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My experience began when I started 5th grade and...

My experience began when I started 5th grade and my bestfriend returned to school with D cups and I didn't even have knots =(.... I figured I was just a late bloomer and mine were sure to come. Well, I'm 35 now and I still have none. So I decided to do something for myself and get me some boobies =)

Picked up my meds....

The more things I purchase for my BA the more nervous I become. I just got my scripts filled (Antibiotics, pain meds, muscle relaxant) and now I'm on this nervous train ready to crash into the pharmacy and get everything I can....(whether I need it or not) LOL. I have my area pretty much set but I'm pretty sure I will forget something. Guess I should do a check list. Anywho.....I'm gonna take a chill pill and try to stay focused on tasks that need to be completed prior to my BA.... Never seen the hubby so excited (except for our wedding day)....CIAO ***pre-ops pics coming soon***

my pre op "A" cups

Just a few before BA pics....

My Wish Boobs

Shopping for my big day!!!!

Okay my hubby thinks I'm a nut job cause I've been BA cRaZy!!! Last night I spent about 3 hours shopping for different items I've seen on here and gettn my "Post Surgery Healing Center" @ home prepared for my new boobie arrival...:)....

Pics are a lil choppy so I'll list the items n my box:
-Smoove Move tea
-chap stick
-Bio oil
-Cocoa butter lotion
-vitamin C tabs (1000mg)
-extra gel ice pack
-Tylenol (ES)
-anticeptic wash

I believe thats it so far! CIAO 4 NOW

Goodness Gracious!!!!!!

A week from this moment....I will be either still in surgery or boobalicious!!!! My nerves are keeping me insane, thankful for a busy week. Hopefully it will take my mind of things a lil.


I've never worn a bikini EVER...I had my daughter at 19 (left me with tons of tiger stripes) and at that time I was a Tom Boy. In the 90's we dressed like TLC, Salt & Peppa, and even Kris Kross with the Jodeci boots...lol... 2 top that off I played basketball every free moment of my life.....Fast forward to today and a bikini is SUPER sexy.....so I purchased 1....I wore it once with a cute black lace cover up...so nothing but the pop of color shined thru....Anywho...I'm excited to see what it will look like with actually having it filled with breast and not nipple knots ;)

NeRvOuS WRECK!!!!!!

2 more wake ups and I'll be on the other side....Boobieland make way!!!!! Lol....on a side note....I'm more worried about the IV...I hope they have the numbing stuff first (o_O) #IM'Achickenshit...but will get a tattoo in a minute & act a fool when I gotta get blood drawn...smh


I've become soooo consumed by the thoughts of my BA that I haven't been working on my hubby's surprise 30th in Dec....thank goodness I started on it in August or I would be so far behind. AnyWHO....I just realized...I will have to get a new outfit that will showcase my new boobage ;)


Whew.....got my Arnica gel today :) That is all.....


I'm prepared physically....now if my mental state can catch up I'll be good. Hubby see me stressing so instead of putting off our weekly date night til aftr my BA...we're going on a date 2morrow ;)....mental note to self (leave debit card at home....lol)

Less than 24 hrs....

Less than 24 hours from now I will be in surgery gettn my twins....excited yet nervous still!!!


2days my big day ladies, see u gals on the other side!....wish me luck!


these meds have me so high I been trying to update u all since the ride home....but I cant stay awake.....pain level is a 3...and thats just from pressure....im dozing again...update u all a lil later MUCH LOVE



Care package....

How long did u ladies wait to use....bio oil....arnica....ice packs

1st day not bad at all...

Ok..now that im not nodding, I can better tell u all about my big day. I followed instructions by taking my prescribed muscle relaxer the night before and this morning. I arrived at the center around 7:25 a.m., was walked in the back around 2 mins later to take pregnancy test, sign consent forms and change into my surgery dress :). Dr. Wolf came in and began drawing his masterpiece around 7:45 a.m. soon as he was finished (10 mins) I was walked into the surgery room, the anesthi...ummmm.....the lady that gave me the IV did a wonderful thing and numbed the area first...AWESOMMMME!!! Another nurse came in to prep Dr. Wolf's area at the same time the IV lady said I gave u a little medicine. The prep nurse (I made that name up) stated....it hurts worse to get it numbed because it burns...then she woke me up....HEYYYY I MISSED A PORTION OF MY LIFE!!! But I got some boobs in the process...lol. I haven't felt any pain thus far it just feels like I tried to bench press 245lbs....Im staying ontop of my meds and icing every 2 hours. I didnt get naucious and I didnt have an appetite...so I ate a few crackers. I ended up eating 6 oz of chicken, a peach, and some H2O. I probably slept for a total of 20mins, and thats it. Anywho, I attached some photos of the twins...not sure of the exact cc's but we talked about 600 at the consult and that lefty would need a little bit more. I can definitely tell that she's the bigger of the 2 but hopefully they'll even out great. So thats my day....I'm praying that the rest go as smooth! CIAO ladies

