11/29/14 will make me 2 years post op!!! figured id give a lil update :-)

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Well where to start...let's see I'm a 30 year old...

Well where to start...let's see I'm a 30 year old homemaker with 3 crazy boys 11, soon to be 10, 6, and one giant baby my hubby. I had my babies young and my first two are only 18 months apart, this really did a number on the stomach :( . I am 5' 4" and 178 lbs BLAH! I am the biggest I have ever been in my life other than pregnancy of course! I normally always weighed between 140-145. I work out and eat well but to no avail. Losing the weight in my stomach just will not go away. Let me add all my children were born via c-section and I have a wonderful overhang from it. Exciting NOT! No matter what size I am I can not wear the cute low rise jeans because it hangs over the top! So disgusting! I lack confidence and it sucks! I really just want to feel good about myself and wear cute clothes verses the t-shirt and jeans I always wear! I hate it, I just want to look in the mirror and not want to throw up by what I see! Just wish to be comfortable in my own skin!

With all that being said after reading through tons of others experiences I realize we all feel the same when it comes to the money, shouldn't I spend it on my kids? But ya know what my husband is super supportive and let's me know I deserve to do this and its not selfish to make yourself happy and let's face it when Momma's happy everyone is happy lol. I haven't told anyone other than my parents and brother. Of course they all think I'm crazy but support me anyways! I love em! But I don't plan on telling anyone because really it's only my business and don't feel like being judged! Which is exactly why I love this site, there are so many women who feel the same!

My surgery is scheduled for November 29, 2012 I can't wait today I have no anxiety over it and am ready to get it done! But everyday is different and some days I think what the hell am I doing!? My pre-op is Monday the 12th so I'm sure that day the anxiety will fly!

As soon as I figure out how to upload pics ill get...

As soon as I figure out how to upload pics ill get some before shots up. I don't think I can do it from my phone?

Not having the greatest day, uploading these...

Not having the greatest day, uploading these pictures killed me and seeing them just makes me super depressed! :( My pre-op is tomorrow and I hate knowing I am going ot have to bare it all and have my flab touched! Not so exciting but atleast I know it is going to be all worth it in the end!

Also the fact that I accidently made my fatness my main profile pic and have no clue how to change it to something else bothers me :( BLAH. I hope to add better before pics as I had to take them myself because I will not allow my Hubby to see me like that! I know he loves me for me but still not the most comfotable feeling in the world...but I know many of you understand!

Anyway I hope today will get better, which I know it will just got to turn my frown upside down right? And know the frown my belly button gives (LOL) will soon be gone!!!

ThayWell pre-op is complete :) paid and have all...

ThayWell pre-op is complete :) paid and have all my meds and now sitting at the drs office to be cleared for surgery!! Eeeekkkk I'm so pumped! When I got up this morning I had so much anxiety and the what the hell am I doing thoughts but after seeing my ps I am so comfortable and at ease! Once my ps said I would have phenomenal results I felt so much better and it didn't make the before pics they took so bad! Still ladies they were not fun but when they take them just keep in mind the after pics u will be getting!

They were up front n honest w the pain going to be rough and said its worse than a c-section but I've had 3 so we will see! I know I won't have instant results and know I have to allow my body time to heal and I'm ok with that! Diet is a big key to getting where u want to be!

Again I have to give an EEEKKKK! Just can't describe the excitement I have already knew my date was the 11-29 but today I received my time, surgery is 10am gotta be there at 9am that time can change but I like that time since I have kids to get off to school so let's home it stays! :).

Has anyone not had to wear a CG? My ps said that...

Has anyone not had to wear a CG? My ps said that I may or may not get on and he doesn't use them too often. He decides after surgery is completed if I will need one or not. I totally trust my ps just wondering if anyone has not had to wear one? I know after having 3 c-sections that I used a wrap to help feel more together and have support so I'm kinda wondering how having a tt and lipo will go w out having one.

Other than that today I have been thinking a lot about being under for 4 hours just bothers me. I have so much to do to get ready but I'm a procrastinator so thats no surprise lol. Need to go rent a lift chair, get a toilet seat raiser thing n a shower chair. I always want to get my Christmas tree up since my date is the 29th and I'm sure I won't be wanting to do that after lol .

Well that's all for today I'm beat just going to enjoy beating my hubby and brother at Black Ops 2 :). They can't stand I am the master at all the Call of Duty games :).

Well I have 9 more days until my big day! Excited...

