didn’t have to wait in a waiting room, be in a cold stale hospital room, or wonder who was going to be working around me. In my opinion, being in a hospital allows exposure to more germs and in increased risk for infections. My day of surgery was extremely professional, a feeling of pampering, and very comforting care. Well, the results! After surgery I went home and my husband managed my pain meds, and to this day, 3 weeks later, I can say I never felt any pain! I was only on pain meds for 2 days. I felt some muscle soreness but never experienced pain. Dr. Nir performed a lift on my right side and evened out my breast size by placing 80 cc’s difference between the two AND placing two completely different style implants in each side. This comes from expertise, research, and years of experience. I have a 265 cc’s on my right and 345 cc’s on my left. When I woke up after surgery I have to say I was a little nervous to hear the news, but let me tell you they are perfect! He also performed the lift and the implant through my areola and not only are the scars fading already but they healed perfectly and everything is symmetrical. The appointments following surgery for post-op check-ups were equally professional. I know that Dr. Nir does a lot of other procedures other than breasts and Botox, however I can assure you that he is equally professional and excellent along with his staff. I will forever be grateful for this wonderful experience and will always enjoy sharing my story. If you choose Dr. Nir for any procedure, I know you made the right decision. :)

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