Liposuction of Abdomen:Flanks:Back with General Anesthesia-Michigan (34, 5'7, no kids)

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I was referred to Dr. Wolf by a girlfriend, I got...

I was referred to Dr. Wolf by a girlfriend, I got a good vibe immediately. He answered all of my questions and was really nice. I wanted to get my thighs done also, Dr. Wolf let me know I didn't need it and he refused to do it that made me even more comfortable. Super excited to see my results. Will be sure to post as I progress.

3 Days post-Some surgery details

Wanted to provide some details on my surgery and progress so far. My post-op is Wednesday so I will be able to post some pics then.
The day of surgery: I arrived at 10:30 my surgery was a 11, after a little wait I was called back and Dr. Wolf took pictures and drew the circles. I met with the anesthesiologist she was super nice and she tried to start the IV. I have super small veins so it is always a task for anyone to get a vein. It took almost 45 minutes to get the IV in (she even tried my feet ouch) she was finally able to get a vein I was super happy because I was in a lot of pain and was crying just because I felt bad (crazy I know). She was super sweet and patient, she and the nurse kept me warm and talked me through a super stressful time. The next thing I knew I was waking up in recovery super confused lol.
Night after Surgery: I slept the entire night my Doctor prescribed Percocet for pain and let me just say it was a LIFE SAVER! I had to take 2 every 6 hours I am also taking an antibiotic ever 12 hours.
Day 1 after surgery: Sitting up was the hardest thing to do! I wasn't so much in pain but I was super sore like I worked out for 10 days straight no break. I didn't have an appetite so I just ate applesauce and drank water. My doctor told me to make sure eI walked around to prevent blood clots and honestly walking and standing is a lot better than sitting. Also my throat was on fire from the tube I am sure. Overall I am super swollen and I can't wait to get these bandages off on Wednesday. I didn't have too much leakage. I saw some ladies that have soaked through there garments. I see blood and stuff on the bandages but its nothing too bad.
3 days post: I woke up today forgetting I had surgery, I still don't have too much of an appetite so I ate fruit, applesauce and some crackers. Still drinking a lot of water. I didn't really need my pain meds today. I was feeling so good I did too much moving around and really hurt myself. I ended up having to sit down for a while and take my pain medications. TMI moment I haven't had a bowel movement since the surgery finally had one later on this evening after eating greens (my mom has been trying to get me to poop for 3 days lol).
Overall I am feeling good. I can't tell how my body looks my stomach still looks really swollen. I will be sure to take pics Wednesday after my shower (my doctor told me not to take a shower until after my post op and I am feeling gross even though I take a bird bath 3 times a day it seems)
Excited to see my progress! Happy healing Real Selfers :) Will post pics Wednesday xoxo

4 days post

So I went to the Doctor today and he says that everything is healing really well. He said he took out a liter and a half of fat he showed me a picture but I was really grossed out by it lol. I have 2 areas with dissolvable stitches and the others are open but really small. I was surprised to see that I had ZERO bruising...the way my body felt I was sure I was going to be black and blue...but that wasn't the case. I am going to get a new garment tomorrow, the current one is cutting into my back (you will actually be able to see it on one of the pictures) I have one more follow up next week to make sure that no fluid is collecting under my skin but he does not believe that it will happen. I am excited to see how my body changes...honestly my back still looks really weird to me. My back has always been my problem area, even at my smallest I felt really self conscious about it so it may just be in my mind. I am still really swollen and in pain but nothing major. If anyone has any suggestions on garments or fajas I am open to suggestions. Happy Healing all of my Real Selfers :)

Day 9

For the last couple of days I have been super swollen and itchy especially on my flanks and back, I mean I look 3 months pregnant. I took off my garment yesterday because I am so swollen it hurts and has been leaving welts on my body even with the foam. I do see improvement on my back but my stomach is another story. Its hard, swollen and looks huge to me I don't have any lumps but it is hard as a brick. Walking and bending has been super hard so I had to get back on my pain meds and really trying to take it easy. I go back to the doctor Wednesday and see what he says.
Also I have been paranoid to eat anything I a super nervous about gaining weight especially since I can't go to the gym. I actually got a food service for a couple of weeks they make and deliver portioned meals. Hopefully in the next couple of days I will feel better and I will take a post more pics.

Happy Healing Real Selfers xoxo

10 days post Swollen Pics

Here are a couple of pics I am super swollen and you can see that in the pics. I know this is a part of the healing process but I am ready to get over this hump for sure.

2 weeks already?!

I had my surgery 2 weeks ago!! Time goes by crazy fast and I am finally seeing some results especially in my back. I am still hard in areas and puffy but the pain and discomfort I had a couple of days ago is gone thankfully. The foam I am using really helps minimize the dents and marks in my skin so I am going to continue using it (my doctor gave me a fresh batch at my last follow up) and I am hoping that it will cut down my healing some and I will be bikini ready by the 22nd of July for my trip :)...I honestly miss the gym and I hate the gym but I am ready to get up and mobile. Also I am having my doctor prescribe Adipex to assist me with my weight loss goals. I guess I will do more research on this site to see if anyone has had any results. Also thank you to everyone that comments and offers support! I really appreciate it. Happy healing Real Selfers! :)

Blah day 17 days post

Well today is my day that i have seen others talk about on Realself...its the day where I am not feeling too sure about my surgery decision -___- My body is doing weird things the last couple of days. I have some weird bulges and hard marks...and today my back looks mad weird IDK it could just be my mind but i am not feeling cute today AT ALL blah. I haven't tried on regular clothes (I have been wearing yoga pants) so i don't know how my body has changed. I was really confident about being bikini ready but today not so much. Also I started my Adipex today so far so good...I am feeling a little wired but nothing too bad. I feel like I drank coffee with a double shot not shaky...but just really hype. Hopefully this mini emotional hump will pass soon its kinda...actually really annoying. I just want to be happy with my body and not be over here second guessing my decision that I was once so sure about. Anyway here are some pics. I had some people ask about my foam so here is a picture of the packaging it came in. This foam is super expensive like $900 my doctor gave me 4 pieces of it. They do come in handy my only complaint is the adhesive on one side irritates my skin and rubs off. So I have rubbed all of the adhesive off (think about when you were a kid and put glue on your hand and rolled it in a ball...I am not the only one that did that am I?) after doing that I haven't had any problems. I have seen other foam on Ebay and Amazon a lot cheaper...named lip foam. Also my garment is by Design Veronique (zippered torso brief) both the foam and the garment were provided by my doctor who performed the surgery. i am looking for someone in Georgia to do a massage for me...I had my surgery done in Michigan because of the great referral to Dr. Wolf but I don't live there...if anyone knows of a place I would love a recommendation. Hope this answers some questions. Happy Monday Real Self Family xoxo

Dr. Wolf is great! Very personable and made me feel very comfortable.

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