OH.TT, MR with fluer de Lis -6 months post

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Very nervous but excited to have the surgery. I...

Very nervous but excited to have the surgery. I have worked hard for 2 years with getting exercise an making a lifestyle change on foods.... My procedure is Sept 25, 2013 an it is closing in quickly. I was 205 lbs as of August 2011. I joined weight watchers an I now have lost 45lbs an 23 inches. I have a belly that will not leave cause of 2 kids. I use weights, do Zumba, walk, an step classes an the weight just will not leave this area.

Side pic

Here are a couple of pics for the before

Side pic

Flur de lis

I forgot to mention that my surgeon suggested to have this done as well since my upper belly was so stretched from my first kids bottom:) so the scar will be there but the after scar doesn't look so bad. Anyone else have this done ???

Lists of many!!!!

Ladies need some opinions ... Get a recliner or not??? Should I need a walker? What is the best scar oil to get? Just want to have it all covered :-)

29 days!!!!

Ladies what all blood work is done during a preop appt?!?! Mines in a week .. EKG was done last month for another procedure done on my leg is it the same thing as that preop??!!

24 more days!!!!

Well sitting here at Virginia beach I keep thinking I can not wait until next year when I can feel comfy in a Bikini!!!! I keep reading the comments that keep getting posts an seems like we get ourselves very worked up cause we r moms an its hard to be down for so long. 3 boys, 2 dogs an a hubby what are they going to do :-)... Thursday I have my preop appt with my family Dr to get all the blood work done etc.... It's nearing an just trying to get things aligned


I sit here this morning trying to concentrate at work but I have so many thoughts going through my head. Called my family dr about my pre op appt that is scheduled on Thursday to see if I need to fast an yes they do want me to. Called the surgery center an now registered with them. Going to drop off scripts this weekend to have then filled an ready . At times I stand in front of the mirror just trying to imagine a flat belly an try pulling it to the side as much as I can. It seems like 3 weeks is so far a way but then again it's seems to close to believe.

New pics

Side pic n a plank position picture ... Man these are horrible

Preop appt - completed

Well that was easy.... Just some blood work an a physical!! In an out within a half an hour. I thought there would be more to it but glad it was so simple. Well now to get the rest of my supplies on my list this weekend!! Then the recliner as my bed is WAY to high an my couch is way to low. I know my boys will be a big help as well as my hubby. My mom is going up with me an the hubby for the procedure an then she took 2 days off after to be with me while he goes back to work. We own out own business so it's hard to keep him away to long. Getting excited to fianally have some curves ..!!!!

Ugh!!!... UTI or bladder infection

Wow what a weekend. Not felt the greatest since Saturday an went to the Dr to see if I have a UTI or what cause I am miserable an have only had one about 6 years ago. I'm so bloated!!! I woke up this morning an I remember a little about my dream that I had.... Someone (can't remember who) an I were having coffee an they were talking about fitness etc an looked at me an said you need to lose more weight before this surgery... I was devastated ... So I guess let the dreams begin 16 days before.....

14 days!!!! Oh my

Yep I have a UTI an now on an antibiotic ... Nerves are kicking in on the pain part an worrying about my dogs an my kids. Part of being a mom an animal lover.

Bought a few more pillows, have some outfits picked out for the ride home the day after, cleaned the family room down stairs now just to shampoo the carpet an paint my sons room.... Trying to get all this dine so I know it is done :-) so much to do an haven't worked out n1 week with 2 boys in football but have been walking during their practices .... Hope I can sleep tonight it's getting to the point I'm up every hour peeing!!!!

Final payment made...

Wow if that doesn't drain your account!!! :-)

Well final payment for the surgery and outpatient services. Seems a little more real now after I did it my stomach was all in knots :-) I'm on the downslide to the flat side baby!!!

Well down to the single digits

Down to 9 days before I get to join the flat side, kind of down due to not smoking now for 5 weeks an gained 6 lbs :( hope this doesn't affect the outcome I have been watching my eating very closely an still doing Zumba 4 times a week an walking ...

7 days!!

Well long list of things to complete this weekend before next week! Busy from Friday after work until Sunday evening !!! Made arrangements last week to go the night before so we r not traveling in the middle of the night to get to the surgery center. I have a few things packed ... I'm always one to pack early :-) getting so excited but still not sleeping good!!!!!

New pics.... 1 week pre op :-)

Take 2 on pic

Almost time!!!!