Before & Day 1 after

Loving them....

The bloat is real....

Looking about 5mths preggo...yikes

pics of the twins....

I cant stop looking at them.....hard to believe they're attached to my body! :)

Twins weren't ready for that....

So the Under Armour DD was very snug and the girls prefer to be free because they swoll up and scooted right back up toward my collar bone....so back to the surgical bra they go. Feel so much better....

No pain

I would say I'm on the lucky side 2 have not experienced any pain thus far. I have been able to do everything on my own (get up, shower, wash hair etc.) But 1 downside......I have extreme Insomnia...other than that this is the best thing I've ever done for myself.



Before my BA my Wonder Woman pjs looked silly & kiddish (altho I loved them)....but now...my pjs looking kinda sexy. Lol....Anywho, lefty is the problem child. The one who is keeping me on the strong meds. I tried a few of the massages and realized I'moving a bit 2 fast. I heard and felt the gurgling...and thanks to this site I wasn't alarmed. 1 min they feel like they wanna get soft and drop...the next min they're back tight and high up on my chest. It may sound crazy but I'm actually enjoying this entire experience....LOVE MY NEW BOOBAGE!


I'm finally off the narcotics.....a lil tylenol and motrin here and there. Maybe 1 Robaxin at bed time. The Percocet had me soooooooo high...I couldn't do anything besides nod in and out.

More pics....

The girls are starting to get squishy and drop a little bit. Today will be my first day driving and out of the house since my BA. A little bra & shirt shopping and a visit to the nail shop....I'm excited! Btw....had to switch back to my surgical bra because the sports bras were pressing on my incisions....VERY UNCOMFORTABLE! CIAO ladies....*Happy Healing*

Sore Nips....

I went out again today....had to take the kiddos to school! A farther distance than yesterdays outing but I feel pretty darn good. My bras have been giving me a little pain in the area of my incisions and my nips are very sensitive....the bandaids really help with that. Dropping is happening faster since I've been braless for 2 days.

I return to work tomorrow and crazy to say...I'm sorta excited. A few if my close female co-workers who know about my BA are awaiting my arrival so they can feel them...AWKWARD...LOL. But they are all trying to decide if it's something they would consider. My first post-op is Saturday...I'm super anxious to know how my healing is progressing. I believe lefty is bigger than righty so finding out the exact cc's is anticipated. So for now that is all I have to tell. Will update after my appointment. ~CIAO~

Back pain....

Time to put my heating pads to use. Sleeping upright and the extra weight on my chest has caused me a bit of back pain....

Back 2 work....

Ok ladies.....It's my first day back to work and I swear everyone knows....lol....even ppl I've never seen before. It's not a secret seeming that the women at my job and I have formed a sisterhood...and we often joke about the itty bitty titty committee (of course I was the president) lol...so most of them know...but the strangers....Has to be all in my head!!! On another note....prior to my BA I had a very nice sized tush...this morning my hubby said my boobs make it look flat and said all I need now was a booty implant....lol. I ran to the mirror to check my trunk out and yes...he's so honest!

Genie Bra...

Today my incisions were incredibly sore....I could'nt deal with the surgical bra or any of the sports bras I had....but....I was at work. Altho I have bandaids over my nips and I dont think any1 would've noticed I probably woulda been uncomfortable braless....ANYWHO....I heard about the Genie Bra on another post and decided to stop and get 1 on the way home. I changed into it as soon as I walked thru the door and there was instant relief. Highly recommended in my book.