Well I have 9 more days until my big day! Excited for the most part but have lingering thoughts of doom :( I just worry about my kids and the fact that my two oldest already lost their Dad when they were babies so I am freakin out about not waking up or something going wrong and them being left with no parent. My husband let's me know I will be fine but then my brother is in from out of state and he of course tells me I'm stupid for risking my life for no reason blah blah blah! But he doesn't know how I feel inside so whatever, just an example of why I have only told my parents and brother about it cause I don't want to hear everyone's mouth ya know. I expect it out of my brother though because we always pick at each other.

Anyway ove lost 8lbs and have been doing super good on eating but today decided to go to lunch with my brother and eat pizza (my weakness), but ill get back in track until thursday then ill have to resist the pies and other goodies lol.

I hope everyone is doing well! Any last minute advice is welcomed! :)

Don't mind all the spelling issues its my darn...

Don't mind all the spelling issues its my darn phone lol

Made it through thanksgiving lol lots of yummy...

Made it through thanksgiving lol lots of yummy food thankful for it all but glade its over! Back on track tomorrow with good clean eating. Been thinking a lot about my surgery today and since today is basically over in Ohio I'm going to say 6 days to go! I'm ready to just get it done, and get healed and feel that boost of confidence that so many women on here seem to feel! Need to go get my recliner this weekend that I plan on renting for a couple weeks, also need to go get my tree and get it all put up and done with. Already have most of my Christmas shopping done so that makes me feel much better. I plan on resting resting resting after my surgery and taking full advantage of the help ill have from my hubby. And honestly I'm looking forward to seeing how well he handles all I have to do. Sometimes I think are hubbys don't fully understand things us mothers do and how exhausting it all can be. So I'm going to enjoy it LOL

Hope all of you had a great thanksgiving and all is well! Happy healing to those who have already had their big day!

Two more days to go until the 29th!! I'll be...

Two more days to go until the 29th!! I'll be honest I had a horrible day yesterday stressing about the surgery and the fact that I had a migraine for the third day in a row didn't help any. I didn't expect to be down in the dumps about it the way I was yesterday, I mean I have had 3 c-sections so I know it's not going to feel awesome. I think it is just the fear of the unknown and thinking I know what to expect but actually have no clue because this will be a first. My brother is still trying to talk me out of it, my Mom doesn't want me to do it either but knows I will do what I want so she is supportive and actually took the day off to help with the kiddos when I get back home.
Today though the kids went back to school (yay) and I got an ice pack for my dang mirgrain and fell back asleep until 11:30 so that was awesome, now since my nasty migraine has subsided I have a clear mind and am excited to just get it done and over with and get my sexy on. I honestly know that the pain is going to hurt like hell but I am more nervous about the medicine as I really have a hard time taking it. Not just the pain pills but the antibiotic and all the other stuff, my husband will be here with me for 5 days and will make me take it so that is good! I just really hate pills and perfer a more natural approach but this is one situtation where this is no natural and it's do as the Dr says as he knows what he is doing.
With that being said yesterday I was thinking I was too fat to have this done and would I even notice a difference? But I know that I will and have seen my Dr's work and know he can work some magic, I just need to relax LOL. I plan on having my breast done by him as well but not till I have some more money LOL. I actually have sold my Harley to help pay for this and trust me that was a hard thing to do as I love to ride and have never not had a bike. I plan on buying a bigger one when next season rolls around anyway so I can relax knowing I'll have another one.
That is all I have for today I am sure I will update tomorrow since it is the day before my surgery and let ya's know where my emotions are at and all that good stuff. I aslo plan on taking some before pics in some clothes to help people get a better idea of the before and afters. Until then Happy Healing to all the ladies that have been through it and Good Vibes to those of us to come!! :)

I tried to update yesterday and add a few more...

I tried to update yesterday and add a few more before pics but the site was down. The first pics I added are zoomed in and I was on my period so def was bloated lol. Anyway today is the day, I talked to the PS office confirming my appointment and all that fun stuff. My time was 10am at but the pushed it back an hour and it is now at 11am have to be there at 10, this sucks because I am so thristy and just want a drink of water LOL and by the time 11 gets here I will be so hungry.

One thing that does bother me is when I was on the phone with the girl from my PS's office after going over everything I asked her one simple question about a tattoo that I have been on the books for with an awesome artist for 8 months and I really didn't want to have to cancel my appointment because I will have to wait so long again to get in, so I asked her if I would be ok to get it on the 21st of December, i told her it would be on my arm and nowhere near my incision and she replied that shouldn't be a problem let me go ask and put me on hold. I was on hold for 20 minutes so I hung up as I got tired of waiting, figuring that she would call me back once she got my answer, well low and behold she didn't call me back! That to me is unprofessional and rude as I have already paid my $8,705 and only had one simiple question. Obviously that is not the PS's fault but hers, I just hope that is not a sign of things to come.