So much to do this weekend! Very excited about Wednesday not to nervous I am more anxious today than before. Hubby an I were looking at a lot of before an after pics on RD last night an his comment was well guess I'm gonna have to have u closed to me all the time cause if the results are really that good I'm not gonna want to let u go anywhere alone! He is too funny an he said if I leave him after this he wants visitation rights :).... too funny I love this man more than anything an I want to b that bigwigs buy the hot husband an I know I will be....ok well off to lunch an do some quick errands

3 days

I have had another weekend of nesting!!! Cleaning walls washing all bed linens , dogs bathed, grocery store, pharmacy, football games, setting up my in table with all my goodies beside my chair .... Kids fighting is making my nerves worse... They aren't listening to anything an mouthy .. No I know it's not a parent blog but i seriously would like to hide ...

Floors mopped, bathroom cleaned well both of them ... Downstairs swept also.. Ok enough of cleaning ... It has helped me keep my mind off of surgery in 3 days ... Tonight a long bubble bath :-)

Time confirmed!!!

Have to be at the surgery center at 6am an surgery is scheduled at 730am :-) packing our bags so when hubby gets home we can get in the road.

On my way!!!

Heading up to stay the night in the hotel to try to relax a little. I didn't sleep well at all last night so hope I get a little rest. I got to be all clean an heading to start my flat journey. I will try to get a pic of the marks before I get wheeled in :-)

An were off!!!!

Here we go !!! Heading to the surgery center

All done!

Hey ladies I was done about 930 an left the surgery center around 1130am... I feel very sore an tired just woke up to eat some chicken noodle soup an now to go to pee. :( lol

1st pic of the reveal!!!!


This part hurts the most ... Trying to breathe deep an cough to get my lungs cleared but it hurts :( I have my pillow right here with me. Going to take binder off here in a bit as I have to put some liquid stuff on it cause the dr said its dusky?!?!?


well been passing a lot of gas an belly is gurgling a lot!!! Just took some MOMS to help get this moving cause this bloat ness sucks!!!!!

Day 3 PO

Good morning. Well my night went ok only up once again to pee an take some Tylenol. I feel ok except my headache that won't go away. I know it's from the perks that I was taking an then not staying no top of them. I have a warm corn bag on my neck to help with some of the aching.

My dogs are surprisingly being pretty calm around me. I miss cuddling with them but very proud they are not all over me.

To all the new TT sista's stay positive, move a little bit more each day, water an remember recovery takes time..

Holy moly

Holy moly don't take a drink wrong cause mine went down the wrong tube an I coughed an felt like I busted open!!!! I feel like a pill is stuck in my throat so I keep drinking water to flush it :(.... Incisions an drains all feel like a burning sensation been on Tylenol all day but just took a Perk to help the discomfort .... During all this I was on the toilet lol an I did get to Poo!!!! That's like exciting for me as I feel a little less bloated

Got to breathe a little

Drain drain go away.....

Yes I know they are to help the process. Just talked to my nurse an I do not get them both removed at my 2 week check up :(. Ok what does one wear to work with 2-1 drains attached? I do work in an office setting so I don't know what I can do to hide these hideous things !!!! I'm feeling pretty good only doing Tylenol during the day tonight will be only 1 pain pill then after that we will see how it goes. Still need to walk hasn't over until next week when I see the Dr. Time for a snack an nap time :-)

Doing good

Last night my wonderful mom came to help me wash up, wash hair an shave the lower part of my legs as they were driving me batty!!! I didn't take after her as she has the best body that woman doesnt have to work for lol. She is 55 an looks remarkable. I told her I wanted to be shakes like her an she just smiles an says your beautiful the way u are. She knows I have worked hard for years to get weight off an to be more active for my boys.

The boys all got ready again this morning on their own. So proud of twhem an how loving they are right now.

Well on my own today no one around to talk to or assist me. I'm pretty sure Iwa am able to do simple things on my own. I just know if I am up to long my back starts to ache but then I know it's time to sit back down.

Bored !!!

Yes I am bored out of my mind. Just emailed my boss an let him know I am going work 4 hours tomorrow an Friday an some over the weekend. I want to be ready on Monday when I get back. Tired of TV , games an reading lol.... My 2 buddies are napping now an have been great during recovery ... Can't wait to play with them again..

Busy morning!!!

