Go Big or Go Home! Resigning from the Itty Bitty Titty Committe - Commerce Township, MI

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Well here it goes. Ive been wanting this procedure...

Well here it goes. Ive been wanting this procedure since I was 15. I belive I was suppose to have big boobs since my mom and sister do. I was anorexic for 6 years from 10 to about 16 to 17 years old and i believe that messed with my estrogen when I hit puberty at least thats what I tell myself and it makes me blame myself even more. Anywho now that im 20 I finally decided to get it done and I finally got the ok from my fiance. My breast were always small but at least they were perky. Well I have a one year old son and lets just say there not as perky anymore :/ I went to a consultation about 3 months ago and I felt nothing but unwelcome and rushed. I pretty much drove an hour away to be handed a panflit on everything I already knew and was sent on my way. So it kinda bummed me out and I tried to forget about wanting to having one. Well I couldn't so I finally went to another consultation and the doctor was nothing but amazing! He was straight to the point and honest about everything. I felt very welcome and at ease. I didn't set a date yet but Im going to call him up later in the week to set it up for sometime in may! Im so excited I just can't hide it! lol I think my Fiance is getting annoyed. Anywho, I got to try the implants on and i picked between 425cc to 450cc. Im 5,6 and 106 pounds. I went in thinking id be going with 375cc to 400. But those just seemed to small. I hope im not going to big and being boob greedy! but I'll keep you guys updated. I don't think id be going through with this though if i didn't come across this site! Thanks guys!

urgg nightmares already!

So the other night I had a good dream about getting my bj and last night I had a horrible nightmare! My boss was the one who did my implants and did the complete opposite of what I wanted! I was freaking out and sweaty when I woke up lol creepy. Anywho I still didn't call to schedule my date yet. I'm kinda dragging my feet. My work is physical and I know I won't be able to get off a full week :/ so its kinda bumming me out. On a brighter note my suergon said he doesn't mind writing me a restrictions note which was nice!

oh no!

So I was just thinking. As of right now I'm a 32a I Dont portray my boobs to look bigger. I wear a little bit of push up so they look perky but with a push up bra you can still tell I'm a small a. With that being said. I work in a place that consist of 98% of men. Once I get my bj there all going to be able to tell! I'm freaking out about this. I Dont want anyone to know. I've only told my best friend my mom,sister and fiance but that's it. I Dont want them to judge me and the few girls here to talk about it. What do you guys think I should do?

It's official!!!!

Surgery date is may 16th! And my pre op is may 6th. I'm so excited and nervous at the same time yet, it doesn't seem real quite yet. Im sure it will once the day gets closer. Yay!!

wish boobs!!

care package?

I wanna start preparing for my big day. I know its still a few months ahead. But I Dont want to rush at the last minute on things I need. What are some good things to have when it comes to recovery time?

before pics and stats

A little nervous posting these pics soce once on the internet always on the internet but tried not to put my face lol. Any who my stats are
103 pounds
Aiming for 34d

bra style you like best?

What brand of sports bras do you guys recommend? I never bought sports bras before because I never seen the point. So any suggestions on what's most comfy?

oh my lanta!!

I'm getting obsessed! All I think about lately is boobs, boobs and more boobs! Lol I even catch myself looking at other girls around campus like humm those would look nice on me. Its real about 5 more weeks and I'll be on the other side. However I am still not certain on size! I was pretty set on 450cc but now I'm thinking 500cc because you lose some when going under the muscle and I really like the look of 450cc so maybe if I do 500 that's the look I'd end up with? Decisions, decisions!

one more week till pre op!!!!

Ehhkkkk! I am so excited but these days seem like there dragging on. My last day of class is tomorrow for school only two finals left. They were keeping me occupied for a while but not anymore!! I have a few supplies I bought such as bio oil, coco butter, a front zip sports bra and a few pull over ones, bendy straws, a lot of water with lemons, and so far that's it. If you can think of anything else I should get before my big day please let me know! But any who I'll post again once I go to my pre op. I hope these days just scoot right on along!!:)

pre op done. now just a week and 3 days!!

Well I had my pre op today and it went great. Paid in full cash. A little sad to see all that money go but its for a good cause ;). I got my prescriptions just need to fill them and I decided on 475cc HP silicone. I was originally going to go with 450cc but uped it just a tad because you could see much difference and if you loss a few cc's I didn't wanna wish I went a bit bigger. I am really nervous but excited at the same time. I have a week off work but since I do a lot of lifting my doctor offered to write restrictions for me when I go back, which I thought was awesome. Now I'm not freaking out to bad about missing them up because I went back to soon. Until next time.

Tomorrows the big day!!!

I can't even explain how excited by nervous, anxious but scared I'm feeling. I'm pretty much feeling every emotion in the book. I feel like I'm being selfish at the same time because we could of paid our truck off with this money but I chose not too. I'm just hoping all the feelings of doubt go away once my new tatas are here! Dont get me wrong I'm very excited that I'm getting it done because I've been wanting it done for years upon years but its a lot of money. Any who tomorrow at 7:30 am is my surgery. That means I have to be up by 5 am so I get there on time. Hopeing I get a good night sleep. I'll be posting after pics when I feel up to it. Until then I hope all you wonderful lady's have a good recovery!

today's the big day!! on my way there!!