In closing I prayed last night for God to keep me safe and help me through, and my parents who are deeply religous prayed for me at church last night and so did my boys. I feel calm today little bit nervous for recovery but I know I am in God's hands and he will keep my safe. Sending prayers to all who are going today, it's our day ladies see ya on the flat side!!! :)

Back in my room all hooked up got the antibiotic...

Back in my room all hooked up got the antibiotic going through my iv took about 9 or10 pills waiting on my ps to come mark me up then we should be good to go! My anxiety is nuts just ready to get it done! They had to convenience my to take a perc 10 when I wake up said most ppl take 2 lol so we will see how it goes I just hate pain pills! Prayers please

Heading into po day 3. I'm not going to lie the...

Heading into po day 3. I'm not going to lie the first day was insane I threw up like 6 times and couldnt keep my meds down, I was actually crying because it hurt and burnt so bad, puking made me feel like I was getting ripped in half! The next day got better once I got my pain pills under control.

Heading into day 3 I feel much better its mostly now just super stiff. I don't plan on over doing it I'm going to rest a lot. My drain isn't leaking a lot I'm more seeping from my incisions. Well that's all I have for now since I'm f-ed up. Lol

Not really much to report on other than still the...

Not really much to report on other than still the same can't stand up w/out being hunched over like an eighty year old woman. Can't see the light at the end of the tunnel still waiting on a day where it seems worth it. My ps said I couldn't even start to stand up until day 7 which is tomorrow and I don't see that happening. I'm so frustrated I think if I could lose this drain I would feel a lot better. I am still confined to my recliner getting up and down to use the bathroom and walk laps. I cleaned part of the kitchen today nd I swear my back about snapped.
My ps took 6 lbs of skin and lipoed 6 lbs of fat so that's a good tnhing. I have one pic to post which is I believe po day 2 when I had my first shower it looks good but since then I've been so swollen I feel I look deformed under my bb is super skinny and above it is so swollen.
Well that's all for now I will upload a pic soon when. Praying tomorrow is better! Happy healing ladies!

Nothing really to update still sore still walking...

Nothing really to update still sore still walking hunched over like an 80 year old lady. Have my first po appointment tomorrow so will update more then. Really hoping this drain comes out tomorrow its starting to hurt pretty bad at time and limit things that I do. Also my body is more swollen on the left side than the right I take it that is from the drain being on the left side.

Had my first post op appointment today and I am...

Had my first post op appointment today and I am happy to say that they took my drain out :) it didn't hurt at all and I feel so much better. Ps said I'm healing great and he is impressed with my results thus far. Obviously I still have swelling which will hang around for months but in the end diet and taking care of myself is key.

Today is the first day I've felt happy about my decision to do this and felt tiny and flat! So all and all today I am one happy momma, other than the fact that I came home to no power lol hopefully they get that fixed soon. Happy healing ladies ill add some pics soon when my power comes back on and I can use my pc! Ha speaking of as soon as I put the period at the end of my sentence it clicked on :) so ill get some up asap!

Po day 13 had my first outing today, went to the...

Po day 13 had my first outing today, went to the grocery store with the hubby and kiddos. We live 30 minutes from the store and between the ride and the store, getting home helping put things away I am beat. Have some swelling and my back feels like its going to snap, but it was all worth it, I was so tired of sitting in the house. I honestly don't know how some women are going back to work already, I'm thankful I'm able to be a stay at home Mom! Popped a pain pill and am sitting in my recliner, I am done for the night.

Nothing really to update still hunched over and...

Nothing really to update still hunched over and added having the flu into the mix. Its been a rough go for me but I hold faith knowing soon I will feel better. Still feeling a little depressed so I don't want to be a debbie downer for those yet to go.

My booty/lower back is swollen

my booty/lower back is swollen

So I finally have my worth it day! To date I am...

So I finally have my worth it day! To date I am down 12.5lbs and a total of 8 inches! I'm honestly blown away! I sit and have no rolls, I have never not had rolls! The fact I still can not stand straight and am swollen I know my results are only going to get better :). I can not wait to start working out again n lose some legs I am so excited I may just wear a bikini this summer and I have never worn one in my life ! So great to look in the mirror and smile!