Hey all my TT sista's!!! Seems like everyone is doing great... I have going through some posts an updates today. My WIFI was a mess yesterday so wasn't able rondo to much with computers. I did work for 4 hours from home an for through a lot of emails an started in a couple reports due Monday. Last night I was exhausted an just sick of not being able to take a shower. I feel disgustingly gross even though I am taking sponge baths Etc but I miss a hot shower :( ... I see some on here taking showers so not sure why u am not able too. I know all PS are diff but I have 6 more days before I get one or both drains out. Seems that when I am up moving around my left drain gets 15-20 during the day ... The right side is 5 now so I am praying this keeps up an they come out. Woke up about 1 am to one if my pups chocking on a great my hubby gave her so we hung her upside down ( I looked on the internet in what to do) an then pat her back etc ... Finally she curled up with me an settled down an went to sleep..... This morning the kids were in rare form arguing teasing an just being kids. As they left for school I
Was working on finalizing my reports an then the internet guy came ... I was like good timing cause I was getting a little tired... Sitting updating while in the recliner again. Tonight I will try to have my momma take some pics of me standing up w/o the binder so you can see the progress. Well time for a nap before the kids get home From school.

Sure hope

Sure hope I get some shaping from all this :( pretty swelled but here they are day 9 photos

Wore plum out!!!!

Today I woke up took my time getting my self together an some makeup on.... Went to the nail salon an she asks what happened to you .. How do u answer that !?? Well any who .. Hubby so graciously stays there while I am getting them done. Takes me then to watch my oldest son's football practice for an hour I stayed in the car!!!! Came home an used a broom to sweep up a little an made myself some lunch. I rested about an hour an then I was gonna drive to my hair appt but then hubby said no I'll take ya then I'll go to Lowe's ( his favorite place) .... 2 hours later I'm home :( didn't think it would take that long but it did. I majorly feel some swelling hitting, I'm tired !!!! Time for some rest


Today was a bit more relaxing. This morning I needed to get some lotion on my legs well..... My 6 year old has been the best helper ever.... He asked if he could help me :-) so I explained that all he had to do was rub it all over the bottom part if my leg. I was doing the top so he had an idea of how to do it an getting a light massage at the same time was great. Living in a house of makes has been great with all the help. Every time I go to do something make my 6 an 9 year olds are like mom I can so that for you or mom what about your drains. I let them help but assure them my drains are ok an tucked away.
Tonight I am hoping to get some more rest as last night was restless with spams an my body wanting to stretch ...

I did venture out today to my middle sons football game. He was worries I wasn't going to be comfy an said mom it's ok if you want to stay home. I said no I am coming an I will be ok. It worked out as one of my friends there as well as so they helped me get comfy. 2 hours later I was glad to go home an relax. We did win 26-0 so the boys were pretty excited.

Off to rest an get ready for my return to work......

Males not makes

Autocorrect aghhhhhh

Today- tired

Yes I went to work today an I do work in a sit down office setting. I got up about every 2 hours to go to the rest room. At one point I was going to go home but had some help re adjusting my binder it was so tight at the bottom. I don't get how I'm supposed to wear this thing as is it to loose or I get it to right. :( after we fixed it I felt better an made it the last 2 hours... I'm very tired so I am
In the recliner resting an prob will take a nap .... 3 more days an I am going to request these drains OuT!!!

My left side seems more swollen than my right! Is this normal? An my mons after sitting in that chair all day is a balloon!!!! Rest for this girl Til morning

2 week follow up!!

Hello ladies!!! Hope all of you are are fabulous today! Well Tuesday night my hubby did not like the looks of one of my drains it was really red a irritated with a lot of discomfort. He was worried about infection an that side was not draining but little drops. Well we took some snips an his hands an washed them both in hot water an hubby removed the drains. Now after he unstitched me on the left side I wasn't sure what to do but draining 10-15 in 24 hours. ... So that side also got removed I sent my dr office an email yesterday before going in today. I got there an I said are ya going to get after me .. He said no but a stern talking to with a smile. He would of rather the left one stay in to ensure it was all done draining but now still wearing my binder for 2 weeks an another check up on the 24th. I made it early so I would not have to miss work more than 2 hours :-)...feel good an ready for a shower.. Hubby not so impressed that he has to behave for another 2 weeks hahaha!!

To Spanx or not to spanx an

Go with a CG??? That is the question at this time :) PS said spanx is ok at this time but to wear the binder as much as possible until next f/u visit.... I hear the sizes run small? I am in a med for the most part an a size 6 in AE jeans.... So I need to go to eBay an see how these CG are
Measured then measure my self??


Found this one it's really cute!!? Firm control!????

Busy day again!!!