Today marks 1 week + a day since my BA. I had my first post op today and my PS was pleased with my results. He explained that I was dropping fairly well and that most of my swelling was gone. My incisions were healing nicely and he would remove the steristrips during my 2nd post op in 2 weeks. I received my warranty card and some horrid before pics. I was also given the ok to return to any bras that I prefer without an underwire. All other normal day to day activities except heavy lifting was granted, so I am pleased. I truly thought lefty was a bigger implant but he assured me it was not. My husband also says they look the same size...could be in my head! Last but not least....the occassional burning sensation near the incisions is normal and will gradually subside! So I will post an update in 2 weeks...unless there is a change in the meantime. Take care ladies and of course...wishing you all a POSITIVE happy healing! ~CIAO (4 NOW)~


Ok...I'm absolutely IN LOVE with my boobies...BUT....putting the "Band-Aid" brand of bandaids over my over sensitive nips was a very BAD DECISION!!!! Me and the hubby practically had to do surgery for an hour to get them off! He oiled as I pulled....breast skin is so thin!!!! I ended up with a few abrasions to say the least. The cheaper brand would've been the better option but yall know how it is....you want to get the best thinking that it would cause less problems...but not in the case of the tender nips!!! BEWARE OF THE BAND-AID....


So "righty" didn't quite care for sleeping in the bed last night. Maybe a bit to soon for her so she decided to go back into hiding near my collar bone.....uuugghhhh!!! So me and the hubby back in the Great Room on our beloved reclining sectional! He's sound asleep on the chaise, yet I'm wide awake cringing at the way my back will feel in the morning!

More after pics...

If only I could keep my jacket unbottoned at work! How am I supposed to look down admire and check on them every few minutes...running to the restroom is becoming a hassle....lol!

2 Weeks today!!!!!

I can't believe it's been 2 weeks already...The twins are getting older ;)

I love how they change.....

Everyday it's like getting a new set of boobs.....I've admired each set!

more pics

Sports bra & shirt

3 1/2 Weeks Post Op

Heyyyy everybody...just a few pics on my progress. Initially I wanted to update my review every week until i made it to 1 month post op and then once a month thereafter, however I've been SUPER SUPER busy with work and planning my hubby's surprise party. Anywho...realself sent me a message to let me know I was slacking...lol. So I felt inclined to do so. There really hasn't been much change in the last 2 weeks besides the occasional minor pains are completely gone. I'm back to getting a good nights rest while on my side and back, they're continuing to get squishier and jiggle around. I still have on the steri strips which are clinging to life....was told not to use anything on my incisions after the decide to come off. I cancelled my 2nd post op twice in one week due to work which really sucks. I was supposed to see my ps on the 23rd....switched to the 25th....then rescheduled for the 14th of Dec. All in all i feel like my old self and half the time forget they were purchased...lol. Happy healing ladies...back to work i go....

Bottoming out???....hmmmmm

In the last 2 days I have noticed that lefty seems to have passed righty while dropping....will righty catch up or could this be a case of bottoming out....hmmmmm we shall see!

My girls are 2 months today!!!!!

Happy New Year ladies....today marks the 2 month anniversary since my BA. I also started back lifting and cardio at the gym. Mostly excited to return to Bokwa the end of this week. The girls are doing wonderful, righty has finally caught up to lefty. My next appt. will be sometime in the spring thanks to my PS being pleased with my results. Other than that...the hubby loved his surprise bday party. The Belamere Suites in Perrysburg, OH was an awesome treat used to throw him off the day before the party. Up next, Myrtle Beach then Negril.....gotta hit the gym hard....momma can't afford a TT & BBL....LOL

2 month pic

7 mths post op!

Good early morning ladies....it's been a long time (5mths) since I've been on here. Sooooo, it's a little over 7 mths since my BA and I love my results. I had my last appointment with Dr. Wolf (whom I haven't seen since winter) and he is very pleased with my results. To me, nothing has changed since my last posting....but I figured....why not post a few pics. Good luck on future surgeries, fast recovery to the recent surgeries, & take your time (be patient & thorough) to those undecided. ~CIAO~
Pontiac Physician

I've had 2 consultations prior to Dr. Wolf, and I didn't get that "he's the one" feeling. He instantly made me feel comfortable. He's not a doctor that makes you feel as if your just another procedure. He didn't sugar coat anything. I've also seen his work personally and the results were amazing. I know I made a great choice, and I'm super excited about my upcoming procedure!!!.....btw he ok'd me for Mentor Memory Gel, high profile, under the muscle, 600cc's......

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