Nothing really new to report other than I am...

Nothing really new to report other than I am feeling so much better than previous weeks, I am starting to feel more and more like my normal self. I have been doing more of my normal routine while not everything but I have been doing laundry again I just have my boys carry their baskets down and up the stairs so I don't have to do the lifting. I still have my husband steaming the floors as I do not want to twist the wrong way and set myself back in recovery. I still have to take plenty of rest and get tired easily. I just recently started driving last week, I think it took me so long because I have a suv and live on back bumpy roads that make the ride not so smooth and being an suv it is top heavy and sways more when hiting bumps and such. I notice that when I go shopping I get wore out super easy and don't like to stay out to long.

Tomorrow will be 5 weeks po and I still can not stand 100% straight, while I am alomost there I still am not straight. That part is starting to get really frusterating. I am ready to start some cardio as I feel like I am getting fat just doing nothing. I had my hubby get my treadmill ready for me so I am going to try to walk 20 minutes today but nothing major just a nice gentle walk to help me feel better and somewhat active.

I have added new pics so check em out :)

I just noticed my newest pics are blurry for...

I just noticed my newest pics are blurry for somereason, I have no idea why they do not look like that on my computer or my phone so I am guessing it is an issue with the sight. sorry :(

6 months po

Wow I havent updated for a long time have so much going on I feel I never get a chance to sit down and do it. I'm back to full blown work outs and normal life. I still have swelling it's a bitch! I don't see it going away anytime soon but it is Def better than it used to be. I will add some new pics in the next few days. I was looking back through my before pics and wow do I look so much different and better! I forgot how bad it was.

added 1 updated pic had full tt and mr 11-29

Just adding a photo. The pic on the left in the pink shirt is right before my surgery in 11/2012 the pic on the right is from 8/7/2013 I have dropped 15 lbs so far and have 25-30 to go. I have lost a bunch of inches I'd have to add them up but am sitting at my sons therapy appt now and don't have my journal I keep. I have a ways to go but am feeling better than ever. My hubby is in Texas waiting to be deployed and I won't see him again until June/July 2014 so he's in for a surprise when he's back :) other than that I still do swell from time to time but not extreme like before. If your still weighing your options do it you won't regret it its a painful very long frustrating journey but worth it!

11/29/13 will be 1 year post op for me!!!

Just doing a lil follow up since I've been thinking about my surgery a lot since its around my 1 year anniversary :) to date I am down 27 lbs and now have 17 left to go to hit my goal but I think I'm going to go about 5-10 lbs even after that. I couldnt be more pleased with having a tt! So glad I did it and losing weight and making it that much better :).




almost 2 years post op

Just figured I would give a lil update to ladies that have gone before me and ladies still waiting to have theirs done. I love love love my results, even 2 years later!!! Having a tummy tuck done really helped me out with my motivation and drive to lose the weight I needed to lose. I was as big as I had ever been (besides being pregnant) and was completely miserable. Even when I was small I had the dreaded c-section over hang and it always bothered me and made wearing the cute low rise jeans impossible for me.
Having this done really drove me to the fear of losing my results that cost me a lot of money and I wasn't and still am not willing to let that happen. I am happy to say that after recovering and that long process (it was rough for me) that the last year and a half I have made fitness a top priority. Working out regularly 5-6 days a week and watching what I put into my body. I'm down 40 pounds and feel great. I enjoy running, which is something I never thought I'd do or love. And I love lifting heavy which has really helped the process. I'm not where I want to be yet, but oh boy am I ever so happy I'm not where I was.
My husband was deployed while I started my journey to weightloss and getting into shape. He was pleasantly surprised when he returned. :-) of course tho I put back on some weight when he came back from enjoying nights out and indulging in the bad food, but I never gave up working out and once I got back on track with the eating the weight I did gain came right back off. Weightloss is a weird long journey with ups and downs of the scale not just a straight shot to the goal. Which when I accepted that and accepted it wouldn't happen over night the journey seemed do able for once.
Anyways I'm babbling, hopefully someone is inspired by this post and hopefully someone still to come will read this and see that it is possible :-) I'm going to add a few pictures as well.
Enjoy :-)

2 years post op

Just a few more pics
Columbus Plastic Surgeon

I was referred to him by a friend who has had surgery done by him. I researched other PS and I am comfortable with my choice in him. His before and after pics are beautiful and I am confident my results will be wonderful. He is a very gentle informative PS. I haven't rated my PS yet I will when I am on the flatside and se how things go. I feel confident that the ratings will not change though.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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