Well took my boy to football practice today he did great!!!! Came home an worked for 4 hours an yes I hired my mom to clean my house. I just has to this place was driving me nuts an my laundry was horribly washed .... I already had a couple things here for her cause I knew she would not take money!! A new Vera Bradley purse an a new pair of sketcher go walk shoes... She loves to walk an is on her feet all day long. After she was done I got in the shower an n got ready for some shopping, dinner an grocery shopping .. We needed food that was healthy as I'm tired of the food my hubby turned to while
I was down.

Swell hell or something going on. I took off my short an my hubby came over to me an said honey your very swollen above my binder ... I said yeah an it's sore ... I just hope the swelling there goes down. That is where I see most of it on me... So we adjusted it higher for the night an will be ordering the CG tomorrow as that will help I am sure with the vertical incision as well. I am in my own bed tonight for the first time since my SX an I'm so relaxed an feet are up an ill prob be out in a few.... My fit but said I had over 5k in steps ... Can't wait to get 10k again!!!!

18 days post!!!

Still swollen a lot. thinking can't wait to get my CG to see how much more it helps. It's coming along but I guess I need patience.

Awww forgot the pics

Side by side


I want to cry!!! Took my binder off to take a shower an my right side by my incision is a waterbed :-( this was the side that was not draining a thing

Binder on tight

Binder take 2

Seroma - yes

Just left the PS - not a bad Only 40cc drained an will see him again next week. Took a while before the fluid started to come out. I about passed out an had to have the nurse get me a cold pack... Whew that needle was not little!!! Have to wear spanx an my binder wants it tight!!!!


Man Ohara am I about ready to act like a cat an rub up against a wall or a post if I can find one... I itch all over from the healing to the CG with drying out skin!!!!!! Been fight allergies an have a head ache which seems to be moving down my neck! Blah!!!! Guess it's time for a shower, lotion, corn bag, CG & binder, an my recliner an I might call it a night soon.... Well might- biggest loser starts tonight :-) happy healing girls an listen to Your body best advice on here !!!

Man oh man ..is what it's supposed to say . Time to stop posting

Typos any how!!!!

3 week pic update

Pic attached

Not sure why when I post a pic I have to do a "take 2"

CG in.......

Well received my CG today an I can tell u what this thing holds me in great!!!! Not to tight has to zip then hook then zip then hook up the torso but all in all it feels good. Also no waves in the belly so far :-) but where the main incision (that's what I call it... ) is seeping a little in my gauze ever since the Seroma showed up.. Hubby looked today an said there are two small holes :-( so we cleaned with peroxide an put new gauze on an my new CG.... Wondering if I should keep my binder off tonight or just wear it ... Maybe to much compression !??


Failed again. I tried to sleep in my bed an have pillows all around me. I was so upset that I couldn't get comfy an was in a not so great position when I woke up. Needless to say I woke up on my side a little an my neck is killing me this morning . I ended up back in my chair cause I had some weird pain in my belly.... Guess chair for another week or so.

I am resting this weekend. I did do a fee errands yesterday but in between then I rested a couple hours. Not to much excitement which is good so I can rest!!!!

Hope all of ya TT gals are resting :-)


It's totally ripping :-( where can we get another one at!?!?!


Yep wondering when anyone will notice that my belly is smaller. :-( I hid it really well before my TT an haven't hear one thing about me looking different. I can't fit any if my jeans with this compression garment :( makes me want to cry. No I didn't want to be a size 4 at all but I have love handles, 2 boobs have arrived back, an I have hold my belly back to see my belly button!! I don't regret it yet as I am hoping this all heals in time if not guess I need to buy some fat pants again until I. An wear my clothes :-( down yes as I have been for a few days ... Thought after at least a month id see more of a change... Time to get back on weight watchers an doing some arm weights. I do love myself I do As I have never had flat belly but I'm still about 39-40 around same as before

Ugh!! Errors!!!

*******Need to buy fat pants until I can wear my clothes......

Follow up appt tomorrow......

Stay tuned:-)

Some 4 week pics

Overall my scars I think look amazing.. They are so thin an healing so pretty!!!

4 week appt!!