I'm so scared but excited at the same time. I took two muscle relaxers one right before I went to bed and one this morning. I slept like crap didn't get home until midnight lastnight and then I had to take a shower still so I only got about 3 hours of sleep. I can't wait for it to be over I just want my big ones here now. Put I'm praying they come out great with no complications at all. Please pray that everything goes great for me and the other gals that surgery are today!! Thank you! And happy healing ladies!


I'm in so much pain its crazy. I can barely move on my owe. I've been in bed all day yesterday and will be staying here all day today. It was funny when they put the iv in I didn't know it had the anesthesic in it. I was getting all dizzy and was like what the Hecks going on and I was out lol when they woke me up I was mad haha I said just let me sleep. My fiance drove me home and has been nothing but the best. I can barely even wipe when I pee if that gives you an idea on how stiff my arms are. The pain meds do not feel like there working at all or the muscle relaxers. I haven't had any relief from taking them. Does anyone know if you can take tylenol or vicidion? I was freaking out last night that my boobs didn't look any bigger to me and I feel like he didn't give me the size I wanted. They told my fiance in the waiting Room it will only be about 45 minutes but I ended up being in there for an hour in a half. So I'm wondering if something happen while I was in there and he couldn't give me the size I wanted but I won't find out till wensday for my post op visit.

day 2 post op

My pain isn't that bad. I'm more uncomfortable from the tightness then anything. I finally took a bath with my fiances help. I Can't believe how awesome hes been helping me. Hasn't left my side yet beside for work.Ive be up walking around a bit and I get a little dizzy so I'll just sit down and drink a lot of water. I can move my arms a little more than yesterday but still not much. I woke up super nauseas and in a lot of pain this morning. Morning boob is no joke! My son has been pretty good. Its hard not picking him up and holding him :( I want to so bad. These meds make me really emotional too I been crying on and off about everything. Lol but I hope all is well with you ladies and your Recovery's are going well!

over did it today!

So I went over to my sisters today and I went outside and walked around and I think I over did it when I tried opening doors and pulling down my pants. I just noticed in my lower left abdomen it was puffy and brusied a little and look up what it could be and I seen from this site it could be fluid build up. I'm kinda freaking out about it and am going to call my PS tomorrow about it. Has anyone else have this happen?

my right is being stubborn!

My left boob has no pain or tightness really but my right I have to baby. I can barely move my arm otherwise it hurts. Its so tight and sore From the sternum part outwards. It sucks. I haven't really taken any pain meds besides right in the morning at 6am I took one perk and two muscle relaxers and then I just took two muscle relaxers bow because my right hurts otherwise I wouldn't need them anymore. I hope it starts to loosen up real soon. My left seemed to drop a little but the right is still higher up there otherwise I Dont really have no changes here. I'm loving my results and I'm more than confident they will be my dream boobs :)

post op went well

My PS said everything looks good. Doesn't look like there's any infection and that I well have nice clevage once everything falls into place. He showed me the massages to do and told me I can wear whatever bra I want as long as I feel comfortable. I go back in two weeks to see him.

for some reason my pics didn't upload...

I tried posting pics from my post op appt but I just saw they never uploaded so I guess I'll do some before and afters in a little bit. The mornings are slowly getting better not as much pain as the first day but still sore when I wake up. I can't wait for my girls to be pain free and nice and bouncey and finally settle already lol. But good things take time :)

before and afters 475cc smooth mentor silicone

I am happy with my results as of right now. I feel like they fit my body perfect! I do get boob greed every now and then, and wish i gone a little bigger but then i feel like if i did theu wouldnt look natural. In clothes they do not look that big but naked they look huge! So I'm glad I can hide them if need be. I drove for the first time yesterday and my right boob kept gargaling or whatever you wanna call it. Everyday is getting better and better as time goes on. I go back to work Monday. So I'm a little nervous because I do a lot of heavy lifting. But I will not do it if I can not. I will not jepordize all this money and pain I went through. I did however strech my left arm to high above my head and had a sharp pain shoot throughout it at the time and when I woke up this morning otherwise everything's seems to be going great!!

shout out to realself and the ladies!!!

I owe a huge shout out to all the ladies on realself who come on the site and share there stories because if it wasn't for you guys I would of never went through with this procedure because I wouldn't even know where to start but you guys all made it possible and gave me the courage to do so. I found my doctor through some of the ladies on this site and I couldn't be happy with my results. I've always wanted this procedure for as long as I can remember and I always talked about it but never did it until I found this site. You guys are all amazing! And I thank you for that!

feeling great!!

So its been about 3 weeks post op and I feel great. I went back to work a week and 3 days after surgery. I have to lift cases of soda and was able to do that pretty fine closer to the end of the work week. I started caring my son on memorial day and I was fine not in pain at all. As of now I can do anything pretty much without being in pain!! My boobs arnt really hard anymore or tight. They get squished and bouncyer as the days go on! I am happy with my results! I go for my post op appt again Thursday.

475 cc HP silicone

Was a size 32 A now I'm a size 32 D
Dr. Wolf

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