Amazing that it has been a month already!!! I asked about my live handles an my extra boobs... Said that it's all from swelling an in time it will all smooth out ... If not we can do some in office lipo as I did not have any during surgery.... No more binder yippee!!!! Spanx is what he recommends so I'll try mine again an see if I can pull them on. He did get 25 cc drained this morning. He snipped all my hanging stitches an scabs!!! My BB looks great !! Very dry skin so I have some skin peeling off. Walking an upper body weights for arms etc I think it's what he means ... No Zumba yet so maybe another month :( I do have to do a small wet dressing for my little opening other than that I can't more happy on how I have healed.... Have a great day TT sista's


Is it wrong sitting at dinner an I want to take the knife to scratch my back !???? Gonna be a long night

Feeling peachy

Wow what a weekend! Shopping, football, trick or treat with some friends an their kids an celebrating my youngest birthday!! Turned 7 today ...Kim feeling great M love how my steps are going back up on my fitbit!!!! Here are some pics ... So hAppy with my scars an not even using anything yet....

Swollen !!!!!

Wow I think I over did it today with cleaning out closets, dressers, getting my an hubby's office set up an re doing some decor in my bathroom.... I have gained 8 lbs since yesterday morning :( time for my water an sleep ...... Night all hope you sessy ladies are healing well!

Still healing :-)

Hello it's been a few since I have posted anything... Need to take some pics in the am for a 6 week update ... My hole is healing up an getting so small :-) very happy with the healing... Feeling better an better each day ... swell hell still in evenings sometimes .... I have a color run on Sunday hoping I have enough energy to do it an not be so tired at the end. Haven't done much walking as it is dark after work now :( so we will see how I do... I did wear jeans the other day with no issues so I was on oud nine.. Since wearing leggings I'm liking them a lot with baggy sweaters an boots!!!! Will get some pics on here soon


I still need to take some pictures but no reason to since I don't think much has progressed. Been getting depressed on the results an wanting to pick up smoking again!!!! I haven't yet an I know it doesn't help but it is something I enjoyed.

Been taking walks with hubby an puppies this week. After the color run - I walked an jogged just through the color- I was so sore an wore out. Never have I felt like that. I work from home now which I love but I don't leave my office now except to help with homework, cook an bathe it seems. I am such a positive person but I am not flat like he said I would be unless I suck it in .... An I have said before my 2nd boobs he said I would not have :-( just not feeling it right now .... A lot of you are looking so amazing an I am so happy for u all. I'm thinking I should of waited until I lost 25 more lbs but then I'd look sick since I am built broad an wide

Good days to come!!!!

2 months post!!!!!

Hello TT's ... Had my 2 month check up today. Went very well. He says I'm still swollen pretty good an says it still can get worse before it gets Better. Yes I know I have been told this an heard this from the dr an my nurse. I am released to be active just no crunches or sit ups etc.... Feeling pretty good at this point I can fit 2 pairs of jeans finally!!! Not to much of a post but here are some pics. He is very impressed with the scaring. I can start to massage an use bio oil ....

3 months post in the 25th

Well things are getting a lot better with the swelling finally

Hit update to soon

I am feeling a bit more confident about how I am looking but it is a cycle so tick tock tick tock just have to be patient an I have learned that with this recovery. I love the days I look so small an wear form fitting clothes. I have started Zumba again an hoping to try Tibata next week. It's time to get my routine back in order ... Zumba an walking have definitely helped but ready to add some more to it... It's been difficult with the holidays but it's all ok an it will be over in a couple days an back to the routine an cooking my weight watcher meals etc.... Hope all my gals are doing ok out there an wish u all a merry Christmas an a prosperous new year!!!! Xoxo

So so not sure

Hi ladies!!! Ok almost 4 months post op!!! I am now released for normal exercises I just do what I can an if I feel something doesn't feel right I back off!!! This week I have worked my arse off an I feel more swelled an gained3 lbs!!! I have more if a wave when I look down at my belly an one side Is puffier than the other. Guess I'm having a down day. Still carrying around 9 lbs extra than before my surgery :-( ... Do the legs swell too I mean I can't fit Into my favorite Buckle or AE jeans an it makes me so mad. I continue to wear yoga pants so I don't feel so fat!!! I don't regret the surgery but not liking much right now....

6 Months post tomorrow

It's been a long trying six months!! So many of you look amazing an I feel like I'm just still waiting for more of the results to show!!! Still working out- 6 hours plus a week - bought a Tredmill to help with more cardio- doing 5ks here an there. Last one I did jog a little an was done in 40 min!! Losing 8 inches in 2 months has helped my overall outlook on the TT so I will continue to try to lose more weight an time before summer hits. I'll post some pics soon!!!

Pics- not much change

Pics - what was removed

Now I am posting this as I seen another new TT beauty do as well it does put it in perspective of what is removed!!!! Two of the smaller parts was under my arm from a previous Breast reduction
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